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Top Appetizing Moroccan Dishes to Try




One of the very imperative aspects of traveling is to explore the local foods  of the place you are intended to visit. Morocco is a very gastronomical place and worth a visit to explore its very tasty traditional dishes which are good in a number. I’m aiming to take the Easter package to spend my exciting Easter Holidays in Morocco, for travelers visiting the place around Easter date are welcome. It is the right time to enjoy the festivities in Morocco. In this blog, you will know about the top Moroccan traditional dishes you should try on your visit to Morocco.

Top Delicious Traditional Dishes in Morocco:

Here are some of the traditional dishes I recommend that every traveler should try. This is one of the very prime aspects of tourism in Morocco.

Moroccan Tagine:

It is, in fact, the name of a mud pot which is used to cook the meat dishes. It is then the name of a dish very famous in Morocco. Tagine is made of the Chicken/Lamb/Camel meat along with the traditional Moroccan Spices. You should taste Lamb or Chicken Tagine in Marrakech or cities like Rabat, Chefchaouen. A very special Lamb Tagine would be served on your trip to the Sahara desert.

Moroccan Tagine also includes potatoes, and other vegetables to make it tastier. Top-notch restaurants in Marrakech and other major cities would offer you the best tastes.

Couscous, A Meghrebi Dish:

Couscous is also a very famous dish in Morocco. It is like a Paste made of Wheat, Barley, and other spices. The variety of recipes is in Morocco to make couscous. Although the common ingredients are the same. Some people use Vegetable, some put Chickpea to make it unique, most people use almost the same spices.

Onion, Garlic, Olive olive, Black pepper, and the traditional salts and spices are commonly used in Moroccan couscous. What you have to do is, to visit the best place to try this dish. “Naima Couscous” in Marrakech gives the dish more protocol and offers a number of recipes. There are a lot of other places you should get to check.

Harira Soup:

Harira is regarded as a famous light food in Morocco. Moroccans use this as an appetizer before lunch or dinner. It also has a number of ways to cook it. Some add lamb meat, others add chicken or simple vegetable soup. It is the simplest dish you can make yourself if you are having a cooking space in your residence.

When we were in Morocco and it was Ramadan I remember, it was then the very famous in Aftaari (Dusk time when Muslims break their fast in Ramadan). It is a healthy dish so Moroccans use this in Ramadan very frequently. It is mostly served with only fresh Salads.

Lmrozia, A festive Food:

It is a festival dish made on special occasions mostly on Eid Ul Adha. I ordered it to make for our family because I wanted to know how it tastes when a dish includes a number of spices together. Mostly it is made in meat, Onion, Salts and spices, oil, butter, and many other things include making it special.

There are hundreds of well-reputed restaurants in Morocco especially in Marrach to sit and try this dish. This is not the end, Morocco has a lot of other dishes to make your trip a very foody and festive trip of your life.


No, it is not Tagine but close to it. It is also made in Lamb or beef with good traditional spices. Moroccan spices are unique in their taste if you are interested to buy the spices, you can buy the spices from any city of Morocco. In Marrakech, there is a shop near to Djema el Fna, find the shop and take your favorite spices.

Tangia would be in the Menu list of most of the big hotels and restaurants. Your Riad can also serve you the dish along with fresh Salads.

B’stilla (For Veg, Non-Veg travelers Both):

This is a filling type dish like a pizza or sandwich. Its filling is a real thing. I tasted it in Chefchouaen and it was literally a very tasty dish. A lot of ingreds including Boneless chicken, minced vegetables, olive oil, and other things get to make a very tasty B’stilla. Café Mounir, Kasbah Café in Marrakech, and a number of other restaurants in Morocco would offer you the mouth-watering Moroccan dish B’stilla.

It is also made of vegetables only to make it vegetarian-friendly. Moroccan version of B’stilla or Pastilla has a very flavor impact on veg travelers.

Fresh Salad:

It is one of the very light dish travelers can have any time on their trip. It is a common understanding among travelers that they only have breakfast and dinner during their trips. So in the day time, they mostly take light things like Salad. Moroccan Salads is not that different, fresh salads are the same everywhere almost. Tomatoes, Olives, Carrots, red onion, mixed with salt, pepper and sometimes vinegar make it tastier. There are many types of Salads in Morocco. We took Italian type of Salad whenever sitting in the restaurants in Morocco.

Mint Tea:

It would be served with every meal in Morocco. We tried the mint tea almost with every meal. Sitting on the Café de France and overviewing the charming Djema el Fna in the evening along with the warm sips of Mint tea is a dreamy experience one should have. Sitting on the traditional cafes in Agadir also has its own significance.

Fast Food in Morocco:

Some travelers don’t like the traditional tastes and want to have the fast-food which is almost same in taste everywhere in the world. You can visit KFC, Burger King, and Pizza Hut in Morocco, especially in Marrakech because it is the most urbanized city of Morocco. There are different options for you then. KFC and Mcdonalds are famous for Burgers, Burger King also serves with Burgers and other products. Whereas Pizza Hut is to serve you the best quality Pizzas.

