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Working of astrology and how it is right and wrong at the same time

Umar Nisar



Working of astrology and how it is right and wrong at the same time

The development of astrology and the importance in the field of predictions for success so not need an elongated elaboration. The study of astrology has been subjected to scepticism for the matter of perfection and accuracy. People often become curious to explore, does astrology predict things with correct accuracy? Is it just a fallacy or true? For their suspicions, all we could say, it does work but never without the endeavour towards the goal.

What exactly astrology does?

Astrology is a study that prognosticates the future possibilities of any individual based on its zodiac sign and the positioning of planetary forces in the Kundli. If you retrocede to any past to investigate, this prediction with the movements of planetary forces has some history from time immemorial. Starting from Ramayana to Mahabharata, this has been a prominent part of mythology. Therefore, study and its practice have perpetuated from all those days because it had a significant relevance by the time.

Working pattern of astrology: astrology works like science and artworks. It is a beautiful amalgamation of prevalent facts and researches. As it is clear, research is a persistent process. It has no ending and every turnaround in research is a fact to reckon. Astrology is research that gives valid outcomes at times. Most of the times some of the best astrologers in Lucknow are apt and sometimes it is just a warning for the concerned individual to get ready with the remedies.

Astrology-Right or wrong

The one thing that makes everyone mad hounds everyone is whether the prediction made by astrology is right or wrong? Firstly, it is never wrong as the world would not have accepted astrology as a study if it is a superfluous phenomenon. It is about believing and perceiving things from the perspective. Every time prediction goes correct and at the same time it does not turn out to be true. But we have a reason for that. Let us explain another approach.

Luck or fortune is like a bank locker. There should be two different keys, one in the responsibility of the authority and the second one is at the customer, both must be mutually present to open the locker. So for fortune, we have two different keys. One is the technique and another one is karma. What we used to perform is the karma and what famous astrologer in Varanasi knows is the technique. We always used to do stuff but we are not aware of the correct approach to success. This mantra is hidden and could be easily opened by astrology. It could help anyone to get the best in the future.

In the end, we could only say that the study of astrology is a constant procedure towards positivity. It does not influence people to refrain from hard work or to ask it to implement ideas of smart work.

Here is the lovely truth to hold our heart: on the day anyone was born, the star patterns overhead was truly exceptional, and all those eight planets including the moon and the sun would never occupy the same placement ever again.



What is the Phonetic or Military Alphabet, how to learn, and how its work

Bobby Jansson



What is the Phonetic or Military Alphabet, how to learn, and how its work

Learning the phonetic military alphabet is quite simple for anyone, just have a little willpower and willingness. The founders of the International Phonetic Association – AFI -, when they created the phonetic alphabet, thought of making a learning system accessible to many people. The interest in knowing how to pronounce the words of a certain language is the main point to start learning the international phonetic alphabet.

What is the phonetic alphabet (Military Alphabet)?

The phonetic alphabet is a set of codes, composed of symbols and letters, used everywhere in the world, so it is called international. Your goal is to know how to pronounce the words of any foreign language correctly. It can also be said that the phonetic alphabet is a system that phonetically represents written words. Therefore, to learn the international phonetic alphabet, it is enough to know which sound should be emitted in each symbol or letter. Those who do not remember having seen this alphabet can think of the letters and symbols, in square brackets, which appear right after the entries in the foreign language dictionaries. Precisely this set of symbols and letters, which seems to form a code, is the phonetic alphabet. Once you understand where this tool is used,

How to learn

As this alphabet uses letters that are known in the Portuguese language, the person who wants to use it will have to know how it sounds only from the other letters and symbols that they do not know. This information is, in general, found on the first pages of foreign language dictionaries, where an index will describe the sounds of each part of the code. In addition to the sound emitted by each letter, the phonetic alphabet makes use of symbols that define some characteristics of the word, such as intonation, for understand the military alphabet to use it will have to know just over 40 sounds, including to this number those of the Portuguese language that they should already know. In reality, the international phonetic alphabet has 107 symbols and letters to define all the sounds of the existing languages. However, in general, dictionaries use only 44 of them to make the necessary combinations. In addition, this tool has mostly symbols from the Roman alphabet or from a language originating from it. There are also, to a lesser extent, letters of the Greek alphabet and other symbols that do not necessarily belong to an alphabet. Although anyone is able to learn and use the international phonetic alphabet, for some professionals their knowledge is essential, as is the case of those who work in the areas of linguistics, speech therapy, translation and language teaching. Actors, singers and students of foreign languages are not obliged to know the alphabet. However, they can make great use of it, when they come into contact with new languages they are familiar with and, especially, if they have to pronounce words of that previously unknown language.


