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An intercom , often known as a talkback or door phone, is a portable voice communication system designed for usage within a single building or a small campus. It is an electrical device with the capability of sending and receiving audio and/or video signals, making it a two-way communication device.It is a two-way electronic communication device with circuitry for sending and receiving sound and/or images.

outdated stereotype of an intercom system as a doorbell-style panel with only one line has been dispelled long ago. Intercom systems are quickly replacing older methods of voice communication with video in a variety of business and institutional settings.

There are numerous types of intercoms. When compared to others, some are ridiculously simple to operate. Intercom systems can be either audio-only or video-only, or they can be integratable or multi-tenant.

There is a wide selection of intercoms to choose from. While some of the patterns are straightforward, others are more complex. To put aside the aesthetic differences, there are intercoms that serve specialised purposes.

Below are some of the available intercom systems:

 Wireless intercoms

Intercom systems that don’t require running cables are known as wireless intercoms. The range of two-way wireless communication equipment is extensive, spanning from portable radios to outdoor wireless callboxes to more conventional desktop units. There is a wide variety of possible transmission distances for such devices, depending on the specific wireless technology employed.

When you need some more privacy or want to avoid interference from nearby systems, a wired intercom system may be the way to go. These setups are compatible with a wide variety of wire types, including 2-wire shielded and Cat-5/6. A hardwired video system might be the most practical option if you’re looking into getting one.

Video Intercoms

Video intercoms consist of an external unit—with a camera, speaker, and push button—that is installed on an entry door and a remote, in-house monitor unit that can connect with the external unit. Multiple visual displays may be available within some systems. Video transmission using radio waves is challenging because of interference, hence most currently available systems require wiring.

Apartment Intercom Systems

Apartment intercom systems typically consist of a door unit at the building’s main entrance and one or more units in each apartment or flat that can communicate with the door unit and, in some cases, see who’s at the door. Alternatively, the door unit can ring a landline or cellular phone number. A guest can simply click the button corresponding to the desired apartment, have a conversation with the resident, and then unlock the door with a single button press.

Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios are not strictly intercoms, although they can connect with base station intercoms.  Thus, you may combine the adaptability of a mobile radio that can communicate over great distances with the functionality that a permanent intercom offers.

Intercom systems for safety and security

A security intercom system is a voice communication system used to link two or more sites for the purpose of maintaining order and safety. Commonly, a security intercom system will be installed between a locked front door and a constantly staffed area of the facility.

The basic components of a security intercom system are the “Master Station” and the “Sub-Station.” The Master Station will usually be set up at the location inside the building where incoming signals are expected to be received. In most cases, the Sub-Station will be set up wherever the originating communication will take place.