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What is a right career for me?



What Career is Right For Me

What if there isn’t a right career for you? Do you know the who the unhappiest people in the world are? They are the ones who chase dreams. Those who chase dreams never get what they want because they seek an illusion, and what is worse, by seeking their dream, they close themselves off to all the other opportunities that life offers.

What If There Is No Right Career For You?

Did you ever see the movie “Interview with the Vampire.” The vampire asks, “What if there is no hell, or we are not welcome there.” A similar sentiment may be uttered by a person who cannot find their calling in life. What’s worse is that as one goes through life, one tries different things and discovers it is not the right career. They then have to start somewhere else from square one, which can be disheartening at best, and depressing at worst.

There Is A Silver Lining

The idea that there is no career for you is a tough pill to swallow, but you have to remember that life is what you make it. Happiness is only relative to how sad you are and how sad you could be. The people who constantly seek happiness are childish. Even people with the world’s best job are still going to have bad days, they are still going to experience times when they do not want to go into work. This is life, and life is what you make it.

Life Is What You Make Of It

If you want a career, you are probably going to have to do a lot of work that is tough, or that is boring, or that doesn’t stimulate you, or where you do not feel you are making an impact. Yet, a thinking person can make the most of this situation. Some people look forward to going to work, not because of the job itself, but because of the status it gives them. Others enjoy going to work because they work with some great people who are better friends than their outside-work friends. Some people go to work with the attitude that they are needed, and they act accordingly, which more-than-often creates a situation where they are needed and where their absence leaves a hole.

How Does One Pick A Career? – Advice from Resumeble

Let’s say that you have the right attitude, and you are working your way to success; what makes a job and what makes a career. A job is something you do for the money, but a career is something you do for the future. The goal of a job is to do the tasks required to earn money. The goal of a career is to alter your future. If you have this in mind, then picking a career means choosing a path that fits with your future goals. It means having goals and figuring out which path to take in order to achieve those goals

Some People Have More Than One Career

You should note that some people have more than one career. Some people dedicate decades to one career, and when they feel that career is done or plateaued, they move on to a different career. Sometimes it is a completely difficult career where they have to start from the very bottom again. This is something you should keep in mind when you are picking your career.

Conclusion – Jobs And Times Will Change

Even if you stay in the same job from high school all the way to retirement, the job itself will change, and so may your position, and so will the way the job works. Even if you do not switch jobs, you cannot have tunnel vision, you need to see your career as something that is going to alter, adjust, change and evolve over time. Don’t forget that you are included in that process too, you will change over the years and so will the career