The phonetic alphabet appeared in Paris, in 1886 when teachers from the country and England came together in a movement that sought to facilitate the learning of foreign languages for students of regular education. For them, this knowledge would mainly make students speak other languages more naturally and would also help students who were taking their first steps in the knowledge of a new language. To this end, the group developed the phonetic alphabet. After a few years, these teachers, pioneers in the development of the phonetic alphabet, formalized their group, founding the International Phonetic Association – AFI. The entity has, until today, a series of activities and studies that it promotes. However, the phonetic alphabet is its greatest asset. Sometimes, in the history of AFI, there were revisions of the phonetic alphabet, which added or subtracted symbols and letters, always with the objective of improving the tool, and in 2005 the last revision took place. In fact, at the beginning of the work of this group of French and English teachers, there was not just one alphabet, but one for each language. In a short time, linguists realized that a uniform alphabet would be much more efficient and, thus, develop a single alphabet for all languages.

The History of the Military Alphabet

The history of the military phonetic alphabet is intertwined with the history of the first spelling alphabets, in reality, the latter seem to have their origin in the first. Experts on the subject say that, before the Second World War, there was no common phonetic alphabet for civil use, that is, only the military alphabet existed.. However, at that time, each service, such as the army, navy and aeronautics, had its own phonetic alphabet. As you can imagine, this lack of standardization caused great problems, due to the confusion that occurred when the groups communicated with each other, allied to this were the problems of interference and noise in the transmission of messages. In 1941, however, when the United States entered the war, the military realized the urgency of creating a standardized military phonetic alphabet, so that all groups could communicate with their allies in order to be successful in their goal . Even this first military alphabet, although not yet ideal, was very useful for military communications. Among some problems of this alphabet, were the difficulties of understanding several letters.


Parallel to this, ICAO – International Commercial Aviation Organization, which also needed a phonetic alphabet to supply its need for communication for the emerging aeronautical industry, managed to create its own phonetic alphabet. In this way, the phonetic alphabet that today is used by many civilians, but mainly by the military services, was created by ICAO and, later, adapted by ITU – International Telecommunications Organization -, responsible for the international regulations of Radiocommunications.  Since its creation and consolidation, therefore, this alphabet has been used on numerous occasions and is an essential tool for the success of today’s military and civilian transmissions. To get an idea of its importance, it is worth noting that even the communications made in FM – Modulated Frequency -, in which the audio quality is usually much superior to the others, the use of the phonetic alphabet is necessary for a better understanding of the message transmissions.

How it works

The operation of the phonetic alphabet, however, is quite simple, since it is based on words that refer to each letter of the alphabet. Thus, at the time of transmission, instead of the person responsible speaking a letter, he says the word that is attributed to the letter. The only difficulty was to find the best words to be used, as they cannot have similar sounds so that they do not confuse the recipient of the message. The military phonetic alphabet is also what is called the radiotelephone or spelling alphabet. In addition, the words he uses are practically the same as in NATO’s phonetic alphabet, which is currently the most used among all spelling alphabets. However, the numbers of the military alphabet are said in English, and some of the sounds of the numbers have similarities that can confuse, there is a need to choose ways that eliminate ambiguity. A very clear example is in relation to numbers 5 and 9, which in English are “five” and “nine”. Thus, in the military alphabet, 9 received a variation, being pronounced “niner”. The same also occurs with some letters, such as “m” and “n”. For this reason, for “m” we have the word “mike” and for “n” the word “november”. For numbers, the alphabet gives a sequence of words, the pronunciation of which is as follows: 1 – wun, 2 – too, 3 – tree, 4 – fower, 5 – fife, 6 – six, 7 – seven, 8 – ait, 9 – niner and 0 – zero. like “m” and “n”. For this reason, for “m” we have the word “mike” and for “n” the word “november”. For numbers, the alphabet gives a sequence of words, the pronunciation of which is as follows: 1 – wun, 2 – too, 3 – tree, 4 – fower, 5 – fife, 6 – six, 7 – seven, 8 – ait, 9 – niner and 0 – zero. like “m” and “n”. For this reason, for “m” we have the word “mike” and for “n” the word “november”. For numbers, the alphabet gives a sequence of words, the pronunciation of which is as follows: 1 – wun, 2 – too, 3 – tree, 4 – fower, 5 – fife, 6 – six, 7 – seven, 8 – ait, 9 – niner and 0 – zero.

