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Best whiteboard animation software for amazing images




Whiteboard animation videos are a great way to create engaging online visual content. You need the best whiteboard animation software to create excellent whiteboard animation videos. In recent years, there have been many DIY whiteboard animation software. Some are good, some are terrible, some are chaotic. Therefore, before using the DIY whiteboard animation software, Softwares only go so far, though, and if you are a business looking to buy a legitimate whiteboard animation service then we highly recommend

There are several reasons why you can use whiteboard animation videos. Teach customers how to use products or software programs, sell ideas, and introduce products and services. Some people think that making whiteboard animation videos is very expensive and requires excellent talents. However, there are some high-quality, affordable whiteboard animation software programs that can facilitate the playback of animated videos. In this article, we will discuss the best and most affordable whiteboard animation software.

The best whiteboard animation software for PC

If you are looking for modern whiteboard animation software with rich functions, please try Explandio. You can also use this whiteboard animation tool to create whiteboard animation effects in GIF animations and videos. The interface is rich in functions and provides a wealth of custom video options. You can create high-definition videos with high-quality background images. You can also import video slideshows and audio files from other video editing software.

With the help of Explindio’s video creator, you can animate cartoon characters to create stories and narrate your messages. Suppliers appreciate the attractiveness of their products being introduced in a professional manner. The software also provides a long list of pre-designed slides that you can use to create impressive presentation videos. Expandio is available for Windows and Mac.


Sparkol VideoScribe is one of the best whiteboard animation programs and its popularity has crossed continent boundaries. Since 2012, VideoScribe is the first software to create whiteboard animated videos without hiring an expert. You can trust triggers when used to create graffiti or animated videos. Impressively, you don’t have to be a technical expert to use this whiteboard animation software.

It can be used to introduce a brief technical description, frequently asked questions, or a product or service. For quality and ease of production, the British Government and Swedish Parliament use videotapes to explain their policies. This product is suitable for Windows and Mac, and also has Android and iPad applications. You can buy and own the software for 80 480 or you can choose a monthly fee of 12 (4 144 per month). VideoScribe is an ideal solution for all graphic designers, business people and artists.

Easy Sketch Pro 3

The latest version of Easy Sketch Pro has many amazing features that can compete with the best whiteboard animation software. You can use the drag and drop interface to create sketch videos. Additionally, you can add real-time hotspots, including links to websites, Twitter, Facebook accounts and other URLs.

Easy Sketch 3 has many new features that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, you can add your own background music or choose one from a large library of ready-made tracks. You can use your own images or choose from the provided Royalty Image Library. And, if you don’t want to start with a blank page, you can choose one of several professional canvases provided. Prices start at $ 37 (one-time personal use, $ 67 per transaction).


GoAnimate is a powerful whiteboard animation software that allows you to create high quality animated videos in less than 5 minutes. This software offers a wide range of customizable solutions covering hundreds of jobs, industries and concepts. The ease of use is outstanding. You have to tell the character. It will automatically sync with your lips.

You can add sound to your animated videos, record audio files or import them directly to your platform. GoAnimate is a great tool for creating animated infographics, cartoon stories and animated story videos. This product offers three rate plans starting at $ 39 per month (cheaper) or 99 9299 per year.

TTS Sketch Maker

If you are looking for cheap whiteboard animation software that provides quality services, then TTS Sketch Maker is the best choice. With this software, you can create animated videos from whiteboard text to vocals with just a few clicks. The user-friendly graphical interface allows you to create audio and video from text in minutes.

With 25 different accents, you can choose your favorite sound when creating a video sketch. Audio is provided in 15 languages, including Spanish. All exported videos are in high resolution (1280 x 720), and you will get 37 one-time payment software and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Marketers and coaches use animated video features to draw readers in and communicate their message clearly. The use of animated whiteboard video has grown at such a high rate that it has become the most popular head of marketing. Big companies are willing to spend over $ 1,000 to buy animated whiteboard animation videos. The length is 5 minutes

So why not find an expert to create an animated video for you? Why not try buying yourself high-quality whiteboard animation software? We hope this program gives you the best animation whiteboard software to meet your marketing or training needs.


