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5 vital steps for dental hygiene



5 vital steps for dental hygiene

We all want the perfect pearly whites. But whether it be for the sake of vanity, or for dental health, it is important that we cater to the wellbeing of our teeth.

Unless dental health is prioritized, gum diseases will ensue. Cavities and caries will become common. In worst cases, teeth might also fall out. People will not have to wait for old age for dentures, they will need implants sooner rather than later.

However, these dreadful scenarios can be avoided if the dental hygiene principles are followed. Not only are they very easy to incorporate but rewarding as well. The only caveat is knowing what to do!

How to ensure dental hygiene

Knowing how to care for your teeth is vital for ensuring dental hygiene. Alongside getting regular checkups from your Dentist in Lahore, it is also vital to practice the following dental hygiene principles.

1 Brush Properly

Regular brushing is crucial for maintaining the health of your teeth. It helps in removing the bacteria from the teeth, that eats at the enamel and can otherwise lead to cavities in the teeth. Brushing also helps with getting rid of bad breath alongside facilitating the removal of the layer of plaque accumulated as well.

Thus, to steer clear of gum diseases and turning people away, it is imperative that you brush your teeth, twice a day. Make sure that you do not skimp on the nighttime brushing routine.

However, the way you brush is also important. Brushing is not merely a back-and-forth motion but the way you brush is just as important, if not more so. Makes sure to reach all the way to your molars. Also, brush in circular motion so that the bacteria and plaque are sloughed off.

As you brush your teeth, do not neglect your tongue. Plaque buildup on the tongue is just as possible and problematic. Moreover, unclean tongue also contributes towards bad breath as well. So, gently clean your tongue with brush.

Your choice of brush is also vital. The ones with softer bristles can reach places, as it is more flexible. The shape and size of the brush needs to be appropriate as well. Also, do not retain the toothbrush for eons. It is good to change your toothbrush after 3-4 months, even sooner if the bristles begin to fray at the edges.

2 Pay attention to the toothpaste

Choice of toothpaste pays a pivotal role for the health of your teeth. It is important that your toothpaste has sufficient fluoride content, which helps to prevent, and even reverse, caries. Fluoride also protects your teeth against decay.

So, rather than opting for toothpastes with whitening effects and your favorite flavor, go for the one with high fluoride content.

3 Floss, floss, floss

Even though most people are conscientious about brushing their teeth, flossing still gets neglected. However, both are equally important for the dental hygiene. Floss is able to get into the space between the teeth that gets neglected by the brush.

Not only then floss helps to dislodge the particles stuck in the teeth, but also is effective for stimulating blood supply to the gums. It is also beneficial for reducing plaque and lowering inflammation in the mouth.

Floss not only comes in a threadlike structure, but there are aids like Floss holders and piks, and thus is very convenient to use.

4 Diet

Just like diet is important for reducing the risk of physical ailments, it also plays a part in ensuring better oral health.

In this endeavor, make sure that you drink sufficient water. Drink it especially after meals, so that the sticky and acidic foods are washed out from the mouth. Instead of the mushy and processed food, opt for crunchy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Similarly, avoid sugary foods. The bacteria in the mouth feed onto the sugar, and thus proliferate. Moreover, sugar is also converted to acid in the mouth. It then eats away at the enamel of the teeth, leading to cavities. Likewise, caffeinated products are also not good for the teeth.

They are acidic in nature, and the end result is endangered enamel of the teeth. Compounds containing tobacco are harmful as well as they stain the teeth.

Thus, it is best to refrain from these unhealthy compounds. If you end up using these nonetheless, make sure that you brush your teeth afterwards.

5 Introducing, mouthwash

Another vital step for ensuring good dental hygiene is using mouthwash. It helps in getting rid of bacteria in the mouth. Mouthwash is also useful for preventing the buildup of plaque in the oral cavity. It also alters the pH of the mouth, reducing the effect of the harmful acid in the mouth.

Since mouthwash helps in reaching the hard-to-get places in the oral cavity, when used in tandem with brush and floss, it ensures that your teeth remain disease free and healthy.

Mouthwash with fluoride presents as the best option, since this ingredient is vital for healthy teeth. But it is best that you consult your Dentist in Karachi for the recommendation on the choice of mouthwash.

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Finding The Perfect hair salon north lakes For Your Baby Shower Look



Finding The Perfect hair salon north lakes For Your Baby Shower Look

Baby showers are joyous occasions that mark the impending arrival of a new family member, and you want to look and feel your best at this joyous celebration. Finding an experienced hair salon north lakes like BeckyB can make all the difference when selecting your look; choosing one can transform how confidently you appear for this important event. In this blog we’ll help guide you through finding a top North Lakes stylist for your baby shower celebrations.

Search For Referrals

Begin your search by gathering personal referrals of North Lakes hairdressers who have had positive experiences. Personal recommendations can be an invaluable way of quickly and reliably finding an experienced stylist.

Read Online Reviews

Reviews found online such as those provided on Google, Yelp and Facebook can provide valuable insight into local hairdressers. Pay particular attention to reviews that mention special occasion styling as these indicate their expertise in creating looks suitable for events like baby showers.

Explore Hair Salon Websites and Social Media

Explore the websites and social media profiles of North Lakes hair salons to gain an idea of their portfolios, services offered and atmosphere of each establishment. Keep an eye out for photos that fit with your vision for a baby shower theme.

Check Qualifications and Experience

It is crucial to select a professional hairstylist with experience styling for special events like baby showers. Look for stylists with appropriate certifications as well as portfolios displaying their work for clients attending such events.

Consultation and Compatibility 

Speak to potential hairdressers or salons about scheduling a consultation meeting to discuss ideas and preferences for your baby shower look. Observe whether the stylist listens attentively and offers helpful suggestions based on listening carefully to what your vision is and working together towards its achievement.

Scheduling and Availability

Make sure your chosen hairdresser or salon can accommodate the date and time of your baby shower by scheduling an appointment and making necessary arrangements.

Request a Trial Run

If you have an idea for an attractive hairstyle for the baby shower, consider scheduling a trial run beforehand to assess how it will look on you and make any necessary modifications prior to its application. This way you will know whether it suits you well enough before your event begins.

Cost and Budget

Discuss the costs associated with styling services to make sure they fit within your budget. Keep in mind that some salons offer packages including hairstyling, makeup application and other beauty treatments.

Product Knowledge and Hair Care

A skilled hairdresser should possess expert knowledge about maintaining your look with appropriate products to keep it in its prime. Speak to them about which ones they recommend using throughout your baby shower celebration to keep your look in great condition.

Ask for Referrals

When in doubt about choosing a stylist, asking the hairdresser for referrals of past clients who had similar services provided is an effective way of gathering valuable insight. Speaking with these previous customers can give invaluable information.

Trust Your Instincts

In general, when selecting a North Lakes hairdresser for your baby shower event, trust your instincts. Select someone whom you feel confident with as this will contribute to a positive experience with stunning results.


Your baby shower is a special milestone, and finding the ideal hairdresser in North Lakes will ensure you look and feel your best as you celebrate. By following these steps and conducting adequate research, you can select an experienced stylist who understands your vision to create stunning styles to compliment any look while increasing confidence. With their help on hand, your joyous celebration will radiate beauty and happiness all day long.

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