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How to Complete Your Home Preparations for Total Knee Replacement



How to Complete Your Home Preparations for Total Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

Some knee injuries and complications can only be fixed through a total knee replacement surgery. The surgery is a major procedure that can make a recovery challenge. However, you can make your recovery as smooth as possible with the proper preparations. Medical experts like the Katy total knee replacement specialists will discuss what you can expect after your treatment to help you understand the specific things you need to put for your recovery. Some preparations are required before you go for your appointment, while your doctor will also instruct you when leaving the clinic. Generally, here is what you can do.

Ask Someone Over for at least two weeks.

A total knee surgery makes it difficult to do anything, especially for the first two weeks. Therefore, it is good you make proper and timely arrangements for someone to stay with you for at least two weeks and help you complete some basic tasks and take care of yourself. Consider asking a friend or a close relative to help you make meals, shop, clean, and assist you in anything else as you recover. Although the person might not have to stay with you for 24 hours, they must be available during the day when you need help moving around.

Move Furniture

Getting around will not be more manageable after a total knee replacement procedure. You might have to use a walker to move around. Therefore, it is essential to create space for your walker by moving your furniture to create more walking space. Also, ensure you eliminate anything that can trip you down, like wires and rugs, to improve your safety. You might also find it better to use a wheelchair for the first few days, and you ought to ensure there is enough space for the tool.

Use the Main Floor Only

Creating more space on your main floor is essential, including making a bed if your bedroom is upstairs. This will help you avoid climbing stairs which is dangerous for the first days after your surgery. You can carry your beddings on the couch and ensure that water, food, and bathroom are accessible on the floor. But if you have someone around to help you, you can move upstairs once you get from the hospital and remain there for several days.

Install Handles on Your Shower and Toilet

It will not be easier to walk and use the shower or the toilet for the first few days after your knee replacement surgery. If possible, you must install handles around the rain and the bathroom to keep you safe as you recover. But ensure that you install the handles safely to the wall and test them by pulling them to ensure they are firm to minimize the chances of severe injuries from breaks. You can have someone install the handles if you are not confident.

Follow Your Doctor’s Pre-Operative Orders

Your doctor will give you special instructions during your total knee replacement surgery consultation appointment. Please ensure you carefully and strictly adhere to every order to make your recovery smooth. If you are too fast, ensure you do it accurately a few hours before your surgery and remember not to wear makeup. Also, leave jewelry and other valuable items at home.

Learn more about total knee replacement surgery by talking to the specialists at Integrity Orthopedics. You can book your consultation appointment via a call or online.