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“Wertyo” a glamorous Canadian music producer just released a new album!



"Wertyo" a glamorous Canadian music producer

Each time success is achieved, it looks like it’s overnight, at least to the outsider.  But those who climb that mountain and work in a highly competitive industry know that the opposite is true.

Well-known Canadian artist and music producer, wertyo embodies not only the unyielding spirit of contemporary music, but also the talent and patience of its victory. From his first time in the studio to his musical career, he never forgets who he is and who he wants to be.

Thanks to the mentors, they worked hard to explain him to the ropes of the industry at an early age and to materialize those values ​​that bring success in music. Starring the voice that accompanies the song released by Universal India, Wertyo moved from the background to the producer’s chair when he began to create compelling original music for commercials.

Of course, his career began at such a young age, and as he was accustomed to traveling and acting, this evolution was more organic than anything else. To get to his current location, Wertyo had to work outside his comfort zone, which meant learning all that was there to know about music production. This includes how to use computer tools such as music theory, practical applications, and logic.

Wertyo was so talented in the music production industry that he became a self-taught teacher at an early age. Using tools of the digital age, he is native to the new world of music in every way, and this spirit shines in his music. ..

It is worth noting that Wertyo’s ability to transform his talent, which has established a solid position in the music industry, into the digital space. Her song, “Dysphoria,” attracted millions of Spotify views just a few months after its release. Another theme, “rebirth,” is often cited by critics and fans as an example of Wertyo’s style and unique atmosphere.

The attention to detail and harmony with the ears make Rebirth must-see music for fans as well as others. Their music is available on YouTube, and many online digital stores have also received invitations from Universal Music Group.

With music on a huge digital platform, Wertyo has multiple contracts with labels around the world, and her latest music album has been released on YouTube. As part of Artist Creek, Universal Music Group invited a press conference at ADE to discuss collaboration and artist impact.