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You can now play the classic Blade Runner on current computers



You can now play the classic Blade Runner on current computers

Blade Runner, one of the most acclaimed contemporary works, allowed us to immerse ourselves in the incredible Los Angeles of the year 2019, whose skyscrapers, alleys and futuristic society enveloped around us. With the threat of artificial humans known as lurking replicators, Harrison Ford, better known as Rick Deckard in the film, was to hunt them as soon as possible. A film that has inspired many other artists from other disciplines and, how can it be otherwise, video games have been one of them.

In 1997, the American studio of Westwood Studios, responsible for other prestigious titles such as Dune or Command & Conquer, transferred the mythical cyberpunk work of Ridley Scott to the computers of the time. Blade Runner for PC quickly became one of the best graphic adventures of the time in its own right and it has not been until now that we can enjoy this classic in today’s operating systems thanks to the participation of a large part of the community.

And the journey made so far has not been easy. Westwood Studios lost the source code of the title in a studio movie, which made it impossible to remaster or adapt Blade Runner for the future. As reported by Eurogamer, it has taken more than eight years of reverse engineering, thorough research and many tests until finally the famous point and click has been made compatible.

Thanks to this collective work, today we can recover one of the great works of the last century and thus prevent it from falling into oblivion, perpetuating the conservation of the video games of yesteryear. The recovery of Blade Runner would not have been possible without the essential collaboration of the ScummVM user, so we leave you his website of recovery of this and other titles here.



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