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Very Unscientific Predictions About Background Checks in 2023



Very Unscientific Predictions About Background Checks in 2023

Let’s indulge in just a bit of prognostication about what this year holds in store for background checks.

Demand Will Grow

Background checks are getting easier and less expensive to run at the same time as candidates are, sadly, becoming more and more likely to lie on their resumes and applications. The result of these two forces combining will be an increase in the demand for background checks overall.

Social Media Checks Will Increase

Social media screens still feel a bit controversial, but we predict those feelings will ease over the coming year. The trend is definitely toward holding people accountable for what they say and do on public forums, so it makes sense that background checks will reflect this trend.

Drug Testing Delays Will Ease

Thank goodness. The pandemic shook the drug testing world, with supply chain issues bringing many labs to a standstill. Mercifully, labs will have fewer shortages and delays so employers can get the tests they need to create safe, drug-free workplaces, which is especially important in light of the next trend.

Drug Use Will Continue to Rise

Certainly, the use of recreational marijuana is on the rise. As more states make its use legal, more folks are indulging. But the risks of marijuana impairment in the workplace are no less than they’ve ever been. The legal, healthcare, and user communities have a lot of work to do on reconciling what recreational marijuana use means for employers.

But marijuana use isn’t the only issue. Drug use is up nationwide in many drug categories, making it even more essential for employers to use pre-employment drug screens to protect their businesses.

ATS Integrations Will Grow

As demand for background checks grows, so will technologies aimed at streamlining the process. ATS integrations that connect organizational HR systems with background check vendors will make it easier and more efficient than ever before to help businesses order the pre-employment screens they need.

Fair Chance Hiring Will Expand

The truth is, millions of Americans have just a bit of criminal activity in their past. And thousands have what might even be called a significant criminal history. As we learn more about and become more aware of the impact that denying employment to convicted felons has on their ability to move beyond past mistakes, we’re developing fair chance hiring laws geared towards giving more people good employment opportunities.

2023 Will Be Great

Whatever the year brings, your 2023 can be great if you work with a professional screening partner to get high-quality pre-employment background checks on all your new hires. Don’t skip the check.