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Top Mailroom Tracking Software in 2020

Pierre Zarokian



Top Mailroom Tracking Software in 2020

If you have never worked in a mailroom before, you wouldn’t understand the sheer number of mails a typical large organization receives in a day. The mailroom staff often has one of the most critical duties of all i.e. to ensure that each mail receives the recipient in the most time-efficient manner. A large organization would have hundreds of employees at a location with multiple offices around the world. Therefore, it is likely that the organization would receive hundreds of mailroom deliveries for internal as well as external transactions.


On top of that, companies receive priority mails that can be related to legal documents, official agreements, contracts, and other sensitive documents that need to be handed over to the concerned person almost immediately. The same goes for handling special equipment that may have been highly sought in the company. Thankfully, these days we have a number of mailroom tracking software that can ease the burden on the mailroom staff and expedite delivery services with greater efficiency. However, before determining the mailroom software for your business, you need to understand the importance of having one.


Why do you need a mailroom app?

If we were to compare the operational functions of a mailroom a decade ago to these days, there would be one significant difference; personal deliveries. Over the course of years, life has become sophisticated yet challenging. People spend a lot of time at work and often tend to conduct a lot of their personal chores during work hours. With that being said, the rise of the internet and online shopping has enabled people to purchase products online and get it delivered to their doorstep. However, the doorstep delivery is often not at their residential address.

Global supply chain and delivery offices operate much like a typical office, with a nine to five routine. Therefore it is needless to point out that most of the deliveries are handed out during work hours. People who ask to deliver their packages to their homes either need to be available in person to collect them or need someone to collect it in their place. In an event that is not possible, the delivery would be either returned or left on the porch, so you can collect it once you reach home. However, that triggers the porch pirates’ issue i.e. leaving a parcel unattended at the front of your door can attract porch pirates to steal your packages in your absence. Therefore, one of the safest ways to receive parcels and orders these days is at work, which is why an increasing number of employees ask their packages to be delivered to their workplace. This also includes some of their regular subscription and official notices from banks and other affiliations. While it is safe and easy to receive the packages at work, as there are fewer chances of it being stolen, it certainly adds a lot of burden to the mailroom staff. With increased workload and package handling, it is quite common to lose packages, wrong deliveries, or late deliveries. Therefore, mailrooms have become quite burdened these days, as they need to filter out personal and corporate mails, sort them, and deliver them based on their priority.


How does a mailroom app help?

Mailroom software or a mailroom app offers various options and features to improve mailroom deliveries. The multiple features in a mailroom tracking software can reduce the burden on the companies’ mailroom staff while enhancing their efficiency. For example, there are mailroom apps that allow companies to create barcodes on the packages they receive or to scan existing barcodes to update their systems and notify the recipient electronically to reduce human effort. Instead of manually informing or delivering the parcel, the application issues a mail tracking number along with a digital notification to the recipient who can then use the tracking mail number to receive the parcel.

Similarly, there are companies that need to track mail package sent internally to various branches and offices. Such companies can use mailroom-tracking software that issues a mail tracking number for each parcel sent out to other offices. Many of these applications are cloud based, which means that other branches can access it easily without needing a hard installation on their computing systems. Using the integrated application, tracking, and identifying internal mails are easy and ensure smooth and optimal delivery.

Top Mailroom Apps in 2020

Well, if you are wondering what is the best mailroom tracking software available for your company then here are a few options that are rated the best in the year 2020:


Notifii Track

Notifii Track is one of the applications that stand on the top of the list. The application is widely used in university mailrooms, offices, apartment offices, and corporate mailrooms. Notifii Track offers a detailed insight to track mail packages, including sending text messages and emails to the recipient to notify them. The application also allows proof-of-pickup and delivery by capturing digital signatures of the person handling the package and the recipient. The application is cloud-based and can be accessed from any part of the world, without needing an installation. Notifii Track works on all browsers, iOS, and Android devices.


Postage $aver

When it comes to bulk postal mailings, postage $aver is one of the best mailroom apps available. The application integrates with the printing devices, prints postages with addresses, sorts them chronologically or stack tags, and prints barcodes for tracking individual packages easily. The large scale printing and sorting is ideal for companies that regularly send out newsletters or other official correspondence via printed mail.


