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Vitaly Malkin: Oligarch from the East … pseudonym “Uncle”



Vitaly Malkin: Oligarch from the East ... pseudonym "Uncle"

Kinia had a lot of contacts, one of the many was a girl I didn’t know much about, but her
name is Gosia and she has a wealthy client from Russia who has a special love for very young
girls. At the entrance, I found out that he was a member of the Russian parliament, he was
an important person and that was enough for me. We sent girls to him, who then performed, among others in the programs of the Polish edition of the popular Top Model
program. “Uncle”, as Gosia called him, was the owner of the Avant agency. Russian oligarch
and politician with an Israeli passport in his pocket, a trusted man of the former and current
President of Russia – Vitaly Malkin. It is worth focusing on the figure of this man, who is a
symbol and stereotype of the so-called “Nowy Ruski”.

The official (because it matters in this case) Malkin’s fortune, in 2008 was valued by Forbes
Magazine at $ 1 billion. Comparing him with other famous oligarchs from the headlines, he
was not exceptional. However, Malkin is an active and very colorful background that plays a
significant role in Putin’s Russia in shaping the policy and system that has been building the
Russian mentality since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Malkin’s career began in 1990. A
young employee of cooperative introducing computer technology at a Moscow
university, having Jewish roots, had access to the first mass-produced personal computers

imported from abroad. Malkin’s first fortune, along with his colleague Bidzina Iwaniszwili,
was allocated to the “Agroprogress” cooperative, which was to “promote” computer
technologies. It is worth stopping here and seeing who is Malkin’s partner at the time – later known as Bidzina Iwaniszwili.

Georgian partner
Bidzina, Georgian billionaire and politician. The leader of the Georgian Dream coalition,
which won the parliamentary elections in October 2012. Prime Minister of Georgia from
October 25, 2012 to November 20, 2013. According to Forbes magazine, the value of his
assets in 2009 amounted to USD 3.2 billion and systematically increased over the next three
years. In March 2012, as Georgia’s richest man, he was ranked 153th on Forbes’ richest
people list with a net worth of $ 6.4 billion. His fortune was half of the annual Georgian
budget (

He suddenly appeared in Georgian politics in 2011, interestingly in the same year, he owned
a minority stake in Russian Gazprom worth 1.5 billion dollars. Ivanishvili created a new
political party from scratch and gathered around him opponents of the then-president
Mikheil Saakashvili, was criticized by the opposition, among others for violating human
rights, especially in prisons. But it was Saakashvili after the “Rose Revolution” who transformed Georgia from the most criminal state in the Caucasus into the most secure,
fighting the gigantic scale of corruption along the way.

In the media, Bidzina says that he would rather be a fruit grower than a politician. In fact, it
is successful on both levels. His party has been in power continuously since 2012, and he is
surrounded by nature wherever he can. He even built a residence for himself in the Tbilisi
Botanical Park. But this is not his only property. More beautiful and larger, because it covers
260,497 m2, it is located on the shores of the Black Sea, surrounded by subtropical greenery,
separated by a tight fence from the eye of an interesting passerby. There, Bidzina realizes
itself as a fruit grower.

The Russian-Georgian Dream, or the rise of Uncle’s power
Coming back, however, to the 1990s and the fledgling Russian, post-Soviet pseudo capitalism
and cooperation on the Malkin Iwaniszwili line. As can be seen from many Russian websites
devoted to the activities of oligarchs (in this case also:, the next business step in the path of this business duo that made their first big money in hard currency was to set up a bank called OJSC Bank Russian Credit. In 1996, it was the seventh-largest bank in Russia by assets. In 1997, the bank was transformed into a joint-stock company. Due to the Russian financial crisis in 1998, the Russian Loan became insolvent and lost most of its clients, and hence also deposits – despite this, the bank stayed on the surface. However, Malkin left the company in 2005, and Ivanishvili in 2012. In 2016, the bank’s license was withdrawn, and therefore its activity had to be suspended.

The businessman received a minority stake in a company specializing in oil and gas. In 2011, the company was sold to Rosneft, followed by the career of the Russian-Georgian duo with the
purchase of a number of newly privatized Russian mining plants. In 2002, they sold their
combined metallurgical assets for about $ 2.2 billion.
In 2012, Malkin’s official tax returns showed that he was the richest member of Russia’s
upper house of parliament (Federation House), earning $ 33.6 million in 2011 alone. He
resigned from parliament in 2013 after allegations that he illegally held dual Israeli and
Russian citizenship and significant assets. His efforts to obtain Canadian citizenship were
repeatedly rejected due to reports that the government was concerned about alleged ties to
organized crime as reported in The Times (
Cooperation with “Uncle”.
It was for him that we arranged the girls through Gosai’s agency. Gosia was one of the
people who used my and Kinia’s services. Kinia knew Gosia longer than I did, I had no specific
knowledge about her. Always according to her guidelines, I sent certain girls to the same
client, which is Vitaly. I did not know then that Gosia is like Vitaly’s agent for Poland, who has
a clearly defined task: searching for new victims of the “sexual gains” of a powerful Russian
oligarch. One of such girls was Magda, who confided to me what happened on one of such
trips :
“We went to Moscow, he hosted the girls most often there. There were always several of
them. I saw that not all of them were of legal age. He welcomed us in his very expensive
palace in a villa district near Moscow. His wife had access to the huge house, and in this case
he had a special tunnel dug to avoid meeting with his spouse. He was obsessed with our age.
I noticed that our passports were checked during our stay in order to verify our date of birth.”

