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Walkie Talkies vs. Smartphones: Which is the Better Communication Tool for Certain Situations?



Walkie Talkies vs. Smartphones: Which is the Better Communication Tool for Certain Situations?

Intuitive communication is essential for personal or business use. It could be for business efficiency, safety reasons, or just keeping tabs on your kids in the backyard. Whatever the purpose, keeping communication lines open is beneficial.

There are two ways to achieve instant communication: walkie-talkies or smartphones. Because of the distance, the smartphone will be an effective option to talk to your cousin overseas. On the other hand, a walkie-talkie wins if you want to communicate with someone at a shorter distance, like a mile.

Both methods are effective in different ways. Here is an explanation of which is the better communication tool for specific situations between walkie-talkies and smartphones:

Which is the Better Communication Tool for Certain Situations?

1.    Ease of Communication

It’s easy to say a walkie talkie phone is simple to operate compared to smartphones, and wrap up the discussion there. Walkie-talkie communication is accessible because you press a button and start talking, while smartphones require you to unlock the device, find the correct application, and dial a number.

A smartphone requires you to have someone’s number before you can call them. A walkie-talkie phone does not require software and technical nuance to communicate with other users. If you are on the same frequency, you simultaneously press a button and communicate with as many people as possible.

2.    Limit in Operations

To communicate with a mobile phone, you must be in an area with a cell phone mast. If you go to a place with limited or no network towers, transmitting information from one person to another will take time and effort.

Factors like network outages, remote areas, and power cuts can prevent you from using your smartphone when you need it the most. In such scenarios, a walkie-talkie phone will be a perfect alternative because it has its broadcast mast. The two-way radio does not rely on Wi-Fi networks or third-party mobile, so you can talk to your buddies regardless of the location.

3.    Cost of Both Devices

It doesn’t matter whether you are comparing entry-level models or top-range models; a walkie-talkie phone is always the cheaper option. A more affordable phone is likely to underperform and cause frustration in your communication life, while walkies provide instant and clear communication.

A half-decent mobile phone can cost around 300 US dollars, while top-range devices can rise to 1000 dollars. Maintaining these phones is expensive because you must pay phone bills, put on a cover and a screen protector, and pay for some apps.

On the other hand, a walkie-talkie phone is cheap to buy and manage because there are no additional costs after purchase.

4.    Clarity of a Walkie-Talkie Phone

If you work in a noisy environment, making a clear phone call will be challenging. The noise hinders you from hearing the other party clearly, which leads to misinformation.

A walkie-talkie phone, on the other hand, has a bigger speaker that makes it easy to hear the other person clearly and act appropriately.


A walkie-talkie phone is definitely an incredible choice if your intended purpose is only communication. If you want to browse or call people abroad, a mobile phone will be an excellent choice because it has all the required features.