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What you need to know about pallet jacks



What you need to know about pallet jacks

pallet jacks

In an attempt to make work easier, various machines have been coined. Among these machines is the lift machine. Pallet jacks fall under the category of simple forklifts. These jacks are available in a variety of styles and prices. Depending on your requirements, the market offers diverse types of jacks from which you can choose the best.

 A pallet jack is a simple forklift that serves to move pallets over a short distance. This distance can either be vertical or horizontal. Pallet jacks are also useful for loading and offloading trucks. Electric pallet jacks move goods over horizontal distances. Learn some of the things you need to know about pallet jacks.

How many types of pallet jacks exist?

Manual jacks 

It is the cheapest and simplest type of palate jack. The manual Jack consists of steel material and a hydraulic pump. The operating mechanism involves pumping the hydraulic pump handle up and down.

Walk-behind Jack.

It is an electricity-powered jack. Regarding the size, it is almost twice the size of a manual jack. The lifting limit is 6,000 lbs. Its advantage over the manual Jack is that the operator strains less.

Rider jack

It’s an improved version of the walk-behind Jack by adding a riding platform feature. Similarly, it is battery-powered. Its advantage over the walk-behind Jack is that the operator can opt to step on it instead of walking behind it.

The Rider, Jack in the Middle

It is an improved version of the rider pallet jack. Unlike the rider jack, where the operator faces sideways, the centre rider jack allows an operator to face back or forward. The risks of injury are thus minimal.

Weighing Jack

It has a weight scale that displays the weight of the goods placed on it. When purchasing packed products, they must have a distinct weight. You never know; a seller can engage in unscrupulous practices in business by filling inadequate weight.

All-terrain jacks

“Terrain refers to the slope of a certain surface. As suggested by the name, these jacks can operate on all surfaces.

How do jacks vary?

Variation in terms of size

Various sizes of jacks are available on the market. One can judge size by length, width, or height. Ideally, these jacks vary in the three aspects.

Variation in terms of material

The material can be steel, iron, or any other appropriate metal. Steel jacks are resistant to corrosion and moisture.

What are the cons of jacks?

High cost is the most noticeable one. The maintenance cost is also high.

Is a manual hack better than an electronic jack?

Each type has pros and cons. Ideally, depending on the purpose you want for your Jack, one will be better than the other.

Is a pallet jack worth the purchase?

Imagine a situation where you have to carry all the goods by yourself without the aid of a machine. You will feel tired and somnolent at the end of the day. Ideally, a jack simplifies work.


Above are some facts you need to know about jacks. If you are interested in jacks, this is the best guide. For more, check pallet truck price in Kenya