When to use

Despite having its origin in the military services and, even today, it continues to be of normal use by the armed forces, nothing prevents anyone from using the phonetic alphabet when they think it necessary. Just like a telegram, the spelling alphabet will be useful when someone needs to send a short message, since the letters are not spelled, but the words are spelled. In a normal telephone conversation, the use of this alphabet can be totally useless. However, in a distress call, for example, it can save lives.

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The evolution of online writing services

Umar Nisar



The evolution of online writing services

Are you struggling with your essays and homework? Make use a College homework help website today and say goodbye to your struggles. Most students are now not shying away from college homework help websites as they are proving to be a useful tool to every college student worldwide. Gone are the days such websites only used to offer assignment writing services. Nowadays the services are helping students develop their reading and writing techniques. The services are going beyond to even teach students how to write their own essays papers and assignments.  So for example if you are a sociology student you can learn about sociology research topics that you can write about in most blog segments. This will help you write a good sociology research paper. Once you start writing the paper, you can learn about different citation styles from the same services. Essay formats such as APA are regularly updated and you can learn more about such updates. Once you are done with your essay or paper and need to write an essay cover page the same websites will teach you how to write one. Editing and proofreading services are also offered by the same sites meaning you can get whatever service you need in house.

This underlines the evolution of assignment writing services. They are now merely not sources of homework help. You can use them to learn on how to be a better writer and researcher. You can use them to learn how use different writing styles and how to avoid plagiarism. Gone are the days such websites were shunned by all and sundry. They have truly revolutionized the world of academia. Most College and post College education students nowadays find themselves using such services for the sole purpose of learning. Since most learning is online nowadays, these services definitely come in handy.

A bulk of students who are using these services nowadays are doctoral students writing their dissertations. Dissertation writing services  have become hugely popular amongst doctoral students. This is because dissertations can’t be done in a day or even week. Writing a dissertation requires months.  You need to prepare both mentally and physically as it requires a lot of research. However with the evolution of custom writing services, writing a dissertation has become easier. This is not because someone can write the dissertation for you but because you will be empowered with all the knowledge required to write an award winning dissertation. This is thanks to most of these custom essay writing services. You see most of the blog segments of these services are filled with information on how to go about almost any writing task.

The question that most students ask is whether such services are legal. These services are legal, however, you must carefully read the terms and conditions. Most of the papers written aren’t meant to be submitted as the student’s original work. They are meant to be used as a guide. If a student decides to submit the paper as his/her original work then the service provide is not liable. As a student, you main objective is to study and this includes doing assignments and essays. There’s no harm in asking for help with some of those essays but when it gets to a point where you are no longer writing your own assignments then there’s a problem. This will end with you failing your exams. You need to be smart about how you go about using such services. “Do my homework for money services” shouldn’t be misused to your disadvantage as a student, so you should ensure that you are on top of things.

Custom essay writing services have greatly evolved over the past couple of years. This underscores the importance of change in our everyday life. The end result is they have become more academia friendly meaning instead of being looked at as a threat to the learning process; they should be seen as complimentary. Students shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid of using such services. As long as they are utilized effectively they will always be advantageous to the students and to the learning process as a whole.

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Want To Improve Conversion Rate? Convert Your Site To Magento 2 PWA!

Umar Nisar



Want To Improve Conversion Rate? Convert Your Site To Magento 2 PWA!

Conversion rate is a powerful indicator of an e-commerce store’s performance. If you are finding a way to improve this number, upgrading your website to a Magento 2 PWA can be a potential solution.

Before going into details, we need to know what the conversion rate is and why it is so important to the business.

In simple words, the conversion rate is the number of customers that meet stores’ expectations such as signing up for events, placing an order,… out of the total number of visitors.

A good conversion rate is around 10% but achieving this number can be challenging.

Technology development has forced many firms to expand into e-commerce. With one product, customers can find so many providers available online. How to convince them to buy from a certain store?

This post will introduce Magento PWA as a tool to enhance customers’ online shopping experience and successfully convert them into buyers.

Let’s start!

Why Is The Magento Store’s Conversion Rate Often Low?

1/ Slow Loading Speed

Long waiting time can result in bad first impressions. If the loading time is longer than 5 seconds, customers may exit the site before seeing anything.

