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Why Proving Paternity Is Important



Why Proving Paternity Is Important

It may surprise you to learn that paternity testing was developed as long ago as 1925. In fact, the arrival of this testing capability has been associated with a drop in birth rates during the 1930s. In short, it was easier to trace a parent.

Today, it is very easy to do a home paternity test. All you have to do is take a cheek swab of the child and one or both parents. This is then sent to a lab and within a couple of weeks, you’ll know if you are the biological parent or not.

Proving paternity is a delicate area but one that can be important to everyone involved. In some cases, people suspect they are not the biological father. In other cases, it’s relevant to sort out the terms of a divorce or maintenance payments. It can also be important if two people have a child but aren’t married.

One thing that any good divorce lawyer in Sydney or elsewhere will advise you is that a paternity test is essential when getting divorced and there is any question over the authenticity of paternity.

Maintenance Payments

The most obvious reason to prove paternity is either during a divorce or when you are a single parent. Proving the other person is the biological parent means they will have to supply you with maintenance payments.

This can make a huge difference to the standard of living for your child.


If you want to take custody of a child then you’ll need to prove that they are biologically yours and you haven’t given up that right. This starts with a paternity test to confirm the child is yours. It ensures you have the right to ask for custody. Although, it being granted is a different matter.

Peace Of Mind

Many couples go through difficult patches and this can lead to affairs and questions over paternity. As a parent, you will love your child, regardless of whether they are biologically yours or not. But, as a parent, you may also want to know for certain that your child is yours.

It gives you peace of mind and helps to avoid any shocks if transplants or other issues arise in the future.

Legal Rights

Both parents have legal rights to see their children and be part of their upbringing. However, if you can’t prove you are the father then you may lose the right to see your child. A paternity test ensures you are recognized as the father and have visitation and other rights over your child.


Your child may need to have a paternity test completed to confirm they are yours and, therefore, have a claim on your estate. This is very common when people have remarried and the first family doesn’t want to share assets with the second, or vice versa. Proving paternity makes the allocation of assets after death much simpler.

In fact, it can help ensure your wishes are observed instead of the current rules of the land.



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