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You Must Ask These Questions Before Hiring Mobile Detailing Expert



You Must Ask These Questions Before Hiring Mobile Detailing Expert

More and more people are getting into the auto detailing business since it can be a very profitable line of work.

In this field, there are a few experts like Whip Washers Mobile Detailing who have spent years honing their knowledge and abilities on mobile detailing NJ, but there are also a few fake auto detailers who think that detailing their own cars is sufficient justification for setting up shop.

So, how can you choose the best auto detailer from this variety? The following questions must be asked before you make a decision.

How long will it take?

Depending on the kind of car you have and the quantity of work needed, this may change. For average autos, full detailing typically takes around 4 hours, with just the interior or exterior requiring 2 hours.

Do you use before/after pictures to advertise?

Often when it comes to polishing your paint, such images are altered. If they are taken honestly and responsibly, before-and-after photos can demonstrate significant results. Most people use modified images to try to impress the buyer.

Do you offer any paint correction services?

This is a fantastic question to ask even if you have no interest in getting your automobile polished. If they don’t use any kind of machine polishing, they are, at most, production-level detailers.

What is your pricing model?

Every mobile detailing business will have a unique model. Some are just regional businesses, while others are staffed by experts. Price is determined by the services provided, the demand, and the average cost in the area.

Will you take my car or come to me?

Every detailing company will have a different perspective on this. Some detailing companies will come to the place of your choice, while others will pick up your car, bring it to their facility to be detailed, and then bring it back after they are finished.

Do you need any access to my utilities?

Only mobile detailers are affected by this. Some of them will travel with their own power generator and water tank to be completely self-sufficient. Which service you prefer based on price is entirely up to you.

What products and equipment will you use on my car?

You should mention to your detailer if you are chemically sensitive or desire to maintain an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

How long your wax, sealant, or ceramic coating will last?

  • False response: Sealants are ineffective and only last for a month. Wax will last a year.
  • Correct response: Carnauba waxes can last up to a few weeks, and in some cases, even longer. Paint sealants have a 6-to-12-month lifespan.

Can you eliminate every single tint or scratch from my car?

All of us aspire to be able to always restore vehicles to their original condition. In practice, a perfect outcome is quite uncommon. In most cases, we can come pretty darn close, but not quite “good as new.”

Are your services guaranteed?

A warranty demonstrates the detailer’s confidence in his ability to provide the services. Avoid using an auto detailing service that provides no warranty.

You don’t want to leave the auto shop just to find out the next day that your entire investment was a waste.



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