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What Are the Best Essential Oils for Candle Making?



What Are the Best Essential Oils for Candle Making?

Essential Oils for Candle

Are you looking to make some cute and trendy candles but aren’t sure which scented oils to use?

Picking the right essential oils for candle making is the key to creating an amazing candle. Not only will it light up the room with a cozy warmth, but the scent could bring you a sense of calm, more energy, or even better sleep.

To help you find your perfect essential oil match, we’ve put together a list of the top oils below. Keep reading to learn more about how they’ll turn your candle into something luxurious!


Of all the essential oil fragrances, none are quite as popular as lavender, and for good reason. It’s a versatile oil that suits a lot of different moods.

Lavender has a soft floral fragrance that doesn’t intrude or get in the way when you’re going about your life. It’s noticeable without being distracting.

It creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere, which is why many soaps and lotions use lavender as their base. This makes it a great way to wind down after a hard day at work, aiding you in getting a better night’s sleep.

Whenever you’re looking to create the perfect nighttime candle, you can never go wrong with lavender.

If you find that lavender oil changes your life, think about looking through a page with extra large diffusers for your HVAC system. This way, you’ll have the scent throughout the house even when you don’t want to burn a candle.


Another good nighttime essential oil is vanilla. It has a cozy and sweet smell that creates an atmosphere that’s both calming and luxurious. It almost feels as though you’ve stepped into a wonderful bakery that’s filled with delicious treats.

It’s also a long-lasting scent that can have a lot of power behind it. You won’t have to burn a vanilla candle for too long before your home fills with its fragrance. This is great news if you want a candle that you can use for many sessions without replacing it.

It’s also an essence that’s loved by a wide majority of people due to its associations with food. This is why vanilla candles are such great gifts to give to your loved ones.

The only problem with vanilla fragrance is the fact that it might make you crave your favorite dessert!


Lemon is a divisive scent since it’s used so much in cleaning products. Many people have trouble associating it with anything other than a day full of detergent and harsh soaps.

If you’re able to overcome that hurdle, lemon is a stimulating scent that’ll help lower stress levels and keep you focused.

Since it’s so energizing, it’s a great candle to use after you’ve woken up. You’ll find it a little easier to get going with your day with lemon to help you along the way.


Do you want to make a candle that’s both cozy, spicy, and invigorating? Cinnamon oil does all of these things and more.

The spicy and earthy scent of cinnamon brings a new kind of energy into your home. It can help you feel more focused and less stressed. It is said to even aid in the relief of headaches and sinus issues.

It has a strong scent, however, so steer clear if you want something softer. Cinnamon pairs well with many other oils, but you’ll need to use it sparingly so that it doesn’t take over some of the gentler oils.


Of all the woody essential oils, cedarwood is the one that is great for beginners. Cedarwood is a happy medium between the striking scent of pine and the musky scent of patchouli. It has a lower level of smokiness which makes it ideal for regular candle use.

Its fragrance isn’t as overpowering as other woods, while still giving you plenty of enjoyment.

Cedarwood brings the outdoors into your home without all of the pesky pests. In fact, cedarwood is a natural bug-repellant. This makes it the optimal choice during those humid summer months.

You’ll turn your home into a natural paradise with the help of a cedarwood candle!


Peppermint isn’t as popular as some of the other fragrances on this list, but it is one of the best essential oils for creating an energized home. Whenever you feel down, burning a peppermint candle could put an extra pep in your step.

It’s also the perfect match to fight against colds. Peppermint eases stuffed sinuses, minor coughs, and sore throats.

Some people find it to be an intrusive fragrance. A useful trick is to use less oil in your candle than normal. This should create a good balance so that you get the effect without it being overpowering.

Test out different strengths to figure out which suits you best.

Unique Mixes

If there are several different fragrance oils you want the effect of in your candle, nothing is stopping you from combining your favorites.

A mix of vanilla and cinnamon is a classic choice in baking, so it would make for a delicious-smelling candle. If you want to add even more energy to your day, peppermint and cinnamon could work wonders together.

Create a mix of as many different fragrances as you like. As long as you keep the right ratio between wax and fragrance, the number of essential oils you use doesn’t matter.

You could use all the oils on this list in a single candle if you wanted. You have the ultimate freedom so don’t be afraid to experiment. You might come up with a candle that makes big waves in the candle-making world!

Quality Matters When Choosing Essential Oils for Candle Making

No matter which of these scents you choose, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is that quality makes all the difference. Lower-quality essential oils for candle making often come with fillers that can ruin the desired effect.

Instead, make sure you buy essential oils that are labeled as being 100% pure. It’s better to splurge a little than to feel disappointed with your final candle project!

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