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What Are the Common Military Challenge Coin Rules?



What Are the Common Military Challenge Coin Rules?

Are you a veteran or planning on becoming one? If so, you know that the military is a strict set of guidelines that must be followed to a tee.

One of the most prevalent traditions within the military is that of the challenge coin. Learning the military challenge coin rules goes hand-in-hand with learning the general military guidelines.

How do you even get your hands on one? That’s where we come in.

Keep on reading for our in-depth look at how to use and make challenge coins!


These types of challenge coins serve as a symbol of honor, pride, and unity among soldiers. There are several common rules associated with challenge coins that are followed during initiation.

If you are unable to produce your coin, you must buy a round of drinks for the group. It is considered disrespectful to damage or modify a challenge coin, and they should be exchanged with a firm handshake and a heartfelt “chink” of the coins.

Carry Rule

It is one of the common military challenge coin check rules that are followed during initiation ceremonies. This rule states that every member of the military must carry their challenge coin at all times.

This means the coin must be physically on them, either in their pocket or on a chain around their neck. These custom challenge coins are to be carried at all times, as they may be challenged by a fellow comrade at any moment.

The Challenge

One common rule is the challenge itself – when a coin is presented, the recipient must present their own coin or buy a round of drinks. Another tradition is the carrying of the coin at all times, which requires a swift response to a challenge.

It must not be defaced in any way and must be used appropriately to maintain the respect and honor they represent. These rules are taken seriously in joining the military, and breaking them can result in consequences.

Proper Display

They are often given as a symbol of recognition for a job well done. The most commonly followed rule is the “coin check,” where a member may request to see the coins of those around them.

This should be kept safe and never left lying around or tossed carelessly. They should also never be defaced or altered in any way. When displaying coins, they should be placed in a prominent location, not hidden or obscured. It is a sign of respect to not touch someone else’s cash without their permission.

Collecting and Trading

There are certain that are followed by both collectors and traders alike. It is considered disrespectful and against tradition to refuse the challenge if someone presents their coin. Only military members are allowed to challenge themselves, and they must have their coins on them at all times.

Coins are typically traded in a deliberate and respectful manner, with the recipient accepting it with their right hand and fully examining it before accepting it into their collection.

Learn More About Military Challenge Coin Rules Today

Understanding the common military challenge coin rules is essential for all service members to participate in this esteemed tradition.

These rules of etiquette add meaning to the coins and showcase the camaraderie and pride within the military community. So don’t forget to carry your challenge coins with honor and respect. Keep the tradition alive!

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