Magda reported

“We often lied to Vitaly (with Gosia’s permission) about the age of the girls, as his
requirements seemed to be pedophilic. Girls often got into a row over the fact that he had
been deceived about their age. We chose girls of his type of beauty, which he always
accepted. The issue that led to the controversy was age.”
As reported by Magda.
“ During my stay, we saw Vitaly’s irritated people. Russian bunny girls said that he was
furious because he found out that one of the girls had lowered her age. One Ukrainian
woman was allegedly kidnapped and burned her passport, he expected that she was 15, not

I completely did not understand the oligarch’s motives.”

To be continued…….



Why JavaScript Should Be Your First Choice for Website Development



Why JavaScript Should Be Your First Choice for Website Development

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world and it’s the perfect choice for website development. It’s easy to learn, versatile and has a large community of developers who can help you build your project. Furthermore, JavaScript is supported by almost every major browser, so your website will look great no matter which device people are using to access it.

Why use JavaScript?

JavaScript is a popular programming language that is used in web development, animation, and gaming. It has a small learning curve and is supported by most modern browsers. JavaScript is highly versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks, making it a preferred choice for web development.

What are the benefits of using JavaScript for website development?

JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It’s powerful, flexible, and has a large community of developers who are always working on new features and improvements. Here are some of the benefits of using JavaScript for website development:

-JavaScript is easy to learn and use, so it can be a great choice for beginners who want to get into web development.

-It’s cross-platform, so it can be used to create websites that work on both desktop and mobile devices.

-JavaScript is fast, which makes it ideal for creating responsive websites that look good on all types of screens.

-JavaScript is open source, so developers can access its code and improve upon it if they want.

Why JavaScript is the best language for website development?

JavaScript website development is best because:

-It is widely used on the web

-It is a lightweight language that can be run in a browser

-It has an extensive library of built-in functions

-It is easy to learn and use

How can you use JavaScript to create more user-friendly websites?

JavaScript is a versatile programming language that can be used to create more user-friendly websites. By using JavaScript, web developers can create menus and buttons that are more easily accessible, as well as modify the appearance of website content. Additionally, JavaScript can be used to create dynamic pages that respond to user input. By taking advantage of these features, web developers can make their websites more efficient and user-friendly.

Pros of using JavaScript for website development:

JavaScript is a versatile language that can be used for website development. Here are some pros of using JavaScript for website development:

-JavaScript is lightweight and fast, making it ideal for web applications.

-It has rich functionalities, making it perfect for creating websites with rich user interfaces.

-JavaScript is widely supported by browser vendors, making it easy to develop cross-platform websites.

-It can be embedded in HTML documents, allowing you to use existing content as a basis for your website.


JavaScript is a versatile and powerful language that can be used for website development. It has a large community of developers who are able to provide support and help if needed, and its well-documented specification means that development is straightforward. Therefore, JavaScript should be your first choice for website development. If you are looking for javascript web development services then contact AnyForSoft.

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Clean Keeper Apk



Clean Keeper Apk

Ignoring maintenance and care could prove very costly. Just look at oneself to understand the importance. If proper care isn’t taken to look after personal health, then medical treatment must be sought. Furthermore, one would not be able to perform one’s daily activities being confined to bed. The same applies to items that are used in person. If the indispensable smartphone or similar item is not functioning in proper order or if a serious breakdown happens the cost of repairs would be considerable.

On top of the cost imagine the inconvenience that one would have to undergo without the services of such a personal device. Unimaginable! Isn’t it? Let’s narrow down this narration to the smartphone that we all use. Since we all agree that care with protection is a standard requirement for right maintenance take this opportunity to introduce an App that is designed and made to do this job perfectly. Clean Keeper it is which will Boost performance and clean junk from the smartphone that we depend on so much for our daily activities.

There are many junk cleaners like this on the play store and other app stores for free. NOX Cleaner app, Clean Master app, Phone Master, and CCleaner are some of them. Android cleaners like Clean Master apk have many extra features apart from cleaning and boosting. You can try them for free too.