Fetchnbuy: Small Applications, Gadgets, and Electronics Stores

Umar Nisar



Fetchnbuy: Small Applications, Gadgets, and Electronics Stores


Fetch N Buy is an online variety store that aims to provide the finest quality goods concisely at the best prices available. With their competitive prices, they want to make the products affordable in their store.

In addition to affordability, they strive to offer their customers quality goods at value prices. They carefully distill the products required the most. In this way, they aid in saving time by delivering just what is required.

They respect their customers at all levels and understand their significance to their business and therefore, If you have any questions about their products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch. Their team can help each customer by providing them with a wide selection when it comes time for shopping online.

Their Service

They shortlist a range of wholesalers/manufacturers/distributors providing the best prices possible in the market and source the products from them. 

All their products are carefully screened and quality checked before they are listed in their store.

Their “Return & Refund” policy has your back. Items damaged during transit or if you received a faulty product, it will be replaced or refunded with no questions asked. They ship their products from Gurgaon, Haryana to all pin codes across India.

Payment option

They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Rupay, UPI, Wallet Payments by OLA Money, Mobikwik, Freecharge, PayZapp and Airtel Money, Maestro, Internet Bank Transfer and other major payment service providers. 

They use HTTPS secure connections for all the transactions.

HTTPS is a secure communications protocol that eliminates the possibility of a third party breach in the communication or your payment information.

They do not store any credit/debit card information. 

They take credit/debit card data security very seriously, and they do not have access to your credit/debit card information.

They use Razorpay to securely handle credit card/debit card information.


Shipping and Delivery

1. Shipping

During the checkout, shipping costs are determined depending on the weight and measurements of the goods in the order. The final price for the cost of delivery to the consumer will be this price.

Service Providers
We partner with the leading shipping companies to give all of our customers the quality shipping services. As listed below, these suppliers are:


Xpress Bees

India Post

Blue Dart

Ekart Logistics

Amongst these options, the designated shipping partner for your shipments can differ.

2. Delivery Terms

Transit Time
The shipments are in transit for 2-4 business days in general. At this time, we only provide shipping services within India.

Dispatch Time
Orders are normally dispatched within 2 business days of the order being placed. 

During normal business hours, except on national holidays, we work on Monday – Friday.

Change of Delivery Address
We are able to change the delivery address requests at any time before the order has been dispatched.

Items Out of Stock
If an item is out of stock, we will immediately dispatch the in-stock items and send the remaining items once they are back in stock.

Delivery Time Exceeded
If the delivery time has exceeded the predicted time, please contact us so that an investigation can be conducted to fulfill the order in time.

3. Tracking Notifications
Upon dispatch, customers will receive a tracking link from which, based on the latest updates made available by the shipping provider, they will be able to follow the progress of their shipment.

4. Parcels Damaged in Transit
If you discover a parcel is damaged in transit, please reject the parcel from the courier if possible and contact our customer service. If the parcel has been delivered without you being present, please take the next steps to contact us.

5. Sales Tax
Sales tax has already been adjusted to the price of the products as displayed on the website.

6. Cancellations
If you change your mind before receiving your order, we will be able to acknowledge cancelations before the order has been dispatched.

If an order has already been shipped, please refer to our Return & Refund policy for further instructions.

7. Process for parcel damaged in-transit
If a package is damaged in transit, a refund or replacement will be processed. 

8. Process for parcel lost in transit
We will process a refund or replacement as soon as the courier has completed an investigation and deemed the package to have been misplaced

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Free keto apps for women 2021




Free keto apps

Most women are usually looking for the best keto app for Android. Now the problem is solved! When you search for the best keto app, we can help you out to find one. Now you can track your carbohydrates and focus on your ketogenic cooking ebooks to lose more weight every day. The below keto apps are free; however, you can also find the paid versions also available with more advanced features.

Best keto app 2021

Below we have mentioned a few of the best keto applications that you must consider when planning to find the best Carb tracker.  Also find here Google  Android ketoapps to track carb online.

Carb manager

Carb Manager is the best keto app that you will come across, and it is the first choice of most people. There are several metrics, including micronutrients and also ketones, along with the blood sugar levels available on this application. You can use the voice command or barcode scanning to check the calories. Moreover, it will lead you towards a healthy lifestyle by providing you exercise and diet plan. You can sync it up to your other applications on your Android or iOS. However, it can be a little pricey.

