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When Do You Need New A Gas Boiler Replacement? All You Need to Know



When Do You Need New A Gas Boiler Replacement? All You Need to Know

Gas boilers are a crucial part of our homes as these provide us with warm water. No one would like to run out of hot water when it is needed. However, the gas boilers don’t come with an expiry date, so you must understand when to replace them. So then how get to know about that now you need a new gas boiler replacement?

Here are some signs that can assist you in this regard, look for these and decide what you need to do!

#1. Starts Making An Odd Noise

A gas boiler starts making noise and giving sounds of knocking, hissing or popping, when its parts wear out being old. If your boiler is making such noise, it is a sure sign that you need to replace your old boiler.

#2. More Than 10 Years Old

If your gas boiler is more than ten years old, you need to replace it as it will cost you even more by raising your energy bills and is less efficient to heat water. If it is still working well, the chances are that it is not well internally and can soon be out of order as its machinery will be old.

#3. Requires Frequent Repairing

If you are facing fixing your old gas boiler more often, it is the most vital sign to replace it with a new one because the plumbers or gas safety technician will only make their money to repair it. It will even cost you more as compared to buying a new one.

#4. Water Temperature is Fluctuating

If you are not getting sufficient hot water or the gas boiler is taking time to heat the water and even repairing is unable to fix this issue, you surely need a new gas boiler replacement.

#5. Starts Leaking

Suppose your old gas boiler starts leaking and there is an unusual, odd smell in your house. In that case, it is an unpleasant condition. However, it can also be a deadly situation as the leakage contains carbon monoxide gas, which is fatal to humans and can cause suffocation and ultimately death. So you have to decide either your life is essential for you or your money!

#6. Increasing Energy Bills

The raised energy bill is another vital sign of replacing your old gas boiler because when it gets old, it stops working efficiently and consumes more energy than the new one. You can check the efficiency of your gas boiler by its ERP energy rating. The 90% efficient gas boilers are rated A, and those who are 70% efficient are rated G. A G-rated boiler older than 15 years must be replaced with a new one as it can cost you more.

Some Additional Signs

  • Producing Yellow Flame
  • Reduced pressure
  • Replacements parts have been having been discontinued
  • Radiators take longer than usual to heat up
  • The boiler keeps shutting off

Time to New Gas Boiler Replacement

All these signs show that you need a new gas boiler replacement for your mental peace, health, and, most importantly, your wallet. If you are now thinking of replacing a new one with the old one, try NRM Plumbing and Heating company. NRM is SEAI & RGI registered gas installer and offers highly reliable services at a reasonable price.