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How to Download Music, MP3 Addresses and MP3 Direct Songs.




How to Download Music, MP3 Addresses and MP3 Direct Songs.

The cut of the sound was like a piece of cake. This command is only valid if you have the right tools. MP3 Direct Cut is a software application that provides an easy way to do it.

Proper configuration and clear interface

The installation process has no problems and is only a few seconds until you start using the software. All the functionality you need is easily accessible and can be found in the main window. Give the installer a chance, give the administrator another chance if you have any problems.
Besides, help content is also provided, which ensures that all types of users can find a way out of any problem.
Selects the supported file extensions and the start and endpoint
This simple app allows you to open the audio track and cut it according to your needs and supports formats such as MP3, MP3, MPA, MUS, AAC and Q.
After loading the list, you can see the waveforms in the main window, as well as use the mouse to indicate the start and endpoints. However, you should also be aware that timely coordinates can be entered into the integrated box for greater accuracy.

Splitting and detecting songs automatically stop

Mp3DirectCut allows you to perform tasks such as adjusting the entire volume, splitting it, and copying parts of one song to another.
Besides, the menu bar shows advanced features that help you track, track, pause, and automatically cut the audio track. You can check if this is re-synchronized and use the blur effect in two steps.

Use integrated control and process multiple files at once

Key controls are included in the main window, allowing you to play music at any time, pause or pause, select the loop, or play from the end or beginning. You can choose to save all audio combinations, only export the current selection, and create CUE discs for longer audio files.
The batch process is ready, allowing you to perform multiple operations with multiple elements simultaneously, such as user-defined cut, fade in position, and auto-line.

Bottom line

In short, mp3DirectCut proves to be very useful software because it gives users plenty of options to stay busy all the time without affecting the performance of the system. Good response time and our tests did not detect errors or freeze.

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Best sites to download mp3 music




Best sites to download mp3 music for free

Although we usually collect direct download applications or P2P services, some websites download music that facilitates this work by hosting content directly and indexing it in their search engine. So, we show you the best sites to download MP3s for free.
Streaming services like Spotify have reduced interest in downloads because their price and ease make it an ideal alternative to listening to music on any device. In most countries, they also helped reduce piracy rates and became more effective than anti-piracy laws.
Now we show you pages where you can download free MP3 music, but that’s not the only way. You can also use several mobile apps to download music directly from my free MP3 music. To do this, follow the links provided.
List of the best sites to download free MP3 music.

1.Flight MP3

MP3 Tour is one of the most important and offers a large collection of songs to download. By accessing, we get a large list of the most popular songs and access to the search engine where we can find what we need. When we receive the song, we see instructions for listening or downloading on the right.

2.MP3 World

The MP3 world has 86,250 songs in its database. If we find the song we are looking for, we will have the opportunity to listen to it, download it or put it on the website. Like its predecessor, it gives us a list of the most downloaded songs, latest additions or songs in fashion.

3. thanks to its common domain. It has nearly a million songs on its servers and is still trying to host legal content that does not infringe copyright. It’s a great alternative to finding new artists.

4. DRM Bee

Bee DRM is another website that tries to host only legal content but doesn’t receive that much content. Therefore, searching for the latest songs from the most famous artists on the planet is one option. We can search by artist, album or song number. It stands out because most of its links work.

5. MP3 Chrome

Skull MP3 is widely known in this type of album. They claim to have a database of several million songs, but we can’t always find the content we’re looking for. Well, known songs are available without any problem.

6. MP3 Center

Although less interesting than before, the other alternative we find online is the MP3 Center. Because it is rarely updated. It’s a good choice for old songs.


Songs.PK is a must if you want to leave the international music scene and watch more exotic things. We have a variety of songs, recordings, and videos, not to mention the latest Bollywood songs.

8. Files tab

The last option of the FileStub assembly. This helps us find a specific song because someone has already downloaded it to their server, even if there is no specific site to download MP3.

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Popular Children’s Party Themes To Make It A Special Day




Popular Children’s Party Themes To Make It A Special Day

Kids of all ages love parties and if the theme is their favorite then there is no end to their joy. Coming up with a party theme every year makes your kid happy and excited.  But at the same time it is tough, so planning ahead and understanding different party themes that are popular, simple, easy and well within budget is vital.  Let’s check out some great party themes children prefer recently:

Superhero themed party: There are so many superhero movies and comics that this is one theme that never goes out of fashion. Moreover, it is a broad theme to cover with lots of fun, games, food, and excitement. It is not just perfect for boys but also for girls too who like to dream about saving the world. It also makes for a great active party and also motivates the kids and the guests to participate in the event.