For mailrooms with a large quantity of in-bound mails per day, PackageX is the ideal solution. The simple yet effective application makes it easier to notify the recipients of mail without informing them manually. Using the application, the recipients are informed digitally, once a mail for them arrives. The application also allows taking digital signatures to confirm deliveries and improves the overall efficiency of the mailroom.

While there are, several other mailroom apps that large corporations can benefit from, these three are among the best mailroom tracking software available in the market. Since most of these applications are cloud based, they are easy to access globally and do not require hard installation on every computing device.

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Is TikTok Still Popular?

Umar Nisar



Is TikTok Still Popular

Yes, TikTok is still popular and also becoming more popular day by day.

About over 155 countries people are using TikTok. Over 800 million active users are available in TikTok. Only in the United States, TikTok is downloaded over 175 million times. If any brand wants to target the audience whose age is in between 13 to 40, they should come to TikTok right now. From the upper short descriptions, we can get an idea about the popularity of TikTok. The most recent TikTok statistics are given below. From this statistic, we can easily understand how much popular TikTok is until now.

 1. How Many Number Of Users Does TikTok Have?

In September 2016 TikTok was launched. In these four years, it acquires too much popularity. About 800 million active users are available throughout the whole world (2020 Datareportal). It makes TikTok the 9th most used social network site. You can see the top 10 TikTok stats.

There is a Chinese version of TikTok which is called Douyin. In China, it has about 150 million daily active users. Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many other Asian countries have welcomed TikTok enthusiastically. You will be surprised to know; Instagram took six years and Facebook also took four years to get the same number of monthly active users from its launch that TikTok gains in three years from its launch.

2. How Many Downloads Does TikTok Have?

TikTok reached 1 billion downloads in February 2019. It took less than eight months to get half-billion more. These figures are not so impressive.

Nowadays, TikTok’s growth is unbelievable. The latest statistics show that the TikTok app is downloaded over two billion times from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store before April 2020. So, the number of downloads of TikTok has become double just in a single year.

On the other hand, TikTok gains 315 million downloads worldwide in the first quarter of 2020. From this, we can understand that its popularity increased by 58% from the previous quarter and it is the most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2020.

3. How Many Countries Does TikTok Available?

According to the report of 2020, TikTok users are available in 155 countries of the world. This app is available in 75 different languages.

Most of the TikTok’s users are found in Asia, especially in India. The most recent report represents that TikTok is 611 million times downloaded by the Indians, which is about 30 % of the total global downloads of this app.196.6 million times downloaded by the Chinese excluding third-party apps which are about 9.7 % of the total worldwide downloads.

The country USA acquires the third-highest position. In the USA, it downloaded 165 times. Till now, the number of downloads is increasing tremendously.

4. How Many Time TikTok Users Spend Daily on Average?

When we are talking about the daily use time of TikTok, it is an average of 52 minutes in a single day. It means that people are spending their time in this social media app for creating and sharing their videos and for washing the uploaded videos of this platform. For Covit-19, now they are spending more time that is almost an hour every day

5. How Many Users Use the App Multiple Times Daily?

Most of the apps are downloaded once and the downloaders forget about these apps after some days of use. But the recent TikTok statistic shows that 90 % of the TikTok users use this app daily. This percentage is also increasing very quickly. The most recent report says that nine out of ten users are using it multiple times in a single day for sharing their video and to see other videos.

 6. Average Number of Viewed Videos on TikTok

When we are discussing the average number of views of TikTok videos, over 1 million videos are viewed here per day. You will be surprised to know that it reached 1 million views milestone just within a year of development. Now, this number is growing upward.

From this recent report of analysis, we can easily understand how much TikTok is popular till now and how it’s increasing day by day.


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WhatsApp has just confirmed these five critical vulnerabilities




WhatsApp has just confirmed these five critical vulnerabilities


With more than 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the true source of general applications, let alone Messenger. At this level of success, the rate of harm to WhatsApp users has risen. For example, earlier this year, WhatsApp users on iPhones were warned of the risk of one-click attacks. During 2019, the “outbreak” of WhatsApp security breaches caused some employees to report that they recommended competing with secure messaging programs with messaging programs.

Let us be clear: no application can resist vulnerabilities. This is the truth of technical life. This is worthwhile behavior, and this should be the end of it. This is why I welcome the newly launched WhatsApp Security Tips website. This has nothing to do with the speed of error repair. It is also important to publicly disclose their existence. In any case, WhatsApp won.

