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Who Is British Entrepreneur Yazz Nasir?



Who Is British Entrepreneur Yazz Nasir?

British Entrepreneur Yazz Nasir

British Entrepreneur Yazz Nasir  is the founder and the CEO of UK-based music record label ‘Ghost Recordz’ which is an independent artist management company. He has extensive experience in artist management and is himself a successful songwriter.

He has an impressive portfolio of previous work and has signed twin-brother music duo the Khantwinz, the first official artists signed to his label ‘Ghost Recordz’. Within 15 months of their debut single ‘Sundown’ which was chosen by the BBC as song of the week, It has almost 11 million views on Youtube and their official Youtube channel has 218,000 subscribers ( to date ). The Khantwinz have since released 5 singles under Ghost Recordsz and are planning to drop an album next year.

Yazz Nasir works closely with numerous models and social influencers through his company. He certainly stays in touch with his entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiastically helping young people make progress and finding success in making others blind to the opportunity. While Yazz strongly believes that music labels don’t always support the artist and their visuals,according to Yazz he states that labels try and make the artist ‘someone their not ‘in order to feed their own ego and current base of followers to their particular market. Yazz has been in the music scene for well over a decade and, like many other businesses has seen his fair share of ups and downs Yazz Nasir is also a song-writer and has written songs for many successful and famous music artists. His enthusiasm for song writing was always evident from his school days and was praised by teachers for his poetic skills at a very young age. Yazz himself says that his songs are written in the poetic form he used in school.

He began his journey as an entrepreneur at just 18, where he made his first steps into the chaotic and overcrowded world of real estate. After 10 years in that industry, Yazz Nasir was ready to make a change, but still maintains a relationships with the property sector.

Yazz Nasir wasted no time in building his career and gaining valuable experience that he will undoubtedly be someone to keep an eye on for the next few years.


Yazz appeared in Punjabi sensation Imran Khan’s WORLDWIDE hit single ‘Bewafa ‘. In 2014 Yazz also appeared in the music video with Uk based Punjabi singer Nafees for his chart-topping single single ‘Tera Pyar ‘alongside YouTube sensation Humza Arshad AKA Humza Productions and Indian music artist The Prophec

Yazz – Discography

Sazaa by Nafees & Mumzy Stranger

Tanha by Jay Kadn

Circles by Mumzy Stranger

Somebody by Nish

Ash KardI by Mumzy Stranger

Judaiya by Mumzy Stranger

Pehli Baar by Rupika

Ghetto Refix by Mumzy Stranger , Jay Kadn, Char Avell , Tasha Tah & Rameet