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Top tech Companies and their Best Trick to Gear Up for Cyber Threats



Top tech Companies and their Best Trick to Gear Up for Cyber Threats

As one of the world’s top-earning industries, tech companies are leading the world into a whirlwind of technology. What started from a simple computer and household items, we have come this far to have smart talking devices that work like our assistant – just in a virtual world.

While living in the age of information, tech giants have made this to the advantage of bringing comfort over to the people by producing advanced tech items. These technological advancements have brought a craze to the people who find such products cool. People like you and me love the idea of technology enhancements to make our work easier.

Tech companies make billions selling their latest products to consumers. The products are usually IT-related, which makes the industries in constant competition with each other. By reading the following list, you can see which tech industry earns the most.

  • Apple

With a yearly revenue of $394.328 billion, Apple was founded in 1976. As the most known company worldwide, Apple is also favored globally. Starting from their first product, the Apple I, they have improved according to the consumer’s needs and stand as the best-rated IT company. Now their sale range goes from cell phones to online earnings.

Apple keeps looking to venture into new IT branches to manage the top spot in the tech market. Not just in the technology genre, the Apple brand is a big name by itself. Every person in business and top celebrity prefers to use Apple products. With the big name, this company attracts more investors as it constantly outperforms its competitors.

  • Samsung

Coming in hot on the second spot, Samsung makes yearly revenue of $250.21 billion. It is second to Apple, but Samsung has a wider range of sales products than the top tech company. Based in South Korea, Samsung is a leading industry manufacturing TV, electrical appliances, hard drives, cameras, phones, tablets, PCs, etc.

Though cell phones are the biggest revenue generators for Samsung, they also have established themselves as a leading company in the health technology market. This conglomerate business was founded in 1938 and remains the top brand in South Korea today.

  • Foxconn

With a yearly revenue of $5.99 trillion in the past year, this Taiwanese company may not hold a big name, but it is extremely popular in the country of its origin. Foxconn is the biggest manufacturer of many electronic products like PlayStation, Nokia devices, Sony devices, and even Apple iPhones. Moreover, being the biggest service provider, Foxconn is famous worldwide among IT and tech companies.

Even though Foxconn doesn’t come up with a product to sell, they have already made a big name by making and industrializing many Apple and Sony products that earn billions. So as long as big tech companies continue to invest in this Taiwanese giant, their business is here to stay steady for a long.

  • Alphabet

Mostly known by Google Inc., they generate a yearly revenue of $282.113 billion. It is one of the most popular companies, and after the name change, Alphabet Inc. made its name among the investors. Today, this company is sought after by top investors because of its several branches in IT and tech.

Although based in the USA, Alphabet Inc. is available worldwide with its original Google search engine. Besides that, this tech titan provides software, cloud computing, consumer electronics, and several online services. Starting in 2015, this is a globally recognized corporation today.

  • Microsoft

Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen when they were in college, another tech business has grown into a huge tech titan that generates a revenue of $168 billion a year. Microsoft is a widely known business that offers Windows software and Office products. Their software and products are installed in nearly every computer in the world.

Even if a computer doesn’t have Windows installed, they still use the Microsoft Office suite that gives access to platforms that make office and school work easier. Like Powerpoint and Word, products like these are globally utilized because they are easily available. However, Microsoft these days is more than just a software company. They have increased the size of their portfolio by expanding their services from the consumer electronics industry to cloud computing.

  • Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies was made because of the merging two companies – Dell and EMC Corporation. While Dell is known for computers and related technology products, EMC corporation used to be one of the best companies to produce data management hardware and software in the IT industry.

Though Dell Technologies still majorly generates its revenue of $101.6 billion a year by developing notebooks and PCs, they have also enlarged their reaches towards software, network security, cloud storage services, and information security services.

  • Huawei

A relatively young company in the Chinese tech market, Huawei is generating yearly revenue of $99.9 billion. As an IT company, it is primarily recognized for its high-tech yet affordable smartphones. Though not the price, the quality of their smartphones is high enough to be named in the same list as Apple or Samsung.

Since 1987, Huawei is also a major telecommunication manufacturer. They provide several telecommunication services to consumers, which makes them a fierce competitor with many leading companies.

This is How they Stay on Top.

These giant companies are the top not only because they sell a lot of stuff. They use high-quality products to defend their company. A good company can swim in chaotic seas only if they have strong lifeboats.

A good security measure is very important; they use VPNs to fight cyber crimes. Even a small business is recommended to use a VPN to prevent cyber threats and attacks. This essential cybersecurity method is needed to combat any digitally illegal actions.

A VPN has many uses other than just protection. You can use a VPN to DStv in USA as well. Because it hides your real IP, you can do almost anything online with complete anonymity.