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What Are the Best Cities to Visit in Australia?



What Are the Best Cities to Visit in Australia?

Almost 1.3 million people visited Australia in May of 2023 alone. It’s a country so big; it’s basically a continent – no wonder it’s such a popular tourism destination!

Because it’s so big, you might have trouble narrowing down your list of cities to visit. Luckily, we can help.

Let’s go through the best cities to visit in Australia.


Sydney is famous for its iconic landmarks like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, along with as beautiful beaches like Bondi and Manly. Sydney also offers a vibrant arts and cultural scene, great dining options, and plenty of outdoor activities.

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As the sun sets, Sydney’s nightlife comes alive. From trendy bars and rooftop lounges to live music venues and nightclubs, the city offers a diverse range of nighttime entertainment options. The lively atmosphere of areas like Kings Cross, Darling Harbor, and Oxford Street guarantees a memorable night out.


Known for its artsy and hipster vibe, Melbourne offers a mix of modern and historic architecture, excellent coffee culture, street art, and a variety of shopping and dining experiences. Don’t miss exploring its laneways and gardens.

Food lovers will find themselves in paradise in Melbourne. The city is a culinary melting pot, offering many cuisines influenced by its multicultural population. That’s part of why it’s so high up in any Australia travel guide.

Don’t miss exploring the various food markets, like Queen Victoria Market, where you can savor fresh produce, local delicacies, and international flavors.


Adelaide is another on the list of the best destinations in Australia. The city is renowned for its wine regions. It’s surrounded by places like the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, making it a paradise for food and wine lovers.

Adelaide also boasts a vibrant calendar of events throughout the year. The Adelaide Fringe Festival, WOMADelaide, and the Adelaide Festival of Arts are just a few examples of the city’s exciting cultural celebrations.

These festivals bring together artists and performers from around the world, adding to the city’s lively and creative atmosphere.


Cairns is a popular destination for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. It’s a gateway to one of the top tourist attractions in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef.

The city is a haven for thrill-seekers, offering an array of adventure activities. You can go white-water rafting in the nearby Tully River, embark on a hot air balloon ride over the Atherton Tablelands, or even try skydiving for an adrenaline-pumping experience with breathtaking views of the coast and rainforest.

Best Cities to Visit in Australia: Plan Your Trip Today

Now that you know the best cities to visit in Australia, you can start planning your trip. Start booking flights and hotels before they book up!

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