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What laptop battery to buy?



What laptop battery to buy?

When your Cheap laptop’s battery starts to get damaged, the most obvious symptom it presents is its rapid discharge, forcing you to depend on the outlet. Imagine that you are in an airport, a cafe, the waiting room of a clinic, or any other public place where you need to work with your computer and your computer is suffering from this disease. Obviously, there will be a time of discomfort with this ordeal. 

The batteries have their useful life with the optimal operation, which can be 2, 3, or 4 years, depending on the use of the equipment. Although there are various techniques to improve the performance of a defective battery, a damaged battery is a damaged battery. Touch buy another. 

If a battery is damaged, can it be repaired? 

Probably on the web, you will get an occasional tutorial on how to repair your damaged battery. But that’s like trying to repair a splintered screen. With all responsibility, we say DON’T DO IT. At the end of the day, it is not worth investing money or effort to try to repair a component that is so frequently used and that at the end of the day it does not have such a high cost. Better make your effort, and replace your battery. 

What should you know about your computer’s battery? 

If you go to a store to buy the battery from your laptop, chances are that the seller will not give you more details, but will offer a model depending on your computer. But it turns out that there are 2 fundamental specifications that will be useful to know. They are: 

A number of cells: greater or lesser duration. 

This is the most important parameter of a battery and will determine how long it will keep your computer running. Cells are internal elements, cylindrical in shape (similar to a battery) and that process energy. They are lithium, and the standard amount is usually 6. However, you could get an 8 or 9 cell battery compatible with your equipment, and that will give you a longer life. You should take into account that the more cells your battery has, the greater the weight. But surely if you give a lot of use to your computer in places where there are no outlets available, you will not pay more attention to this particular. 

Battery capacity per time interval. 

The unit of electric charge defined for batteries is mAh (milliamps per hour). This value is closely related to the previous one (number of cells), and the higher it is, the greater the endurance of its battery. The most common values ​​are 4400 mAh, 5200 mAh, 5600 mAh, 5800 mAh, and 7800 mAh. Laptops are not exclusive, but you should first check the physical compatibility with your computer before purchasing it. 

After buying, how to extend its shelf life? 

Probably with the original battery you incurred practices that shortened their lifespan. But since these devices are not free, it should be given the best possible use to avoid these calamities with their new acquisition, and thus get the most out of it. 

These are some of the aspects that you must take into account to achieve it: 

– Ensure an adequate charging and discharging regime, that is, do not provide power to your battery so repetitively, but rather, try to wait for its almost total discharge to the plugin. This significantly extends its useful life. 

– Avoid exposure to high temperatures. Leaving your computer in a vehicle exposed to the sun, or near the kitchen oven is definitely harmful to your battery. 

– Avoid charging your battery for a very long time. When you have charged your battery, unplug it. Although many batteries have a power cut-off system, the healthiest thing is to avoid excessive supply. 

– Avoid turning it off and on frequently. This can be achieved if you make good use of the state of suspension (hibernation) of your equipment when you know that it will resume its use in a short period of time. 

You already know it. Do not skimp on expenses if your battery has been damaged. Do not try to repair it, and avoid the discomfort that will eventually harm you. Nothing better than having a battery in perfect condition, and giving proper use to your computer at all times and in all places, without restrictions of any kind. And feel again the relief of having a fully functional team! 


Device cell phone signal blocker will damage the phone?



Device cell phone signal blocker will damage the phone?

The electromagnetic signal strength emitted by the cell phone signal blocker is very weak, and the test data shows that this signal strength is still very far from being harmful to the human body. At the same time, the cell phone signal shield only shields the cell phone signal, so that the phone can not communicate with the base station, and therefore will not form any damage to the phone itself.

Cell phone jammers transmit interference signals with the opposite frequency of cell phone admission. It will only disturb the connection between the cell phone and the base station, so that the cell phone is in the form of no signal search, although it will not form damage to the phone! After the cell phone signal blocker is turned on, the cell phone can not communicate with the outside world electromagnetic waves. So the phone lost the signal, constantly in search of a signal, power consumption will increase.

Portable cell phone jammer

Cell phone signal jammer task principle: cell phones and base stations through the radio wave connection, cell phone signal jammer in the work process from the low end of the channel frequency to the high-end frequency work

Scanning and scanning speed will form a garbled code in the audio signal received by the phone, the phone can not detect the normal data sent by the base station, resulting in the phone can not establish a connection with the base station. The cell phone behaves as a search network, with no signal, no service system, and other scenes.

After closing the jammer, the cell phone will return to normal after a period of time. The cell phone signal blocker opens, the phone must be turned off!

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When should you Replace your Philips Shaver Head?



When should you Replace your Philips Shaver Head?

While most men look forward to their next shaving day, some men want to avoid this practice. Many reasons can be working behind this tendency of avoiding shaving such as skin irritation, getting hurt, or shortage of time. The use of electric shavers can help one address all these issues. These shavers offer a wide range of benefits that a traditional wet shave can never offer. Some of their key benefits include:

Save time

Initially, electric shavers were invented with the aim of saving time. In this modern age, every morning starts with the tension of dealing with a hectic schedule. Therefore, shaving may seem a time-consuming task for many people. An electric shaver makes shaving faster and saves time.

