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Uses of Smartphones that You May Not be Aware Of



Uses of Smartphones that You May Not be Aware Of

Your smartphone has a lot more features than you think. Listed below are some uses of a smartphone that you may not be aware of. Phones, whether entry-level, midrange, or flagship, have different functions that make them good-for-value devices. If you have read an honor 70 review, you know that a midrange device can offer a lot of benefits to the user. The same is true for starter phones and high-end devices. The tips indicated here apply to any smartphone that you have.

What are the Uses of Smartphones That You May Not be Aware Of

Scientific Calculator

You may know that every smartphone in the market has a calculator. When you open the app, you can have simple computations using basic arithmetic functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  But you may not be aware of the other functions that you can make use of through your calculator app.

To do this, you just need to switch your phone to landscape mode. You may not have noticed it before because your phone is locked on a portrait. Go to the calculator app and you will see different scientific calculator operations like trigonometric functions, square roots, exponents, and others. 

Emergency Broadcast System

This pertains to the alerts that your phone will receive from your local government hotlines. This is a great use of technology to reach out to the population and care for people through mobile devices. You receive public safety alerts, weather updates, and other government warnings through the emergency broadcast system of the phone.

This feature of your mobile phone is turned on by default. You do not have to do anything to open it. But what you may not be aware of is how to turn it off. You can go to settings and look at your notifications and alerts. You can click on the government alerts and switch them off if you do not want to receive public safety alerts and notifications.

Translation of Foreign Language

Another feature that you have in your smartphone is a foreign language translator. You can translate a voice recording, a live voice, or a conversation using Apps that automatically translate the foreign language to your preferred language. This is available on all smartphones. An honor 70 review will show that different devices are capable of translating foreign languages to your local language. If your phone does not have a translation app, you can just go to the online store of your phone and look for an application that can do translations from one language to another.

Navigate Using Your Device You may have used GPS devices before. This has offline detection of location which you can use wherever you go. Phones also have GPS. Through your data usage, you can determine your current location, identify the roads which have a lot of traffic, and find the best route for your travel. You can also use a specialized app that helps you with specific activities like hiking, running, and trekking.


You may have owned a smartphone for as long as you can remember. But as aware as you are of the obvious uses of a mobile phone, you still have a lot of things that you do not know about your smartphone usage. You may want to try the tips listed on your current smartphone. If you want to have a better mobile device, you may want to read about the honor 70 review. The HONOR 70 is a very capable phone which does all the functions stated above. It also has a lot of features that a smartphone owner can benefit from.



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