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Virginia Artist Flair Plans To Tear The Streets Up This Summer



Virginia Artist Flair Plans To Tear The Streets Up This Summer

Get Rich or Die Tryin, Ready To Die, The Blueprint– these are titles of staple bodies of work that are all defining moments in the careers of their respectable artists. These magnum opus masterpieces are household name albums that go down in history as culture grasping releases. However, with big moments such as those to compare to, seldom do we as listeners, especially in rap, appreciate the moments that led to those huge projects like we ought to. The ‘Guess Who’s Back’ or theDynasty: Roc La Familia’s get overlooked the most. It’s in these moments where we see an artist perform at a level which exudes that they have nothing to lose, that they want ‘it’ all, that the game so to speak is theirs. Well word has it that hip-hop can expect another moment like this summer of 2022, and that this moment can come from a very unlikely source.

What source may that be? Well Virginia, and specifically in Alexandria. This small town about 25 minutes south of the nation’s capital Washington D.C, serves as the home to upcoming rapper and artist, Flair. Much hasn’t been heard from Flair since his 2021 fall mixtape ‘No Love In These Streets’. The 10-track album was accepted fairly well by the DMV rap scene and generated a bit of buzz for the artist, which soon came to a halt after his Instagram was hacked in November of last year. To make matters worse the album wasn’t supported by any music videos which would naturally come off as disappointing to the eager listener. However, Flair has since been working on his next project which he says will be titled, ‘Street Pastor’. The project is slated to drop at the top of June 2022 and if it’s anything like the mixtape that preceded it rap fans are in for a treat.

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