Forbes has more than 235 million Instagram, Tick and YouTube user personal information disclosed to Dave Winder through a large-scale data breach.

WhatsApp’s security blog said: “We conduct internal security audits and rely on automatic detection systems to identify and resolve potential problems.” When announcing the launch of the security consultation page, the WhatsApp GB blog post also promised transparency.

This took me to the six security vulnerabilities listed as “Update 2020” on the consulting website. One of them only has general vulnerability reports and only shows that 2019 was classified as “spam” by VULDB’s “Endangered Database”, while the other five are important.

The good news is that all dangers will be eliminated on the same day or within one or two days when the danger is discovered. Similarly, there is no evidence that anyone in the forest has been exploited.

“Forbes” Windows 10 details: Microsoft will provide users with 2 years of complete immovable protection! Dewey Winder.

Here are the top five threats to WhatsApp

  1. CEE-2020-1886 WhatsApp for Android experienced a buffer overflow issue prior to 2.20.11 that could be caused by receiving and responding to malicious video calls.
  2. Prior to CVE-2020-1889 v0.3.4932, WhatsApp affected desktop clients and increased the risk of privileges along with the risks of executing remote codes to avoid security sandboxes.
  3. Android CVE-2020-1890 had a different problem, this time due to receiving this malicious sticker that could escalate privileges again.
  4. CVE-2020-1891 was present in Android and iOS apps and includes a video call processor. Anything publicly is known can affect confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  5. CVE-2020-1894 – A stack overflow issue in Android and iOS apps that allows arbitrary code to be executed via some malicious push-to-talk message.

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Time Clock Software – An Essential Business Tool




Time Clock Software - An Essential Business Tool

The most common use for employee time clocks is to record employee work hours, thereby reducing overtime costs and providing an accurate record of time spent on specific tasks. There are several different time clock solutions available that can be used to accomplish this.

Most time clock solutions will require employees to punch time on any internet-connected device such as computers, laptops, or tablets. The employee time clock software will not only capture the employee’s punch times but can also gather their location or capture a picture. Such features eliminate the possibility of dishonestly tracking time by punching in from home or when not actually working. Buddy punch, which is a form of time theft, can also be reduced by ensuring each employee is only punching time for themselves.

Some employers are more concerned with the actual quality of work done rather than how long the employee spends at the desk. They prefer using time clock software that allows them to track their employees’ productivity by comparing the time spent on a specific task to the quality of work produced. For these businesses, the ability to store data remotely provides a convenient method for keeping detailed records about each employee’s work.

Employee online timesheet software can also provide alerts to employees about when their work hours exceed scheduled hours. This can allow managers to control when employees are permitted to work overtime. By controlling when employees are working overtime, managers can better ensure the quality of their workforce.

For businesses who prefer to go the route of using an online timecard system provided by a third party, there are a number of solutions available to choose from. Each solution comes with its own features and functions, so it is essential to find the best solution to meet your business needs.

Because the cost of purchasing on-site employee time clock software is usually higher than purchasing an online solution, some businesses choose to work with an online vendor to avoid the extra expense. Most online time solutions allow customers to access or install their software on as many devices as needed – making it a great option if you have employees at multiple locations or working remotely.

In addition to the cost of employee time clock software, some companies decide to go with an online solution because they are typically better maintained than an on-site solution. With online time clock software, a technician doesn’t have to visit your place of work to apply updates. Instead, updates or new features are automatically applied – typically without customers even realizing it.

Another consideration for some businesses is the fact that time clock software can be difficult to understand. If the employees do not understand the way they should use their time tracking system, they will likely spend more time trying to actually figure out how to use the solution rather than actually using it. In turn, their productivity will suffer. Luckily, employee time clock software typically comes with an extensive knowledge database and superior customer support.

While some employers have had problems with employee timesheet management in the past, most often due to dealing with outdated manual processes, most are incredibly happy with the positive impact online time clock software has had on their business.

When choosing employee time clock software, it is essential to focus on finding a solution that not only meets your business needs and budget but it also user friendly for employees and managers alike. If you are still using an out-dated time tracking system, not only are you doing a disservice to your business but also your employees who deserve to be paid accurately for their time worked.

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