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UK Food Supplement Retailer View on Immune Supportive diet? –Truth Reveals during pandemic



UK Food Supplement Retailer View on Immune Supportive diet? –Truth Reveals during pandemic

Looking after your health is even more important than ever during this pandemic. Staying fit is now on everyone’s agenda. We have interviewed a new starter company by Complete Health Limited, for food supplements regarding what is immune supportive diet? And when do you need to use a supplement? The answer to this by one of the registered nutritionist within this company came very surprisingly-

“We recommend people follow the government Eatwell guide and after a full 5 day of food analysis, we suggest swapping foods to balance your Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Minerals, and Vitamins based on individual needs. That way, everyone can at least make an informed choice on their balanced diet. We are a food supplement company and we only keep quality nutrition and a food supplement that is checked by a registered nutritionist before we keep it on our online store or use it for our clients. We do not recommend any supplement, unless and otherwise our client/customer is recommended by a registered nutritionist, dietitian or Health Care professional”

So what is an immune-supportive diet?

Simply a balanced diet with physical activity can aid your daily immune system. We cannot boost our immune system but we can only support it by individualized well-balanced food intake. Those who need nutritional support must follow the health care professional’s advice and guidance. There is scientific evidence, widely available and is suggestive of people to have a balanced diet so that all the minerals and vitamin needs are fulfilled based on age, sex, race, and medical condition.

What about media news regarding specific nutrients?

Several Nutrients play an important role in the everyday functioning of your immune system. No one nutrient is better than the other. Therefore, a balanced diet is well recommended at all costs. “We do not recommend food supplements to our clients unless they are deficient and can’t meet the demand by following a balanced diet”.

Do you recommend us taking food supplements during a lockdown? 

Having a balanced diet is better than having any tablets and pills. Choose five a day and follow the government Eatwell guide as part of your daily routine is always a wiser choice than supplementing. Remember, there is no alternative to your daily balanced diet.   

There is no supplement at this moment which can boost your immune system and as part of nutrients by Complete Health Limited, we strongly recommend you to get in touch with a nutritionist to check your nutritional status before supplementing. There are several nutrients that aid in the daily functioning of the immune system. Due to your circumstance, if you think, you are lacking in those nutrients then always ask a health care professional or a nutritionist for advice and guidance. As part of a responsible company we also aid our clients to achieve a healthy balanced food intake.

Supplementing your food for a healthy lifestyle?

There is plenty of information on social media to the news. Listening to the truth from a food supplement company, such as nutrients makes us rethink our everyday diet. We can actually, make it better with a little help from nutritionists or professionals before us through our money on a food supplement.

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