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What to Wear With Leather Ankle Boots



What to Wear With Leather Ankle Boots

Do you want to know the best way to wear leather ankle boots? Perhaps you’re trying to figure out the best combination with it. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Leather and ankle boots might seem like a seasonal trend. But with the right pieces, you can create an outfit for every occasion.

So, what should you wear with them? Here are a few suggestions you want to consider.

Straight or Cropped Jeans

Some might find leather shoes hard to work with, even more so when it’s an ankle boot. But in reality, it goes well with lots of casual styles.

The key to styling them with regular straight or cropped jeans is to ensure they’re the perfect length. Usually, it means the hemline should fall exactly where the top of the boot stops.

And so, you can show off the shoes without creating an awkward gap.

Short to Mid-Length Skirts

Short to mid-length skirts are a great way to style women’s boots, especially when your shoes are the point of the outfit. They come in versatile designs and patterns, allowing you to change between styles and themes.

Moreover, skirts are a great way to look stylish without too much effort. You can easily go from fancy to casual based on what you wear.


Besides skirts, dresses work great with almost all women’s shoes. In fact, you use them to make dresses appear more formal or casual.

For example, you can wear a lace dress with leather boots to make it feel more elegant. On the other hand, you can dress it down if you pair it with sneakers.

You also want to make sure that your boots are perfect for the dress you are wearing. Check out Tracies Boots and Buckles for more options.

Stacked With Socks

One of the best things about ladies’ footwear is they look great when paired with the right socks. It could go anywhere from ankle to knee-length, so you can decide how much cover you want.

A popular way to style them with leather ankle boots is by scrunching them at the top of the shoe. It creates a laidback look and adds more detail to your entire outfit.

Leggings or Skinny-Fit Jeans

Pairing leather ankle boots with leggings or skinny-fit jeans is a stylish way to wear each piece. Unlike other pants, you can easily fit them into the shoe if it goes past your ankles.

So, you can pull off a seamless transition from your pants to your shoes. Although it’s a subtle change, it gives your outfit more personality.

Smart Casual Wear

Leather boots can be casual or formal, depending on what you wear it with. Due to its material and dressy appearance, it usually makes an excellent fit for smart-casual styles.

At the same time, you can use it to balance or dress down an outfit. With this style, you can change the pants or throw on a graphic tee to switch it up.

The Perfect Pieces for Leather Ankle Boots to Elevate Your Style

Leather ankle boots are a challenging pair but a fun one to work with. You can make unique combinations with them when you know what fits them best.

A few suggestions include considering the length, outfit theme, style contrast, and others. Check out our blog for more of these tips.



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