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Pohyal Stori: The Bannerman Of Dr. Kabir’s Legacy




Pohyal Stori: The Bannerman Of Dr. Kabir's Legacy

Dr. Kabir’s Legacy

Kunar, a town in Northeastern Afghanistan, is home to more than 2 million Pashtuns. The land is famous for its rich cultural and political history. It has produced people who have influenced generations. One of these personalities is Dr. Kabir Stori, a well known Pashtun nationalist who was a great poet.

Dr. Kabir Personal and Political History

He was born on 6 April 1942 in Khas Kunar. He got his early education from Government elementary school and later moved to Rehman baba lyceum in Kabul. Thus, Dr. Kabir excelled there and was later sent by the Afghan Government on a scholarship to Germany to perceive higher education.

In Germany, apart from education, he also established a political set up by the Pashtun Social Democratic party’s name. The ideology and works of Dr. Kabir Stori have inspired millions of Afghans around the world. He was a true patriot and loved his language very much. In his poetic works, he openly expressed his emotional attachment to his homeland and people. His dream of loy Afghanistan and the unification of Pashtuns has enlightened the thought process of many. It’s said that great people leave behind a great legacy. Apart from the poetry and long political struggle, Dr. Kabir Stori has left behind his son and Gram.

Nasir and Pohyal Stori

The legacy of Dr. Kabir stori has successfully been preserved by his son Dr. Nasir Stori and now His grandson Pohyal Stori. Pohyal Stori was born on 11 March 1998, a young man with significant accolades. Like his name, which means a knowledgeable star in Pashto, he has lightened the world by his miraculous talents. Pohyal Stori is a self-made man with a passion for computers and the way it works. Start programming at the age of 9; he got an internship in one of the world’s best tech companies. He was even the managing director of his language department. He is fighting the case of his mother tongue, Pashto, in a new and more effective way. Pohyal has done a bachelor’s in computer science and owns several IT companies. He has done things that people of his age can only dream of.

Pohyal’s achievements

At the age of 16, Pohyal developed a translator by the name of Mandara GmbH. The idea behind this was to give an insight into Afghan youth about their language. It works similarly to Google translate or Microsoft bing translate, but it’s algorithms are way more secured against hacking. The system is secured, and your words are deleted right after you leave the page. He has also published Pashto WebFonts and has created an open-source database used by sites like Google and is soon used by Bing.

Pohyal developed this system at the age of 16 years. It helps to ensure that Pashto, his mother tongue, and Afghanistan’s official language is automatically developed further. The system offers unlimited text translations. There is no limit. You can translate as much as you can. You can even translate a whole document with the original format being retained. It can help people save a lot of time.

Pohyal’s political views

Pohyal Stori is a devoted follower of Manzoor pashteen. Manzoor pashteen, which too is fighting for the rights of Pashtun and preserved their culture and language. Just like the grandfather, Pohyal too wants the unification of Pashtuns. Contrary to many people, he hasn’t abandoned his dream of an independent state for Pashtuns. He is a source of inspiration for Afghans who have been living outside their country. He has lived in a multicultural environment but has still retained and preserved his roots.

Why Pohyal’s struggle is important?

Languages and culture define a nation. The rich the culture and the beautiful the language, the more is the chances of survival of that nation. People like Pohyal Stori are Frontline warriors protecting the true essence of Pashtun culture and language. In today’s world, everything is getting revolutionized. Languages have come out of books and have been uploaded to the digital world. A country like Afghanistan, which has faced 40 years of war, could come back to its true only because of stars like him. The war of survival that he has been fighting is not merely required appreciation but also support.

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Several benefits of utilizing and implementing the tech screening tools




Several benefits of utilizing and implementing the tech screening tools

Tech screening tools

Tech screening has become the latest trend in the world of Human Resource Management. Nowadays business owners have to deal with several things in their companies which are the main reason to implement the tech screening tools to ease and efficiently undertake the processes. This is considered to be the best possible way to conduct smart hiring procedures. The companies of all sizes and operations are going with the option of candidate screening software so that tech screening is done efficiently.

The following are some of the benefits of tech screening:

It helps to save a lot of time and efforts of the companies: With the implementation of tech screening, a lot of efforts and time of the people in authority in several companies are saved. In this was the job seekers have a perfect idea of how to apply and precede the process in a particular organization. On the other hand, this concept is highly preferable for the employers because it will help in saving several dollars and for them, there will be no need to sort the good ones from a huge pile of CVs. The processes which used to take several days can now be done in a few hours with effective implementation of the concept of tech screening.

The whole concept is highly convenient and is based upon the relevancy: The whole concept is based upon the processes like communication with the help of several documents. So, the implementation of this concept will also help to make sure that everything is in a convenient location and can be searched very easily. The whole concept of manual searching in the documents like a cover letter, resume, and CV has been eliminated that will help to make sure the profitability aspect is improved.

It will also facilitate the easy uploading of jobs on websites: The concept of tech screening will also help to make sure that everything is easily uploaded on the job search-related websites as well as social media that will help in widening the reach of the company. Most people underestimate the power of social media but actually, it is very much helpful in the whole corporate and HR world.