Circus/Carnival theme party: If your child loves the circus and the magical things that happen then a circus party is apt. It is suitable for boys and girls of all ages and you can make your living room a great big carnival. Ask the guests to come in circus costumes that they deem fit for this party. Include some party games like balloon shoot, catch a duck with a pole or other such activities to make it fun.

Inspired by nature party themes: If you are looking to host the party outside like a park or a garden then one of the best themes for this setup is a nature-inspired party. You can either choose to have an animal theme by asking the kids to get dressed as their favorite animal or you can alternatively take them to a zoo or a farmhouse with animals. Hire a face painter to make it more interesting. If the animal outdoor theme is not for you, one can use the flora and fauna of the park and arrive at a party theme.

Survival party: There is no better way for a kid to enjoy a special day than connecting with nature. You can create a survival party theme which can be children’s entertainment at its best. Combine outdoor fun activities like a treasure hunt, creating and hiding in dens or if the kids are a little older or opt for a Bear Grylls like challenges. Some examples are water bombs, building camps, etc.

Cookery party: It is a trend that has become quite popular these days as it combines fun with great recipes. Kids, like to experience new things and they would love the idea of cooking and being chefs.  Give them an apron and a hat and allow them to get really creative and experience hands-on cooking and eating.  A cookery party is also great for sleepovers, boy or girl scout meetings, after school clubs, etc.

Hobby or sports theme party: Most kids are into some kind of sport or have a hobby and that can act as a good inspiration for the party. Even if your kid is not yet into any sport or hobby you can throw a sport or hobby-based party to introduce it to your child. A major draw for any sport is the atmosphere, look into those stereotypes and make a party out of it. Hobbies like photography, gardening, knitting, etc can also make for good party ideas. Some party themes are:

  • Motorbike
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Videogamer
  • Racecar

Unicorn Party: Unicorn theme is the latest party trend that is all glitter and rainbows. Ensure that you decorate the space with a lot of balloons and streamers of various colors. You can choose a traditional rainbow color or look for options like light-green, pink, lavender, yellow, etc. Use your imagination and create mythical creatures that create a magical world for your child and make the day special.

Disney party themes: Who does not love Disney characters, everyone has a favorite pick. These characters are colorful as well as inspirational which can be brought to life. Add some of your creativity to it by filling the party space with the kid’s favorite colors and characters to transport them to a dream world. Some of the popular Disney themes are:

  • Cinderella
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Princess
  • Frozen
  • Finding Nemo

Vintage party theme: If your kid is a history buff or you want to teach them about historical events, then this is the best idea of transporting them back in time.  These parties can be sweet and nostalgic and a very good way to teach kids to appreciate things that were used before. Some of the vintage party themes are:

  • Airplane
  • Vintage farm
  • Marie Antoniette
  • French

These are some great party ideas to make your child’s party a great hit and memorable.  Your little one is going to love you for this!

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Going Green! Sean Borg cuts a casual figure in Palm Springs




The British entertainment personality was spotted in his favorite city in California — Palm Springs, dressed casually in green, wearing stylish camouflage joggers, a color-coordinated V-neck sweater, and cool Converse baseball boots to match.

Going Green: Sean cuts a cool figure in camouflage joggers

The 52-year-old trendsetter, who takes his fitness regime seriously, featured in Best in Au this week talking about his beloved city, and how he keeps fit by taking long hikes in the mountains.

He told the popular Australian magazine: “Hiking is one of the best forms of fitness, so I hike for over two hours every morning over the weekends up in the mountains. I sometimes walk for over 10 miles or more, which is a very healthy physical activity; not only is it good for your heart; it is right for your mind and your spirit.”

Sean said: “Hiking is one of the best forms of fitness.”

Sean said: “One of my favorite places to hike in Palm Springs is Andreas Canyon Trail at Indian Canyons. It is one of the most beautiful trails to walk along. I do this mostly on Saturday mornings. This hike is slightly more challenging but very well worth it.”

The ex-star of U.S. Fox TV news show — TMZ, hit the headlines recently after he revealed that Hollywood superstar Kim Kardashian taught him how to take selfies.

He told the top Aussie website Best in Au how he caught up with Kim at a film premiere in Los Angeles, and she gave him a quick lesson in selfie-taking from the red carpet.

Kim Kardashian taught Sean how to take proper selfies

He said: “[Kim] was cool about [taking a picture with me] and laughed at my first attempt. She came out blurred in it.” 

The Trivago Guy continued: “Then she gave me a little direction. She said, ‘hold it to the side for a better angle, and then slowly spin until you find your best light. And snap!’ It worked! Well, sort of, Kim looks great in it, and me? — Um, not so much.”

We reckon Sean’s stylish approach to dressing has other guys in their early 50’s green with envy especially with this look!


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