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Top New 123movies alternatives for 2023



Top New 123movies alternatives for 2023

We all love movies. Movies and tv-series lighten your mood after a hectic day and with your loved one, the entertainment is doubled. Most people use 123movies to binge-watch their favorite series or movies for free. It is so before it provides a long list of features to its users.

But, you should not rely on just one website to watch your favorite movies as there are chances that they stop working for some reason. Hence, do not destroy your mood and know these following alternative free websites when 123movies is not working.


Not sure what type of movie you want to watch on your movie night? No worries, 123moviesbuzz will help you with that. The website has different sections available, one of them includes popular movies.

You can find the movies that are streaming mostly by people and the trending ones as well. So, you do not have to go and search for the movies and tv-series that are a hit but just go to this section.


The Soap2day website is considered to be one of the best for various reasons. One of those reasons includes that it contains thousands of movies and tv-series. It has a vast database that helps you to find movies far beyond the 90s.

Other than a huge database, the website also provides its users with access to their favorite movies and tv-series. You do not need to create an account or download anything to watch your show.

Last but not the least, you can also fill out a form to request a movie that you want to watch and is not available on their website.


123movies4u is an amazing alternative for 123movies as it provides you with features that make it your favorite. The website has everything organized and you can even find the movies with the letters.

You can look for the top-rated, most-viewed, and top IMDb movies in 123movies4u too. Moreover, the best feature that this website provides is that it is now available as an application as well. So, you can easily access thousands of movies free on your device.


First of all, the Primewire website is available in every country and has no geo-restrictions. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a VPN. Plus, you do not need to have an account or give any personal data to access the movies and tv-series. There are no security issues as well that can leak your data.

Other than security and geo-restrictions, the website also provides its users with easy use. You simply have to find your favorite movie in the search bar, browse and enjoy watching your show online for free.


Stream your favorite movie or tv-series on Fmovies without any hustle. You can watch any movie or series available with fast streams and amazing quality. The best thing is that you do not have to pay for anything to binge-watch.

Moreover, the website is not blocked and is free from any restrictions. So, you can get into this website from any part of the globe. Moreover, you can find almost all of your picked movies or shows with no problems at all.

Have a favorite genre of movies or tv-series but do not know what to watch? The will help you to find a perfect movie according to your mood. In a long list of features that this website provides, you will find a genre section. Here, you select your preferred genre and access the world of your favorite genre.


Putlocker is considered in the list of many great alternatives for 123movies. This website has provided a number of features to its users which makes it one of the best. No network provider blocks or restricts the content of this website. That is why you can get to your preferred movie or show with no hustle.

Download the app and find the latest movies of 2023 in Putlocker for free. Enjoy lots of choices that may double your fun and boost the movie night.


Yesmovies is different from other free online websites because it provides you with a wide database. You can find a long list of genres plus each genre has thousands of movies. So, you have a huge content to watch and find the movie or show of your choice.

No need to download anything, instead, you can stream online with the website. Yesmovies gives fast streaming and better quality which makes it even more enticing.


Solarmovie has a vast database, hence, a great substitute for 123movies. Even if a website provides a range of movies or shows for its users, if the streaming speed is not good, it is of no use.

That is why the Solarmovie website offers fast streaming. Plus, with good streaming speed, it also does not compromise on quality as well. In addition, as the website is free of any restrictions, it also does not require any VPN, making it a good alternative for free.

The biggest concern of online websites that stream movies and shows online is mostly that it provides free content or not. Other than that, movie lovers also prefer websites that are completely tech-free and do not require any technicalities.

If you are someone who does not want to pay to watch your favorite movie online and avoid technicalities, is your way to go. They provide its users with a long list of movies and shows. Not only the website has the latest movies but you can also find movies from far beyond the 90s as well.


These mentioned free and unblocked websites are a great alternative for 123movies. You can watch any latest movie that comes in 2023 right after its release. Plus, you can also find the trailers for upcoming movies and tv-series.

These alternative websites will not only help when the 123movies is not working. But, it will also give you access to hundreds of more different movies. Find the movies and tv-series on your 2023 list on these websites and enjoy them alone or with your partner.


