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Your new favourite pop culture magazine. The 90s are calling!



Your new favourite pop culture magazine. The 90s are calling!

Everyone’s new favourite Pop Culture Magazine! The 90s are calling!

Do you remember walking through your favorite shop in the 90s, looking at the endless magazine sections which all looked the same? Searching for a few seconds, your eyes instantly gravitated towards the amazing bright pops of color that the 90s teen magazines were loaded with. You could find everything from, the latest fashion trends, juiciest news on the most popular boy bands and other celebrities, and also unique fashion and gift ideas!
Remember magazines like:

  • Seventeen
  • J-14
  • Teen Beat
  • BOP
  • Tiger Beat.

All the teen girls and gay boys of the 1990s can all agree that they at least once, tore through their magazines, pulling out the giant fold-out posters of teen heartthrobs and the leading ladies of the 90s like:

  • Johnathan Taylor Thomas
  • Aaron Carter
  • TLC
  • Will Smith
  • Spice Girls
  • Backstreet Boys
  • Hanson
  • Beyonce
  • Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Britney Spears
  • Christina Aguilera

The posters and cutouts would be plastered all over bedroom walls and lockers! It was glorious seeing all the young inspiration that was being put out in the world, giving teens something to look up to, soaking in all the most current and trending Pop Culture!

Fast-forward to 2020 and we are now blessed with a brand new fresh spin on teen pop culture with The Lonely Avocado! They are totally bringing back the 90s retro vibes with their online teen Pop Culture focused magazine. I spoke briefly with the creator of the magazine and they have said they have so much planned for the future. They will be offering limited edition zines, cards and posters in the future.

You will find interviews with everyone from:

· A-list celebrities
· Youtube & Tiktok stars
· Digital artists
· Fashion Models!

The Lonely Avocado does not focus so much on gossip as it does building a community of forward-thinking youth that the nostalgic 90s was filled with. They stray away from the drama and focus on using their platform to build not only famous names but also up and comers as they are a new faces styled publication, which is a nice new take on popular culture. We find that the magazine emulates the greats of the past, but works towards a new modern spin on Pop Culture, focusing on the more underground scene of Pop Culture.

This magazine definitely has major clout. Make sure you go check out their quirky gift shop filled with colourful, funny and unique gift ideas for literally everyone you could imagine.

Go check them out today!