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What materials do I need to make sublimation tumblers?



What materials do I need to make sublimation tumblers?

Sublimation tumblers are a great way to show off your team logo and other branding. They’re also useful for keeping drinks cold and hot, but they can break if you drop them too much or use them in the wrong way. That’s why I made this guide: so that you don’t have to worry about breaking your sublimation tumbler again!

20oz sublimation tumbler

The 20oz sublimation tumbler is the most common size and will give you plenty of space to work with. It’s also great for making cups, mugs, glasses and other items that require a small amount of liquid or liquid-based ink. If you’re looking for something even smaller than this one, though (like maybe an 8 oz), there are some options available online as well!

If your goal is simply creating cups or mugs out of paper instead of plastic or metal—or if your project requires a light touch—then the 20oz size might be right up your alley. But if those aren’t things that interest you at all then maybe it would be best just to go straight into making larger pieces like plaques or coasters instead?

Tack cloth or lint-free clean towel

Tack cloth is a soft, absorbent material that can be used to gently remove ink from paper. It’s also great for removing dust from other materials and smooths out sharp edges. A lint-free clean towel is similar to tack cloth in that it has a soft texture but is more absorbent and does not leave any lint behind after use.

Both of these items are readily available at most craft stores or online retailers such as Amazon or Walmart (or even your local grocery store!).

Sublimation paper

Sublimation paper is a special kind of paper that can be used to print on tumblers. It’s available in different colors and sizes, so you’ll have to choose one that fits the design you’re creating. Sublimation paper is more expensive than regular paper, but it’s also more durable and has better printing qualities than regular printer inkjet papers.

Oil-based sharpie pen

The sharpie pen is oil-based, permanent and water-resistant. It’s a great choice for making tumblers because it’s easy to use and will not stain your glassware.

The sharpie is also non-toxic, which makes it safe for kids or pets to play with!

Heat tape or painters tape

Heat tape is a better option. It’s more durable and can be used for longer. Painters tape is only good for short-term purposes, so if you’re looking to make sublimation tumblers that will last a while, it might not be the best choice.

You can make your own sublimation tumbler with a few simple tools.

Sublimation tumblers are used to make custom tumblers, but they can also be used for other applications. They are made from a plastic tumbler, sublimation paper and a heat source. The plastic tumbler is the most important part of your sublimation process because it holds all of your ingredients together while they dry.


Now that you know the materials needed to make sublimation tumblers, you can start on your own. The process is simple and takes just a few minutes. You can purchase them from Amazon, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We’re happy to help!



Upgrades for Automobiles that are Worth Your Money



Upgrades for Automobiles that are Worth Your Money

The best thing about vehicles is that you can always alter their appearance and functionality, regardless of how they are when you get them. You may modify and customize any automobile to become one of your dreams with the appropriate accessories and upgrades.

The abundance of available upgrades and accessories is the root of the issue. Choosing which kind of components to buy can be difficult because there are hundreds or even thousands of alternatives, especially for individuals who aren’t as knowledgeable about cars.

Here’s a brief list of investments that offer the best return on your money to assist you to be sure that the automobile accessories and improvements you buy aren’t a waste of your hard-earned money:

List of Worthy Car Upgrades

·       Steel Brake Lines and Ceramic Brake Pads

To keep you and your passengers safe, you must constantly make sure that your car’s braking system is in working order. The finest items to purchase, if you don’t have the money to upgrade all the parts, are steel brake lines and ceramic brake pads.

The “bite” of ceramic brake pads is stronger, increasing stopping power. Additionally, they create less dust, which can help the rotors and wheels last longer. They are also quieter, which may enhance your comfort while driving.

Additionally, you want to switch out your rubber brake lines for stainless steel ones. They will enhance both the “feel” and the reaction of the braking system.

·       Tires

Spend money on tires if you’re going to overspend on new auto parts. They can boost your car’s performance in practically every area, but especially in acceleration and braking. A quality pair of tires may also make your journey more comfortable while also ensuring your safety on the road by giving you plenty of grips.

Consider purchasing a pair of summer and winter tires if you want to go all out. These are built using rubber compounds that are developed to provide the best performance even in very hot environments. All-season tires are your next best option if you don’t have the money.

·       Springs and Shocks

If your automobile is equipped with effective shock absorbers, you won’t bounce and hop over road imperfections. As a result, driving will be a lot smoother and more comfortable for you.

Controlling the springs’ up-and-down motion is another function of shock absorbers. You’ll notice that your automobile feels significantly more stable as a consequence when navigating rocky roads.

·       Spark Plugs

Spark plugs create tiny electrical arcs that ignite your car’s fuel and air combination. A brief energy surge is then produced, starting your engine. In other words, your automobile won’t start at all without a spark plug (or with a faulty one). For this reason, buying double-platinum or iridium spark plugs for your automobile is a smart move.

Improved combustion, a greater power output, and better fuel efficiency are all possible with long-lasting, high-quality spark plugs.

·       Spoilers

A performance vehicle may appear like it’s just left the racetrack, and the perfect spoiler can transform an average sedan into one. A spoiler is a simple alteration to make, and many of them may even be installed without using any tools.

There are several varieties of spoilers for vehicles, with some being designed for utility, while others are intended to enhance the design of the car.

Spoilers were invented to interrupt or “spoil” the airflow above the automobile to boost the car’s road-holding ability or performance. Modern spoilers have evolved into a design feature to increase the aesthetics and attractiveness of the vehicle. Spoilers can be positioned in numerous spots on the car’s exterior.


Ultimately, the upgrades and accessories you choose for your automobile, may it be a tire or a spoiler car, will be based on your driving patterns and tastes. Of course, the cost is important as well. Because of this, if you just have a little amount of budget flexibility, think about the upgrades listed above. They represent some of the most economical investments you’ll ever make for your vehicle.

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