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Top 5 places not to miss in Spain



Top 5 places not to miss in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country to visit. It has a mix of culture and eclectic nightlife. The amazing part is that it has a lot to offer. You can find natural and manmade miracles there. Although, the confusing part is that which destination to visit and which to leave. It is practically not possible to visit each and every place in one trip. Hence, if you are visiting Spain for the first time, we present to you places that you must absolutely visit.

  1. Madrid

It is the capital city of Spain. The places offer exciting nightlife as different artists and musicians visit Madrid to play. If you are not a party person, then also Madrid has a lot to offer you. There are a lot of cultural activities happening as well. You can casually take a stroll near the Royal Palace.

The best part about Madrid is that it is full of life every single time. You should visit the Puerta del sol or Plaza Mayor when in the city. It has some life events happening almost every single day. The best part is that you can visit Madrid all-round the year.

  1. Ibiza

It is a pine-clad and sun-kissed island. A lot of tourists visit it round the year because it is one of the beautiful beaches in Spain. It is a place for merrymakers. If you like chilling and partying, then you have to visit this island. It has some amazing clubs and restaurants.

Apart from that, the stunning coastline gives it an even better vibe. You can laze by the blue waters during day time and go wild by night. The island also has some secluded beaches. You can even visit those if you are looking for peace and tranquillity.

  1. The Aqueduct, Segovia

It is one of the most well-preserved aqueducts in the world. It is a Roman aqueduct and it dates back to the first century. It is a massive stone structure and it is worth a visit. It surrounds and area of over nine miles. The aqueduct actually reaches the city center.

The part which is in the city has 167 arches. The aqueduct consists of a combination of a cathedral and a castle. Segovia makes an ideal one day trip from Madrid. Once you have explored the place, make sure to stop at a restaurant for lunch. The roasted suckling pig is the best here.

  1. Granada

It is located in the south of Spain. It is nestled within the Sierra Nevada and is one of the popular Spain tourist places. The whole place is a mixture of traditional and modern culture and architecture. The place offers the majestic Moorish art in Alhambra.

Apart from that, you will be able to witness the ornamental architecture with a stunning medieval garden in Granada. The city offers a lot to people who are culturally inclined. Also, you can set on some Sierra Nevada trails from here. You can also catch a flamenco show here.

  1. Barcelona

It is quite impossible to miss Barcelona from the list. If you are visiting the country for the first time or the fifth time, you have to go to Barcelona for sure. It offers food, culture, shopping, art and so much more. You have to visit the La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the Barrio Gotico and the Picasso museum here.

You can go to Sitges if you are looking to party. It is a gay-friendly resort town. You could also visit one of the clubs in Las Ramblas for a crazy night. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then you must visit Montserrat for hiking.




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