If they are patient enough to wait, the loading time still limits the number of products they can view. 

In the end, the waiting time causes buyers to feel like surfing the site time-consuming and unsatisfying with the browsing experience.

The conversion rate cannot be high when customers find the web performance of low-quality.

2/ Unresponsive Design

Generally, Magento websites are best used on laptops but consumers start to show their preference towards mobile phones. 

The reason is simple. Mobilephone is small and portable. We can bring them with us anywhere.  Besides, phones do not require so much time for turning on and off.

However, as most Magento websites have yet to optimize the mobile shopping experience, the conversion rate from mobile users is inferior to desktop ones.

3/ No News Updates

Promotion and sales events are the best time to get the highest conversion rate. Everyone loves buying products with discounted prices and has the desire to own limited items.

However, these events usually take place in a short amount of time and size can run out so quickly. Thus, customers need to be informed on time but a website cannot notify customers of the news.

Emails and messages are possible ways to send this information but it is costly. There are also high chances that customers consider this spam and won’t open it.

4/ Unstable Connection Quality

Incidents like suddenly lost connection or low-quality connection can negatively affect the site performance.

While this problem does not fall into merchants’ responsibility, it can still cause a poor shopping experience for customers.

Of course, we all know that in these situations, conversion cannot happen.

The worst case is that purchasers are about to finish their order when the connection gets lost and they don’t remember to refill the information after reconnecting.

So conversion rate might decrease with connection quality.  

5/ Irrelevant Traffic From Search Engines

To get a good SEO score, firms need time and expertise to execute an effective strategy.

Many firms have not worked on this stage carefully and got irrelevant traffic. This means they get the customers to the store but they are not the targeted customers.

As a result, they just leave the site without doing any further action and push the conversion rate lower. High bounce rate in turn causes SEO score to drop with Google ranking.

How Can Magento 2 PWA Solve The Puzzle?

With those problems the Magento website encountered, let’s see how Magento 2 Progressive Web App fixes those limitations.

1/ Less Waiting Time

Magento 2 PWA supports merchants in boosting the loading speed by 2-3 times faster than that of the original website. For a revisited page, it takes zero loading time. 

This function also makes it easy for consumers to memorize brand names and logos. Without extra fees spent on marketing activities, PWA has increased brand recognition just by a simple function. 

2/ Mobile-friendly Website

Magento Progressive Web App is the combination of a normal website and a native app. By converting the website to Magento 2 PWA, firms can enhance the store’s mobile-friendliness.

Magento PWA can adapt to different screen sizes. Whether buyers surf on tablets, laptops, or phones, they still have the best shopping experience. 

Besides, PWA provides consumers with app-like features: offline mode, push notification, and fullscreen display,…

3/ Better Communication Channel

Progressive Web App’s push notification function allows shoppers to get reminders from the e-commerce website just like any other native apps. Customers no longer suffer from disappointment for missing the sales promotion.

It also pushes the conversion rate to the highest when all targeted customers get the notifications.

This feature also saves merchants money on using other communication channels like SMS or email. 

4/ Less Dependence On Network Connection

Offline mode and background sync features of PWA let Magento store visitors enjoy browsing even without the Internet connection. This is applied to preloaded content.

With any orders that are completed during lost connection, the information will be recovered and sent to merchants as soon as reconnection takes place.

Moreover, offline mode gives customers more time to view the products and revisit the store. Thus, it also increases the likelihood for them to complete a purchase.

5/ Search Engine Optimization

Magento 2 PWA will help merchants in pushing the store to the first page on Google or other popular search engines.

With a better browsing experience, this also comes with a lower bounce rate and longer session duration. These two improvements can enhance the site’s ranking on Google search results.

Faster loading speed and high responsiveness are other criteria that are highly noticeable when Google ranks the sites.

By installing Magento PWA, all of these standards are met and merchants can see a rise in organic traffic and sales revenues.

Magento 2 PWA – The Answer To Conversion Rate Optimization

Clicking the website is not enough to raise store revenues. We need to form engagement and trust within customers before finally persuade them to place an order. Improving conversion rate is hard in the increasingly competitive e-commerce industry. 

With Magento PWA, it can eliminate most of the barriers preventing the store from reaching a higher conversion rate like long waiting time, mobile-unfriendly storefront, no news updates and heavy dependence on the connection. 

We hope that this post has provided Magento merchants with a solution to the unsolved problem related to the conversion rates.

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