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Top Reasons Why Teeth Whitening Is Essential For Many People



Top Reasons Why Teeth Whitening Is Essential For Many People

You only have to take a look at your favourite Hollywood actor or actress and you’ll find a perfect set of shining white teeth. It has become the norm in celebrity circles and you’re unlikely to see any success unless you join the club.

That’s certainly one reason why people are getting their teeth whitened. But, in reality there are relatively few people trying to break into the movies. Yet, teeth whitening is still seen by many as essential.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth whitening can be done at home with the use of toothpaste or whitening kits. However, you should proceed with caution as, done incorrectly, it can actually damage your teeth. That’s why it’s better to use the services of a good dentist, such as this Erskineville dentist.

They will use a special compound and infrared heat lamps to quickly and safely whiten your teeth. This makes it the safer and preferred option.


As whitened teeth continue to appear everywhere it’s increasingly common to feel that your teeth aren’t good enough. This can cause you to keep your teeth hidden. However, this can be difficult and many people concerned about this will start avoiding social occasions. The result is a lack of confidence which is supplemented further by the lack of social contact.

Having your teeth whitened will help you to feel more confident in social situations and, therefore, boost your self-confidence and often improve how successful you are in life.

Special Occasions

There are several times in life when you want to look your best, such as at a wedding, anniversary, or even a graduation. When you want to look your best you need to be happy with the way you look and smile. If you’re not, tooth whitening is an essential step toward looking your best and enjoying the special occasion properly.

For Jobs

It’s not just Hollywood that values the white smile. You’ll find plenty of employers judge based on looks, even if they are not supposed to. Therefore, if you turn up with discoloured teeth you are much less likely to get the job.

Whitening your teeth beforehand will help you feel confident and the potential employer see you as a potential candidate. It may not seem essential but it can make a big difference to your job application success rate.


As you age it’s natural for the enamel to start wearing away on your teeth. This allows the dentin underneath to show through and it’s naturally a yellow hue. It’s not possible to reverse the effects of ageing but whitening the teeth will help them to look younger and that will make you feel younger.

It’s worth noting this is particularly relevant if you smoked for years as this will cause your teeth to discolour. Whitening and making them look better although it won’t repair any damage you’ve done to your teeth or your health.

All you have to do is talk to your dentist regarding how much lighter you want your teeth to be. They will handle the rest.