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How to select the top 10 AC brands in India for your Home?



select the top 10 AC brands in India for your Home

Summers are becoming exceptionally brutal in India, and the increasing humidity and temperature are making it impossible to sustain without an AC in your Home. Air conditioners from the top 10 AC brands in India now include several advanced features like dehumidifiers, dust-cleaning filters, and many more. You can buy a window or a split AC 1 ton according to your budget, power consumption, performance, and longevity. Now, if you need clarification about picking the best AC company, take a quick look below and choose one.

Factors to consider before selecting the top 10 AC brands in India

Numerous brands are offering different features, and thus, selecting anyone is making the journey more difficult. So, we have compiled below the list of factors to tick before selecting the best brand for air conditioners.

  • Air conditioner type

Many brands offer both split and window AC options, but you have to select a company that offers the best. Window AC installation is more hassle-free than split AC and can easily cool down small rooms. Some companies also provide window ACs with built-in heaters, which can be useful during the winter.

  • Electricity consumption

We all want one of the top 10 AC brands in India that will provide products that consume less power and produce a top-notch cooling effect. Mostly, all the 5-star air conditioners include high energy efficiency. In other words, most people prefer brands that have products with high energy ratings and are better purchasing alternatives. However, if you have a small to medium-sized room, it is better to use split AC 1 ton for low electricity consumption.

  • Capacity

Another vital element to consider while picking the top 10 AC brands in India is the product’s capacity. Brands offering air conditioners with enormous capacities will consume high electricity. But ACs with lower capacities work stringently and provide consistent cooling in a space. Thus, to understand the true AC capacity is to know the room size for which you want to buy the product. For instance, split AC 1 ton is best for small rooms, 1.5 ton AC is perfect for medium-sized rooms, while air conditioners greater than 2 ton are ideal for large halls, bedrooms, and living rooms.

  • Price

The top 10 AC brands in India nowadays manufacture highly advanced air conditioners at a reasonable price. Due to advanced technologies, they can develop and design air conditioners within an affordable budget.

  • Other aspects

Many AC brands also offer products with advanced features like anti-bacterial and anti-fungal filters, auto cleaning functions, condensers, sleep mode, and many more. These features play a huge role in keeping your room cool efficiently and without much electricity consumption. 

How to improve the air conditioner’s shelf life?

You can improve an air conditioner’s working or shelf life by following the tips below.

  • The room size should be appropriate for the capacity of the air conditioner. For example, installing a split AC 1 ton for a large room and 1.5 AC for a small room is not recommended.
  • The room’s air quality also plays a huge role in maintaining the product’s shelf life. Locations with high air quality will have a longer shelf life than those with poor air quality.
  • Check whether the room needs a split or a window AC
  • If you live in areas with bad AQI, getting an AC with good dust filters from the top 10 AC brands in India will do the trick. Similarly, a place with soggy or wet climatic conditions will need an AC with a dehumidifier.


  • What are the top 10 AC brands in India offering the most expensive air conditioners?

The brands offering some of the most expensive air conditioners include Samsung, Haier, Blue Star, LG, O-General, Panasonic, Voltas, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and Daikin.

What is India’s best split 1-ton, window and affordable AC?

  • Best reasonably priced AC

Chroma has become a popular name in the appliance industry within a few years. Chroma’s ACs include state-of-the-art technologies and specifications and are affordable too. 

  • Best Window Air Conditioner

All the models from Havels Llyod are considered the best window ACs. They are perfect for midsized spaces, and you can install them in any window. 

  • Best Split Air Conditioner

Voltas provides outstanding choices in the split air conditioner ranges. This brand is the priority for many people due to its ease of installation, outstanding customer service, and high customer ratings. 


When it comes to selecting the top 10 AC brands in India, several alternatives are available online. However, you should select a company that will provide the best AC with features matching your requirements. You can also consider your purchasing decision based on the brand’s customer reviews and buying numbers.