Protect skin

It is not rough like the traditional wet shaver. Therefore, it protects the skin from getting hurt and preserves its smoothness.

Maintain stubble sweet spot

Every man has a favourite spot between barefaced and bearded. Electric shavers have electric clippers that enable you to gain control over the area of your stubble.

Available in a wide variety

Electric shavers are available in a wide variety. You can choose one as per your requirements.

These days, Philips shavers have gained immense popularity among men. It makes shaving a hassle-free experience. But many users want to learn when they should change their Philips shaver heads. If you are also using a Philips shaver and thinking about when you should change the blade on your electric shaver, you should consider the built-in replacement indicator.

When should you change the heads of your electric shavers?

Advanced Philips devices have a blade-wear indicator. When you use the shaver, you can see a green bar appearing on the blades. When the bar will be clearly visible, you should understand that this is asking you to replace your blade to retain the top performance of your shaver. This green bar is used as an indication but you may replace the blades later or earlier depending on your experiences. If you are satisfied with the current state and believe that it can stay a few more days, keep it. If you think no more you can use it, just replace it with a new one.

In this context, it is important to state that you should always employ original Philips replacement blades. Many products are not the same as the originals in terms of performance.

What is the lifespan of a Philips Shaver Head or Blade?

The lifespan or longevity of a blade depends on how you are using it. Like the manual blades, this blade will also get dull and blunt gradually and it may result in poor shaving performance. When a shaver fails to perform well, you may witness increased hair pulling sensation at the time of shaving and trimming.

Bottom Line

Some accessories are used to avoid the need of replacing the indicator. These accessories are combs, guards, etc. You can use these accessories, but if you want to get optimal performance, it is better to replace the head or blader with a new one of the same brand. For best performance, you can replace the heads once every four to five months.

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How Mobile Learning can be Beneficial for Training Corporate Employees



How Mobile Learning can be Beneficial for Training Corporate Employees

The use of mobile phones is increasing day by day and the time spent on the phone by the user is also increasing every single day.

Mobile learning has become the primary source of delivering training in many scenarios. As the companies are expanding their businesses, they parallelly want to enhance their employee’s performance, thus use of mobile phones for training has risen along with employee training software, like LMS. On mobile phones, you can use multimedia content for training and keep the employee engagement last long by improving accessibility.

Training and development departments in organizations of all industries have started embracing mobile learning as they have understood the importance of this fast-growing trend for training their employees. Mobile learning has given multiple opportunities to companies to keep the employees engaged in innovative and outstanding ways.

By providing training on mobiles, the companies have seen an increase in their productivity along with improvement in creativity and faithfulness. If you are someone who still has not taken your training on Mobile phones, this article will help you understand the benefits of training your employees on mobile phones.

1)  Increase in Course Completion Rate

One of the most important benefits of training on mobile is that you can train anywhere you wish and at any time. This type of learning gives flexibility to the employees and removes the need for setting up an exact time and place for training and learning. The employees get an advantage to access the course material on their devices. Mobile learning has improved the retention of knowledge and has increased the course completion rate.

2)  Best suitable for today’s Digital Age Learners

Earlier, everyone thought that mobile learning is great for the younger generation, but nowadays, everyone is in tune with digital gadgets and mobile learning is no more a thing just for millennials. Employees want to be on top of everything and always want to stay connected and so does the employer; they also want their employees of all age groups to be hands-on with the training and update that take place in the organization. Even for the younger generation, learning on the mobile phone is more enticing than the conventional form of learning.

3)  Use of Mobile Learning Apps

The use of mobile learning applications is also one of the effective methods of training your workforce. The learning applications let the learners learn at their pace and also motivate them to carry on work and learn altogether and that can also be done outside the training module. The application development gives the advantage to create any sort of training application you think will work the best for your workforce and will also remove the boredom part of the training. You even have an option to update the application whenever you want, thus, making the training flexible. You can make the application user-friendly and in case a learner hesitates at any time, you have an option to create a separate help section to help in the application.

4)  Collaborative Learning

Mobile learning also provides a collaborative learning experience. Many features help in creating a collaborative environment, such as – instant messaging feature, note sharing option, and online discussion forums, with the help of these features the learners can connect and learn in a two-way learning situation. Collaborative learning gives a human touch to the digital training as the learners get a feel that they are sitting together and taking the training. Especially, in today’s time, it is important to provide a human touch to establish a connection between the employees.

5)  Personalized Learning

The best part of mobile learning is that it is easily adaptable to the requirements of the learners. The course content can be amended fast and made personalized as per each learner. The learners can use their mobile devices to access their personalized course materials, modules, tests, etc, which have been created according to the learner’s progress with the course. This type of learning will help the learners to catch up with the course quickly and become equally trained as the other learners.

Mobile learning is now being used across the world. Mobile learning makes training and development natural and effortless for the employees. Since the training content is readily available in the learner’s pockets, there is no need to schedule the material individually. Empowering your employees with developmental skills will lead to higher motivation and increased production.

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