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When Do You Need New Home Wiring?



When Do You Need New Home Wiring?

Do you remember the last time you had your home wiring checked?

The home is the most important investment anyone can make, so it can be easy to forget to care for it. However, home maintenance is crucial to make your home last as long as possible. That means checking your wiring and having it fixed as soon as you see an issue, even if it looks like a small one.

Do you have any idea when to get your wiring checked?

When do you need new home wiring? Let’s explore this short guide!

Your Home Is 30 or More Years Old

If your home is 30 or more years old, it is important to consider whether your home’s wiring is up to date. Outdated wiring from decades ago can cause a fire if it is not functioning properly, so it is important to get it inspected and updated as needed.

Additionally, since technology has advanced so much in the past 30 years, homes that lack updated wiring may not even have the capacity to handle the current electrical appliances and devices.

You’re Tripping the Breaker

If you’re tripping the breaker, it’s usually an indication of a wiring issue in your home. This could be a sign that your wiring is not up to date, or it could mean that your home’s wiring system is overloaded.

If you’re constantly having to reset the breaker, it’s probably an indication that you need to have your home rewired. You may need to upgrade the size of the electrical system and increase the wiring size where necessary to handle the increased demands of your home.

It’s important that you get it checked and get it done quickly, as overloaded wires can be a fire hazard. An electrician can assess the situation and provide you with the necessary solutions, such as transformer coating.

You Regularly Need Extension Cords

When it comes to your home’s wiring, extension cords can be a lifesaver. However, you should only use them on a temporary basis. If you find yourself regularly using extension cords, it’s time to reevaluate your home’s wiring.

New wiring should be installed if the outlets are outdated, there are not enough outlets for your needs, you’re using multiple-plug adapters to supply power, or the wiring is more than a few decades old.

Your Lights Dim or Flicker

When your lights dim or flicker, it’s usually the first sign that it is time to upgrade your home wiring. It could be a sign of electrical overload, faulty wiring, deteriorating connections, or a failing circuit breaker.

In some cases, the dimming or flickering of the lights is a result of the home’s wiring being too old and not up to code with modern electrical standards of today. If you wish to maintain the safety of your home, it is necessary to have a professional electrician come in and check the wiring.

Learn When You Need New Home Wiring

If you find yourself in need of replacing or upgrading your new home wiring, make sure to call an experienced electrician. Old wiring can pose serious safety risks and many insurance companies will not cover damages caused by outdated wiring.

Get the job done professionally now and save yourself a lot of headaches in the future.

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