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Two decade of Mina Luna union between fashion, cinema, augmented reality and music.



Two centuries of Mina Luna union between fashion, cinema, augmented reality and music.

Some people seem to be born for the creative art form. This is how they cope, or rather, this is how they are active in productive creativity in different areas and just seem to be full of ideas. This is also the case of Jazmín Yvette González Luna, who was born in Nogales. Sonora, Mexico on February 13, 1987, known as MINA + LUNA or Mina Luna. The artist is not only active as a musician and composer, Mina Luna is also known for creating the first fashion film in history with Augmented Reality in 2013 fucion fashion, cinema with digital art. She is also a film director, art director, novelist, and screenwriter. A true all-rounder. Like many musicians, MINA + LUNA developed a great love for music at a young age and over the years it has crystallized that she has limitless artistic intransigence, which is great.

His style is called strange and unique and she has a slightly unique character that at least is not found that often. As a movie lover, the artist always found movie music exciting and impressive, this helped her create her own music and her movies. Luna Mina’s musical style of her is very eccentric and diverse and ranges from bossa nova, the alternative, vintage sound, here she is one of the most versatile artists that you will find in the current media scene. MINA + LUNA or Mina Luna Vincent is pure art, no matter if it is music, film, art, fashion or writing. The Mexican-Australian artist took her first musical steps enjoying her musical passion for singing, which could be described as a fusion of melancholy and emotionality.

If you combine this with his lyrics from his albums such as his books, his films or artistic work that kidnap the listener or the viewer in a parallel world, there is an exciting fusion of sadness, Malice, love, conflict, Horror, tragic moments, loneliness. and the magic of abstract and incomprehensible ideas. So it’s no wonder that it seems difficult to find a specific style of Mina Luna’s music, art and movies, as she never repeats herself always creates something new.

 and again.

Here she surprises you with her new sounds, she is versatile in her artistic projects. Mina Luna is an artist who uses her imagination and creativity to the fullest. She describes herself as an amateur artist.

But now let’s move on to their new single Mala Dama, Torneado Rojizo, Malícia and Russian Cherries and what they have to offer in terms of content What You Hear is the end product of an ambitious artist, who presents these songs with ethnic sounds and so Therefore, it sets high artistic standards.

The percussion drums present everything in a wonderful rhythmic way and deliver a song that impresses with a fluid arrangement and convinces with a laid-back composition and interesting sound design. The warm, rich bass along with the ethnic genre drums create an interesting basic vibe, on top of which are built some interesting effects and a super-composed lead from the synth. Stylistically, this title is a mix of ambient, rock, blues, ethno, and chill-out and allows the listener to get some rest. Mina Luna shows herself in an experimental light that attracts the masses and creates a fantastic sonic odyssey. Here she creates music, which is wonderfully suitable for meditation. If you don’t hit the play button here, she’s missing out