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You Can Help in the Fight to Detect and Stop Financial Crimes



You Can Help in the Fight to Detect and Stop Financial Crimes

Everyone knows how vital it is to run a background check on a potential employee or a nanny that you will be entrusting with your children.

It is just as important to know who you are doing business with.

One of the easiest ways to know about the company you are working with is conducting a business license check.

Read on to learn how to do a license check, how to run a business background check, and why it is important to know the business you are thinking about working with.

Know your business

Financial criminals, if left to run amuck, can infiltrate banks, other financial institutions, the economy, and even the government — not to mention what they can do to an individual who gets caught up in their schemes.

One of the most harmful financial crimes to the economy is money laundering.

This can be done by funneling money from an illegitimate business into a legitimate business or a bank, to hide the business that is not legally obtained.

Other harmful things these criminals can do are scamming and fraud.

Scamming can be done in numerous ways — saying they are a business that requires payment or having a fake check deposited into a bank to drain and overdraw the account, to name a few.

Checking a business license

Checking a business license is typically a straightforward task.

You simply gather the registration number from the business license and input it into the correct website to receive verification that what is registered matches the information on the license.

The only true issue you may run into while doing a license check overseas is with countries that only utilize their native language on the sites and the licenses.

If the license does not match the online information, you should cease working with the company and alert the proper authorities about it.

Running a background check

If you are going to have a business in your home, merge them with your business, or simply want to know everything you can, you should run a background check on them — just as you would an employee, nanny, or any other individual.

The process of a business background checkcan be as simple as checking all online resources to verify that the company is legitimate and has good reviews.

It can also include financial information, detailed information on their daily routines, and so much more.

In this day and age, it is important to be aware of the things going on around us.

Scammers, criminals, and those out to take your money or cause you harm lurk everywhere — even behind the name of a business.

For this reason, it is vital you perform a business license check on every company you plan to work with — especially if they are overseas, or you plan to have them do work in your home.

A business background checkwill give you a much clearer look at who the business truly is, and ensure you are not being taken advantage of.

Do your due diligence today to protect yourself and also help to get criminals off the streets.


5 Infographic Tips You Need to Know



5 Infographic Tips You Need to Know

Infographic Tips

Are you looking to make a great infographic? Do you want it to be as effective and well-received as possible?

If so, then you need to learn about infographic tips and tricks. By ensuring that your infographic is visually appealing, well-researched, and organized well, you’ll increase how helpful it’ll be. Rather than churning out an infographic that nobody notices, you’ll notice your work is appreciated.

See below for an infographic tips guide that will teach you how to ensure your project is the best it can be.

1. Keep it Simple

When it comes to making effective infographics, it’s important to keep things simple. Keep the layout clean and simple, and focus on using images that don’t distract from the text.

Don’t be afraid to use whitespace, it will help break up the information and make it more inviting for readers. Make sure your infographic looks good both on desktop and mobile devices. A responsive design is essential in the digital age.

If you want to make a simple infographic for personal or professional use, you can try out this free tool!

2. Visual Hierarchy

If you want your infographics to be successful, there are certain tips you need to know. One key aspect is the visual hierarchy. The visual hierarchy is the order in which information is presented in an infographic, either in terms of importance or chronology.

Keeping the visual hierarchy in mind when designing your infographic is a great way to ensure that viewers can easily take in and comprehend your information in a logical and coherent way.

3. Use Icons and Symbols

Using icons and symbols helps create infographics with an intuitive experience by allowing data to be quickly scanned and understood. They are a great way to add visual interest to an infographic without taking up a lot of space.

When choosing icons and symbols for an infographic, consider how they will be interpreted by the target audience. Keep it simple by sticking to one style that will work throughout the entire infographic, and use titles and labels to ensure they’re easy to understand.

4. Color and Contrast

Colors help organize information and make the infographic more visually appealing and easier to digest. Contrast can even further help by making sure the information stands out from the background so it’s easier to identify.

When using colors, make sure to use those that complement each other. As far as contrast goes, pairing light colors with dark ones will create the desired effect and make any text more visible. Using colors to highlight important points can also help direct readers’ attention and guide them through the infographic.

5. Tell a Story

Ensure you create a clear purpose for the story you are telling. Conveying the key takeaways from a research project to summarizing the findings as an example. Think about the key data points and relevant visuals to include in your infographic.

Choose visuals that align with the data and that can help to bring your story to life. Finally, pay attention to detail and ensure that all your facts and figures are accurate.

Apply These Infographic Tips

Now that you know the best infographic tips, you’re ready to get started crafting your own. Follow these tips to create effective and eye-catching infographics, and don’t forget to keep experimenting to find the best design for your project. Start creating and show us your awesome infographics!

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