My macros Plus

Another one of the perfect applications for tracking your nutrients is My macros plus. This application has a massive database along with a calorie estimation calculator. You can also estimate your fat and check the calories in the food. It is easier to connect with your friends through this application and promote a healthy lifestyle. Even though it is one of the best calories and nutrient tracker, it is costly and does not work the best on Android. But you can find the free version as well.


Senza is the best keto app for Android and also perfect for beginners. This application leads you towards gradual changes and suggests you the restaurants that have keto-friendly food. However, the nutrient that is might not be the most accurate for some food items.

Total Keto diet

Are you looking for the best free ketogenic cooking ebooks? With the total keto diet application, you can find out the best recipes and cooking ebooks that you want. The library for the recipes has hundreds and thousands of recipes, and you can also customize your meal according to your requirement. There is a grocery list creator as well that will help you to make a grocery list weekly based on your keto diet.


The fat secret is another one of the ketogenic diet applications that help set up the goals properly. With the best support and more accountability, this application provides you with more features and benefits with losing weight and setting up goals you want to achieve. Moreover, it is simple and easy to navigate and also provides a community platform. The image recognition feature is also available on this application. However, it is a paid application, and after paid application, only you can access the recipes. One another problem is that it works better on the iPhone for iOS rather than Android.

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Navigating executive search challenges with executive recruitment software




Navigating executive search challenges with executive recruitment software

Executive search has its own set of challenges to navigate. But with the right executive search software, head-hunters will be able to reduce any difficulties and deliver the best results to their clients. Factors like talent shortage, digitization, veteran candidates, etc., affect head-hunters’ ability to recruit the best executive candidates for their client companies. Now that the global outbreak continues to present enormous problems, the recruitment industry is learning to navigate this setback as well.

Executive recruitment software can be considered the perfect technological collaborator for head-hunters. Finding the right recruitment software can easily alleviate the obstacles an executive recruiter faces daily. Here’s how recruitment software solutions are helping head-hunters with three common executive search problems.

Dealing with the candidate market

Executive search seeks to place highly skilled senior executives in strategic positions in client companies. It is essential that executive candidates are not just highly skilled and experienced but also fit into the existing company culture. However, executive search is challenging because, usually, senior executives do not actively seek new opportunities. Finding a candidate pool that meets the precise requirements is not easy.

It is up to executive recruiters to discover these top-level executives, find their portfolio and assess their suitability for the role before even approaching them. Working with executive recruitment software makes it easier for head-hunters to locate such candidates.

Dealing with the ongoing pandemic

It is a harsh reality that the current circumstances generated by the global pandemic are affecting every industry. Working environments are changing. Office-goers have primarily been working from home. Recruitment has also shifted to digitalisation from online skills testing to digital interviews.

For recruiters, executive search software is a huge help as it enables recruiters to deliver consistent quality work from anywhere. Cloud-based recruitment software permits head-hunters to continue recruiting the best talents from their homes as they were doing from the office.

Recruiters who have always worked remotely understand the significance of cloud-based software in helping them work efficiently and to be connected with their colleagues. It is a huge advantage to be able to access data from anywhere. Now recruiters can continue working from home.

Dealing with digitization

This is the digital and information age we are living in. Online professional networking platforms like LinkedIn help people stay connected with their industry peers while also staying updated about industry events. Head-hunters utilise LinkedIn to locate exceptional executives who might not be ‘actively’ looking for a new role. Executive recruitment software enables social media integration which promotes quick access to quality candidates.

Communication also greatly benefits through recruitment software. All forms of communication – emails, text messages, phone calls – among candidates, recruiters, and clients are automatically organized and structured neatly for easy access whenever needed. This helps everyone in the talent acquisition team to keep informed about the most recent interaction with candidates and clients.

As executive search places senior executives in strategic positions, it can take many months before the search is over. In the meanwhile, client companies have to be apprised regularly and given briefings about every stage of the recruitment process. Recruiters who use executive search software find it is quite convenient to create reports.

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