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Why You Should Get A New Roof Before Winter



Why You Should Get A New Roof Before Winter

Snow, ice, and debris can wreak serious havoc on your insulation and shingles. Every homeowner must take time to check their roofing system and ensure that their roof can handle the winter season weather before it comes. If your roof is not in its best condition, you might face a serious and costly problem this winter. Here are some reasons to consider having roof replacements before the winter season.

You’ll Save on Energy Costs

As the winter season approaches, you can save a lot with a well-insulated home. When the season is cold, we crank up the heat to stay warm. Many homeowners overlook the part of their roof in keeping their homes well-insulated. Considering roof replacement before the winter season will increase your home’s energy efficiency. Damaged roofs will allow the comfortable air inside your house to escape, causing your HVAC system to work harder. When you consider a roof replacement, your heaters don’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm and comfortable. The last thing you want to happen is for your energy bills to be higher. Our roofing contractors will help you save hundreds of dollars by replacing your roof. In addition, roof replacement not only saves you on energy bills but increases the lifespan of your roof. 

Prevent Water Damage

With the snow and ice sitting on your roof during the winter season, it is easy for the water to seep into your insulation, especially if you have active leaks. If you ignore the leaks, the water will ruin your home and soak into your sidings. This will create a bigger and more costly problem during the winter season. You might think of repair, but if the damage is big, you will inevitably spend more money on frequent repairs not only to your room but to the interior and exterior of your home. Patching repairs may hold up for some time but does not guarantee that it can handle extreme winter weather. If you spend a lot on repairs, the money could be better spent on the entire roof replacement to ensure that your roof will protect you and your family all season. 

You’ll Keep Your Gutters Clear 

The gutter is a vital component of any home. Gutters will drain the melting snow and ice and guide the water away from your home so you can prevent the water drip down on your home’s siding and causing siding damage. An old and damaged roof will surely clog your gutters. Once spring comes, you will realize that you have a significant problem in your hands because of the clogged gutters. To keep your gutter working in its best condition, a roof replacement is a great idea. Our roofing company will help you with our top-notch roof installation. We have been in the industry for many years, and we would be happy to come and take a look at your roofing to get a free estimate. Our roofing contractors never push for a roof replacement; if we think you don’t need one, we will not recommend you have one. Call us today!


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Benefits Of Basement Waterproofing



Benefits Of Basement Waterproofing

Broken pipes, leaking windows and walls, inadequate outside drainage, rising groundwater, and sewage backups are common causes of basement flooding. Fortunately, professional basement waterproofing companies can help you safeguard your basement. Read on to learn why basement waterproofing is a good idea.

Limit Building Decay

While a leaking faucet or cracked window in the basement may not seem like a big deal right now, they might end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Because of this, they may cause the structure to deteriorate and develop problems like wall and foundation fissures. These issues are often not obvious in their early stages, and you may not learn about them until they have already caused significant harm.

Avoid Water Damage to Basements

To a homeowner, there are few things more distressing than a flooded basement. Sewer backup, storms, and groundwater seepage via fractures in the floor are all potential causes of this issue. If you want to prevent water from entering your basement, you should perform basement waterproofing. The experts will set up efficient drainage and a sump pump to divert water away from your basement.

Decrease the Cost of Energy

One of the many causes of a sudden jump in utility costs is a damp, musty basement. The dampness in your basement might spread to the rest of your home. This means your heating and air conditioning system will have to work harder to remove the moisture from the air in your house. Consequentially, this will result in very costly energy expenditures.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Mold may grow quickly in a damp basement. Mold spores may trigger a wide variety of allergic reactions, including congestion and wheezing. Asthmatics and those prone to respiratory allergies are particularly vulnerable to this issue. You may lessen the likelihood of this issue by waterproofing your basement, however.

Getting Rid of Weird Odors

The musty odor that often accompanies mold spores may make even spending time in the basement unpleasant. The basement may have an unpleasant odor because of the damp air. If you use waterproofing products to get rid of mold and moist air, your basement will be clean and smell nice again.

Conserve Water

Pipes expand in humid air, which commonly causes leaks. There might be significant water losses due to plumbing leaks. It’s possible that this might lead to excessive water waste and expensive utility costs. As a result, if you see a rise in your water bill, it’s time to get some specialists in to fix those leaks and do basement waterproofing.

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