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What Makes A Good Fastener?



What Makes A Good Fastener?

Today, fasteners play a pivotal role in our lives, from keeping our phones’ boards and casing in place to holding vehicular parts together. The latter usage is vital because it is a matter of life and death. Hence, the need for quality fasteners and components that are safe, and that is what we do at Agrati. Here are some vital information on fasteners.

Types Of Fasteners 


Screws are the most common type of fasteners. To many in the non-engineering field, all fasteners are screws. But in reality, screws are just a type of fastener that is self-threaded and can be used alone to hold components together. On many occasions, a drilling machine is used to bore the pilot hole before inserting the screw. The most common types of screws are wood screws, Drywall screws, Masonry screws, MDF screws, Sheet metal screws, Machine screws, and Deck screws.


Nails are one of the oldest fasteners in human history because they have been used for ages. The primary difference between nails and screws is the absence of thread in nails. Based on the application area, this is an added advantage for nails because pilot holes are not needed as they can be easily driven with a hammer. 

The presence of thread in screws, on the other hand, places screws ahead of nails because thread increases strength and facilitates penetration. Commonly used nails include; Common nails, Box nails, Brad nails Finishing nails Drywall nails Flooring nails Framing nails Roofing nails.

Bolts, Nuts, and Washers

Unlike nails and screws, bolts and Nuts work in unison to fix components together. In contrast, washers prevent them from loosening due to vibration. Bolts and nuts are an improvement in the development of screws and nails. Usually, they are used for parts that requires maximum strength, especially in heavy-duty engines like tractors. The commonly used types of bolts include:

  • Carriage bolt
  • Flange bolt
  • Plow bolts
  • Hex-head bolts
  • Square-head bolts
  • Allen bolts  

When it comes to nuts, they include the following:

  • Coupling nuts
  • Flange nuts 
  • Hex nuts Lock nuts 
  • Slotted nuts  
  • Square nuts 
  • Wheel nuts

Meanwhile, common washers include: 

  • Beveled washers 
  • Flat washers 
  • Lock washers  
  • Structural washers

 Other commonly used fasteners include anchors and rivets.

Properties Of A Good Fastener

A quality fastener possesses the following characteristics:

  1. High-quality finishing and coating 
  2. It has the correct shape with no structural defects 
  3. It has the imprint of the manufacturers for easier brand identification 
  4. It has a longer lifespan 

How To Choose The Best Fasteners 

Before you choose a fastener, ask yourself;

  • Where do you want to use the fasters?  (Vibration resistance, easy installation and removal, thermal resistance, etc.)
  • What are the mechanical properties of the fasteners? (Toughness, high impact strength, Good chemical resistance, etc.)

Get Quality Fasteners From Experts

Agrati produces fasteners for the automotive industry and various other sectors. We can also manufacture fasteners based on your drawing. Visit our website to learn more and access our catalogue.