Unboxing the Benefits of Streaming Service Bundles



Unboxing the Benefits of Streaming Service Bundles

Streaming Service Bundles

The global video streaming market was worth $473.39 billion in 2022 and is expected to more than triple in size by 2029. There’s a strong demand for this type of online content, and you might be thinking of cutting the cord and signing up for a streaming service bundle.

But what are the benefits of switching to streaming service bundles rather than staying with cable TV? If you’ve been using cable TV for many years, you may not be aware why streaming could now be a better choice.

Although cable TV still provides a solid service, there are 6 reasons you might want to move to a streaming service today.

Read on to learn more.

Lower Cost

One of the main advantages of using streaming service bundles is that the cost can be much lower than paying for cable TV. Before you even watch a single show on cable TV you may have to pay for installation costs and agree to pay a relatively high price for the service each month. This can add up over the course of a year, making a sizeable dent in your bank balance.

This doesn’t have to be the case when you sign up for a streaming service bundle. As providers deliver content over the internet, there is no need to install cables or use antennas. This keeps the initial price low, and there are also great monthly deals to be found that make watching your favorite shows more affordable.

Streaming bundles reduce costs as much as possible because providers offer access to multiple streaming platforms in one package. Rather than having to pay a separate fee for each service, you’ll benefit from paying one price for all the platforms.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to watch TV, a streaming service bundle is undoubtedly the best option.

Wider Choice of Shows

There is a terrific choice of programs on cable TV, but you may find there are more options when you have a streaming service bundle. You’ll be able to browse the available movies and TV shows on each platform and pick the ones that appeal to you the most.

In addition, while you can use a live TV streaming service to watch news channels or sports events in real-time, many consumers now prefer to watch TV when it suits their schedule. By using an on-demand streaming bundle, you can watch your favorite programs on the train to work, while you relax at lunch, or when you’re tucked up in bed at night.

Although cable TV offers an on-demand service, you may find it only includes certain shows for free. You could then have to pay extra to watch the programs you want.

Fewer Ads

Ads can interrupt your viewing experience and bother you when you’d like to enjoy a program. When you watch cable TV, ad breaks might last as long as 2-3 minutes which can be frustrating.

However, you can select streaming services within your bundle that are ad-free. Even if a platform does display ads, you may find you can pay more to remove these from your package.

Of course, if ads don’t annoy you, there is no need to upgrade to a premium tier, but it’s nice to know that the option is there.

Short Term Contracts

Signing a cable TV contract is a long-term commitment. Most providers offer contracts that last for at least 1 year, locking you into paying even if you no longer watch the programs. This can be a drain on your finances and prevent you from looking elsewhere for a streaming service bundle that offers better value for money.

Streaming service bundles take a more modern approach to customer contracts. You can often sign up for just 1 month, allowing you to cancel at the end of this short period. This is a fantastic option as you can switch to another streaming service bundle when you’ve watched all your favorite programs on other platforms.

To find out more about Amazon Prime Video alternatives and to help you decide which streaming services should be in your bundle, visit

Excellent Device Compatibility

You’re probably already familiar with music streaming services such as Spotify that you can listen to on multiple devices such as your phone, tablet, or laptop. Streaming service TV bundles also work on these devices as long as they are connected to the internet.

You can use a cable TV provider’s app to view programs when you’re away from your television, but all channels may not be available. Depending on which company you’re with, you may also find the user interface unintuitive.

Superb Streaming Quality

There may have been a time when using a TV streaming service was tiresome due to internet speeds being slow, but this is now a distant memory. Most internet providers offer super-fast speeds, allowing you to stream programs without delay. The Wi-Fi in buildings or on public transport is even often good enough for you to watch a movie.

This increase in internet quality means there is no need for you to miss your shows as long as you go online.

Enjoy the Advantages of Streaming Service Bundles

Streaming service bundles offer a fantastic array of advantages compared to cable TV. You’ll be able to save money and only sign short-term contracts. You’ll also have a marvelous choice when it comes to which shows you can watch, and you won’t have to view so many ads when trying to relax and unwind.

Signing up for a streaming service bundle can greatly enhance your viewing experience.

Before you purchase a streaming service bundle, be sure to read more of our terrific blog posts.

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