The concept is based on psychometric evaluations: Many times the companies go with the option of conducting a psychometric evaluation of the people before hiring them. This type of evaluation helps to provide several benefits to the companies and will always help to make sure that the best people are hired for the job vacancy and in this way the organizations will have proper access to the best possible talents. These kinds of tests will also help to have proper ideas about the values, personality traits, and behavior possessed by the individuals so that their skill matching can be done with the requirements of the job and best people are placed on the best job opportunities.

The whole concept also helps to provide customized interviews and testing procedures: The staff needs sometimes differ in terms of interviews and other kinds of tests. So, the companies need to have a truly good fit so that each of the company can provide the job seekers with the best of the product and services and interviews which is the main reason customization element should be there in the interviews so that hiring procedures can be made efficient as well as personalized. So, the concept will also help the companies to conduct customized interviews that will help them to have an in-depth idea about the candidate which will help the companies to make several kinds of decisions of placing what kind of employ on what kind of job.

It also helps to eliminate the costly calls of screening: The whole concept of Screening is also associated with several kinds of costs and sometimes these kinds of costs can prove to be a great burden for the organizations in terms of loss of valuable time. So, implementing these kinds of systems of tech screening will also help to make sure that companies take good advantage of the valuable time of the employees and screening solutions are highly streamlined That will further help to make the processes easier as well as simpler to implement and achieve the goals effectively and efficiently.

It is considered to be a great way of seamlessly integrating with the talent management solutions: Nowadays the whole concept of employee files, as well as performance evaluations, is no more in existence because of the investments in technology and simplification into the screening software. The screening software is considered to be a great getaway that will help the company to improve the existing tenant management and always hire the highly talented employees and place them all the best possible jobs that best match with their skills possessed by them.

It is considered to be a great way of cutting down on the time in terms of interviews: The concept of candidate screening also comes with several kinds of expenditures in the form of time, effort, and money. All these things collaboratively help to make sure that employees possess the right skills for the job. So, the implementation of the concept of tech screening will help to make sure that unsuitable candidates are eliminated in the very initial stage and shortened interviews are conducted with only the best of the candidates So that they can be efficiently placed.

It helps in decreasing the turnover rates and making highly confident heading decisions: Sometimes all the candidates who do not have the right skills but are placed on the jobs will hurt the culture of the company and will lead to several kinds of losses. So, the implementation of the concept of tech screening will always help to make sure that turnover rates of the organizations are decreased and companies make highly confident hiring decisions. In this way, problem-solving and interpersonal skill adjustment will also be undertaken very well.

Hence, to hire a full stack developer the companies must go with the implementation of the concept of tech screening so that the best person can be hired to fill the vacancy of the job in the organization.


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Advice For Dealing With Wrongful Death




Advice For Dealing With Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Based on modern research, there were 169,936 intentional injury deaths during 2016. This demonstrates the common nature of these deaths and how important it is to fight for your legal rights.

Being put through a period of grief can be challenging and it can become troubling to see the wrongful death case not push through as intended. By going with the right attorney, it’s possible to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of your family member and make sure justice is provided.

Here is a look at some of the most important advice for dealing with wrongful deaths.

These tips are going to make it easier to find a good fit for your legal needs.

1) Know Your Standing in the Claims Process

As a family member, you will want to make sure you are a viable candidate for the wrongful death claim. This means you have to be an immediate family member or a specifically appointed representative of the person’s estate. This can include someone like a domestic partner, spouse, children, and/or grandchildren.

2) Collect Relevant Documents

The proof is a must and that is going to be a big part of the wrongful death claims process. You are going to want relevant information to support future earning potential, financial issues, parental guidance, companionship, and/or inheritance. Have the paperwork ready for all death-related expenses as well such as the funeral costs and medical fees.

It’s best to have as much valuable information in hand to help with your claims process. This can also include information such as the deceased birth/death certificates, pay stubs, and tax records.

You can also calculate the child’s age when it comes to losing their parent.

3) Act Quickly

Time is of the essence when it comes to a situation such as this. If you are going to be filing a wrongful death claim, it’s imperative to know the statute of limitations. There is a specific period in which the claim can be filed before it becomes invalid whether you have a case or not. This is often going to be associated with the cause of death and is going to begin from the time when the injury took place leading to death.

It’s essential to pay attention to the statute of limitations in a case such as this to make sure you speak to an attorney right away.

4) Viability of the Claim

You will want to go through all of the relevant details that come along with the case including potential negligence. You will want to share this information with the attorney and let them guide you in the right direction when it comes to the wrongful death claim.

There are different types of wrongful death claims that can be put forward such as medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, occupational exposure to hazardous conditions, and/or accidents (car, airplane).

5) Speak to a Legal Professional

Speaking to a legal professional is one of the best things a person can do when it comes to consulting with an attorney. Contact this Florida wrongful death Lawyer company, you will learn a lot about the process and what’s going to take place moving forward.

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