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What Kind of Tops Should I Wear With a Wireless Bra?



What Kind of Tops Should I Wear With a Wireless Bra?

Do you avoid buying new bras because you don’t know how to match your support system to your outfits? You’re not the only one struggling with how to pair a bra and a top. Maybe you’ve always had one specific image in your mind when you think about your bra, but now you’re ready to explore new options. Underwire bras are definitely not all you have to look forward to. Once you find the best wireless bra for your unique size and shape, you can start thinking about how to wear it confidently. Read on to find out the answer to what kind of tops you should wear with a wireless bra.

Loose T-Shirts

Wireless bras are designed to be ultra comfortable while still offering necessary support, which is why it makes sense to wear one with a loose t-shirt. If you’re a t-shirt kind of person, your wireless bra will probably make an appearance every day. You can choose a bra that has more or less structure, depending on your preference. All of them feel and look great under t-shirts.

Flowy Blouses

Maybe you only own one or two loose t-shirts alongside a closet full of flowy blouses. In that case, don’t be afraid to pair a wireless bra with these tops. Blouses are an easy go-to on work days, but you don’t have to settle for an uncomfortable bra that will make you sore by the end of the day. Even if you have larger breasts, you can find a style of wireless bra that works for you and helps you feel more comfortable at work. On the other hand, you can opt for an unlined minimizer bra to achieve a lower profile in your favorite blouses.

Thick-Band Tank Tops

During warm-weather days, you can always pair your favorite wireless bra with a thick-banded tank top. This is a great combination for lounging around your house, going to a drag brunch, reading a book, or spending time at the beach. Wireless bras afford a huge amount of comfort while also giving you a sleek and seamless profile. Choose a triangle wireless bra for an even cuter fit.

Comfy Sweaters

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you can bring out your wireless bra in colder weather and wear it under your favorite comfy sweaters. From your big knits to your old college hoodies, a wireless bra is going to keep you feeling at ease while you’re busy staying cozy and warm. Whether you want the support of a form-fitted wireless bra or you’re a fan of all things bandeau, wireless is the way to go on those chilly autumn and winter days.

If you couldn’t tell from these examples, you can wear your wireless bra with all of your favorite tops. You never need to sacrifice comfort to look great. The same thing applies to strapless bras, even if you have larger breasts. Discover how to choose strapless bra for big bust and unlock the next level of comfort today.