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USPA Dispatches Miami Security Guard Services to Combat Election Day Intimidation



USPA Dispatches Miami Security Guard Services to Combat Election Day Intimidation

Hundreds of Miami security officers from USPA Nationwide Security have been deployed to Dade and Broward Counties in order to prevent voter harassment and cybercrime.

Protecting democracy by ensuring the safety of Miami voters (providing security guards for Miami voters)

Voter harassment is used in order to discourage voters from participating in the political process. Attempts at preventing people from voting have been made with violence, threats, and stalking of the vigilante type in some areas. Voter intimidation can be combated by reporting suspected instances as soon as they are discovered. The location and date of the incident must be included in the report. Numerous organizations operate hotlines for voter protection. An example would be the Election Protection Hotline operated by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

The amount of funds allocated for election security under HAVA is expected to increase to $75 million by 2020. The funding provided by this program has enabled many states to improve the security of their election processes. Officials must overcome a number of obstacles in order to resolve this issue. State election officials are not taking the threat seriously, and local law enforcement departments are unwilling to assist. A number of state attorneys general have also pledged to prosecute individuals who threaten elections.

Albena Biaci of USPA’s Customer Support Team states that USPA previously provided armed security guards at Miami locations. There was a feeling of threat among voters due to onlookers who followed voters, threatened violence, and streamed live from voting booths. It is unlawful to harass voters in accordance with the law. In the event that you observe someone engaging in this type of behavior, you should contact the district attorney or your local elections department.

Databases that contain voter registration information are attacked by cybercriminals

Brian Fitzgibbons, Vice President at USPA Nationwide Security, explains that the security of voter registration databases is essential to a successful election system. While no technology is completely secure, some state networks may have vulnerabilities despite the fact that there is no such thing as completely secure technology. Hackers compromised the voter databases for the 2020 election. The importance of capable cybersecurity services can be attributed to this reason.

An individual who gains access to a voter registration system can cause chaos in two ways. Due to their interference with voter data, poll workers may have difficulty checking in voters at polling stations. Hackers have the ability to use voter data not only to steal information about voters, but also to harass them.

As a backup source of information, paper copies of voter rolls are distributed to local officials in many states. Whenever an electronic database becomes unavailable or malfunctions, this procedure should be followed.

The USPA provides a brief overview of national security

In Miami and throughout the United States, USPA provides security guards in Dade County and Miami fire watch guards. An armed close protection team (bodyguards) has provided guard services throughout the Caribbean since 2005.


The Complete Guide to Choosing a Carpet Cleaner: Everything to Know



The Complete Guide to Choosing a Carpet Cleaner: Everything to Know

Did you know that the global carpet industry will be worth more than $73 billion within the next few years?

If your home or business has carpet, then it’s important to get it cleaned on a regular basis. Carpet cleaning will not only make your carpet look beautiful, but it can also improve your air quality, extend your carpet’s lifespan, and make a good impression on guests or customers.

Choosing a carpet cleaner can seem like an intimidating task, but the process can be simple. Do you need help narrowing down your options for carpet cleaners? Keep reading out guide for the most helpful steps.

Understand Their Cleaning Methods

Every carpet cleaning business has its own methods when it comes to getting the job done. Some businesses even offer several different services so they can help even more customers. Take some time to learn about these methods and carpet cleaning equipment so you can find a company that meets your needs.

It’s helpful to assess your own carpet so you can provide each business with this information and hear their personalized treatment plan. From green cleaning products to penetrating thicker rugs and beyond, you deserve to get the best service.

Compare Each Carpet Cleaner’s Cost

Comparing carpet cleaning costs is always a smart move to make because this effort could save you lots of money. This is especially true if you plan on getting your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Finding a carpet cleaning company that offers fair rates will prevent you from having to hire a bunch of new businesses each time.

Looking at a few companies’ prices will help you determine what’s reasonable. If anyone is charging too much or too little, then you may want to steer clear.

Check Out Their Online Reviews

Reading online reviews is a crucial step to take during your search for the best carpet cleaner. The reason why is that you can learn so much from other people’s experiences in your community. If other people don’t recommend a certain company, then you’ll know who to cross off your list.

To make this step faster, you can set a filter on Google to only show you businesses that have earned a high star rating. This means that you can focus on reading the reviews of the carpet cleaning companies that show the most promise.

Ask Others for Recommendations

Since carpet cleaning is such a vital task for businesses and homeowners, chances are high that you know others who can point you in the right direction. Don’t feel shy about asking others if they’ve ever hired a carpet cleaner in your area and if they have any recommendations.

It’s reassuring to know that somebody you trust has had positive experiences working with a particular carpet cleaning business. This can make it less intimidating to invite strangers into your home or workplace.

Research Their Carpet Cleaning Experience

Hiring any business for the first time isn’t as intimidating if you know that they’re experts in the industry. You can build enough confidence to make a decision by researching each potential carpet cleaner’s experience. This information should be transparent on their business website.

If you know that a carpet cleaner has been working for many years, then you can relax because they’ve provided great service to hundreds of satisfied customers.

Make Sure Your Schedule Is Accommodated

Even though technology has evolved to expedite deep carpet cleanings, it’s still inconvenient to leave a room for an extended period of time to let the professionals work. With this in mind, you should think of a time when you can leave that space without disrupting your normal schedule too much.

Any business should work hard to accommodate its customers. If you’re speaking with a carpet cleaner who won’t prioritize your schedule, you can find somebody else who will.

Verify That They’re Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

Before a legal carpet cleaning business can enter your home or business, they need to obtain a license and government bond. This proves that they’re qualified for the job.

You should also ask about their insurance to protect yourself and your space. If an accident occurs while the carpet gets cleaned, you won’t be liable.

See If They Offer a Customer Guarantee

The main goal is to hire a carpet cleaner who will provide incredible services during their first visit. You should be happy with the final results. However, it’s always nice to know that a business will right any wrongs if you’re not completely satisfied with their services.

It never hurts to ask if a carpet cleaner offers a customer guarantee. Companies that do this are confident that their services are superb.

Hunt for Special Promotions

Many businesses create all kinds of cool promotions to stand apart from their competition and entice new customers to try their goods or services. The carpet cleaning industry is no different.

It’s always worth investing a little bit of time to hunt for a good deal. You’ll be even happier with the final results when you know that you saved extra money.

Did You Enjoy This Guide on Choosing a Carpet Cleaner?

Choosing a carpet cleaner for your business or home doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. When you follow this advice, you can ensure that you’re working with the best carpet cleaning company in your area. Once you see the amazing results, you’ll be so grateful for your prior research. Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is just one of the many ways that you can make your space healthier and more vibrant. Do you want to get inspired by other great lifestyle articles? Take a look at our other blog posts and don’t forget to bookmark us.

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