Features of Clean Keeper Apk

Let’s briefly review its features;

Cache – Important component in the smartphone which stores information that makes the apps and web browser used to speed performance. This information referred to as cached files can become corrupt or overloaded thereby impacting the performance of the smartphone. Hence cache needs to be cleaned periodically to overcome these issues. CACHE CLEANER in the App will do this.

MEMORY OPTIMISER– Best way to realize the value and importance of memory is to take a human’s memory into account. Now imagine the loss of your memory power or even losing a major percentage of it. With such a loss one would be lost. The MEMORY OPTIMISER will automatically calculate and display the memory status making easy reference to the user. Activate the MEMORY OPTIMISER and it will free up memory without causing any harm to the users.

CPU COOLER – Will action appropriately be necessary to maintain the optimum temperature in the smartphone and deter overheating which could be harmful.

BATTERY SAVER – Retention of battery power is of paramount importance. CLEAN CLEANER by its intelligence will detect Apps that use battery

power even if they are not used. Such Apps will be disabled to ensure battery life is prolonged to the max.

PROACTIVE PROTECTION – The widget feature offers the user a centralized view panel of the most important criteria of the smartphone-like Memory Availability, Battery Power, etc. etc… to keep the user aware.

Wondering why you have still not installed this fantastic super Clean Keeper? Not to worry it’s not too late to do that. Now with the Clean Keeper App on your smartphone, you just got to do one thing. Relax take away the slightest doubt about your best pal the smartphone’s well been. Clean Keeper will be at work and taking care of the smartphone in the best manner to make certain those costly maintenance repairs are kept in isolation forever.

Download Clean Keeper apk

You can easily download and install the latest version of the Clean Keeper app from AC Market. AC Market offers all most all Android APKs for free. You can install this free Android app store on your Android phone and search for apps you want. No registration or subscription is required like on the play store. Install and start to discover new Android apps and games.

You can install Android apps and games on Windows using an Android emulator. Using the AC Market windows app allows you to easily download and try Android games and apps for free.

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Top 5 Uses Of Aerosol Cans



Top 5 Uses Of Aerosol Cans

Aerosol items have now found their way into many sectors of our lives, including food and cosmetics. They can be used for everything from pest control to medicinal therapy. Aerosol cans have the unique capacity to spray a variety of textures, including foams and mists, making them ideal for practically storing any product.
Aerosol spray is a sort of dispensing mechanism that produces a liquid aerosol mist. It’s utilized with a can or bottle under pressure and holds the product and propellant.
Aerosols come in a wide range of products, from mass-market items like cosmetics and household cleaners to specialty aerosols for industrial or medical use. We will discuss aerosol cans’ uses in this article.
The cosmetics industry accounts for more than 55% of current aerosol output. Hair Care, Personal Care, and Body Care are the three categories of cosmetic aerosols.
Aerosol cans are used in hairsprays and style sprays, hair mousses and shines, shampoos, deodorants and antiperspirants, foams and gels, gel toothpaste, cream foundation, hydrating creams, self-tanning, and skin-whitening lotions, sun protectors, and thermal waters.
Food Products
Whipped cream, cooking oil, salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, frosting, colorants, cheese spreads, chocolate, and coffee powders are just some of the foods available in Aerosol cans.
Safety Aerosols
Horn aerosols are meant to make a loud noise, including fire safety, boat safety, fog warning, evacuations, temporary alerts, and other emergency situations.
Because Aluminum aerosol cans are airtight, the product within will not leak or spill. This is especially useful if you have a little child or a pet who may be fascinated by an odd spill on the floor. They’re also tamper-evident and resistant to tampering. This is beneficial because if an aerosol can is tampered with, the product within may no longer be safe to consume.
Household Items
The household products sector accounts for roughly 21% of current aerosol can output. Household aerosols are divided into numerous types for cleaning and maintenance:
Fresheners for the Air, Cleaning supplies, Polishing goods (to protect and polish furniture, houseplants, and wooden floors), Anti-static aerosols (to neutralize and eliminate static electricity and sparks), Aerosol starches (to give ironed garments a neat appearance), Insecticides (to prevent or stop bug infestations), Herbicides (to control weeds).
For many years, medical and pharmaceutical aerosols have played an important part in the health and well-being of millions of people worldwide. These items include: Aerosol cans are used in medical applications such as pressurized metered-dose inhalers (MDIs), aerosol coolants, aerosol disinfectants, aerosol anesthetics, and aerosol bandages.
Veterinary aerosols are also available for animal health and welfare objectives, such as cleaning, preventing, and disinfecting.
Final Thoughts
There are multiple health and safety advantages to using Aluminum aerosol cans. Some aerosol items are designed solely for safety and protection, such as safety air horns, which emit extremely loud noises and are commonly used as alarms to alert large audiences of an emergency.
Aerosols are also commonly employed for self-defence purposes. Many people, for example, carry mace or pepper spray with them wherever they go to defend themselves in the event of a risky encounter.

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