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Where is Sitges located and what are the advantages of living there?



Where is Sitges located and what are the advantages of living there?

For many, the opportunity to live in a cosmopolitan city is to live in Barcelona. However, very close to Barcelona it is possible to find a great variety where to live and enjoy many of the same things.

One of them is Sitges, which is located about 40 kilometers southwest of the Catalan capital. With a continuous growth, nowadays it still has approximately 30.200 inhabitants and it is recognized by a fame that goes beyond the own borders.

This city offers many places to settle down and make a new home. We refer to areas ranging from the Costa Brava to the Costa Dorada. As well as beaches such as the Maresme or some lesser known as the Garraf.

Therefore, if you have in mind to decide on an area that is on the outskirts of Barcelona, the advantages of living in Sitges are varied and very precise.

Its magnificent beaches

Although there are not few places near Barcelona that have beaches in its interior, it is rare to find a place that has a number of 17. Therefore, for those who enjoy the sun and bathing in the sea, one of the advantages of Sitges is that it has many different options for which to choose to reside there.

One of the things Sitges is known for is its nudist and gayfriendly beaches. This is because there is such a wide variety of beaches. Therefore, as there are so many options, the audiences are different in each one. In this sense, if it is a visit for a few days, you can not fail to enjoy the beach Cala Morisca.

This beach is one of the most frequented by tourists and one of the most popular by the locals. An important fact is that if you want to live in Sitges and enjoy this beach, it is crucial to know that the bathing suit is not mandatory.

This beach is characterized for being a place to attend with friends, it has 1,940 m2 of surface and it is not allowed to enter with pets.

On the other hand, for those looking to live near the sea, one of the best areas is Aiguadolç, the area where the beach of San Sebastià is located is a great option. We are talking about one of the most visited beaches by the inhabitants of the city as it is very close to the downtown area and the port. Therefore, it offers incredible apartments to live in with a sea view.

The Aiguadolç neighborhood is known for its beautiful and picturesque apartments facing the Mediterranean. In addition, it is one of the most popular venues for the well-known Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival.

Sitges Film Festival: among the most important events in Catalonia.

When you think of Sitges, besides enjoying the beaches, you breathe culture and above all, a festival that is very important for the film industry. It has been held every year in October since 1968 and is known as one of the most prestigious film festivals in Europe.

Living in Sitges has the advantage of being close to one of the most notorious epicenters of European culture. The festival receives the best film productions in the fantastic industry and presents new trends in audiovisual productions. It achieves very high numbers of spectators.

One of the particularities that stand out in the festival, is that the spectators can choose the best feature film of fantastic genre. This is a very good opportunity to feel part of this cultural distinction because, although there are other awards that have special juries on the subject, the public also has its vote.

Cau Ferrat Museum: a protagonist in the cultural and leisure offer of Sitges

Art is one of the most attractive aspects of the area and it has two museums: the Maricel Museum and the Cau Ferrat Museum. The latter is the most important of Sitges and was founded by the artist Santiago Rusiñol (1861-1931) where he made his creations, but became a museum in 1933.

It is a very complete museum that presents exhibitions of all kinds: painting, drawing, ceramics and the list goes on. If you are an art lover, living near this museum is undoubtedly an advantage. A few years ago it underwent a renovation and got the restoration of priceless pieces of the great Santiago Rusiñol.

The entrance has an approximate cost of 10,00 €, per person and you can enjoy an endless number of works of the Spanish artist. The museum is closed on Mondays and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from March to June from 10 am to 7 pm. Between July and October until 8 p.m. and from November to February until 5 p.m. Undoubtedly one of the advantages of living in Sitges. We are talking about the possibility of enjoying culture everywhere.

Celebrate the carnival: among the main advantages and privileges of living in Sitges.

Whether you want to live in Sitges or just want to spend a few days in the company of your family, there is a celebration that stands out in this area and it is the carnival. Costumes, paintings and fun, are the right steps to enjoy a unique moment, where parades will occupy the streets.

The contests and concerts are activities not to be missed in this festivity and the children have their place in the party with the Children’s Rúas. Here, they exhibit their costumes prepared for the occasion and the Rua de l’Extermini, is the moment awaited by the inhabitants of Sitges. An event where you can see the floats with extravagant costumes that drive the population crazy.

So far we have told you about the main advantages of living in Sitges. An ideal and complete guide to know why to choose to relocate in this area of the Spanish territory.

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