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Tips For Designing Custom Keyrings



Tips For Designing Custom Keyrings

Over the years, marketing strategies have evolved. However, one marketing strategy that has stood the test of time is promotional products. The reasons why are because there are many options and you get to add your own design ideas.

As a business owner or marketer, you must choose a functional and versatile product. In addition, don’t forget the costs of manufacturing. Custom keyrings can be used to promote and market brands.

You can choose the DIY route and make the custom keyrings yourself, or hire a keyring manufacturer. Here are helpful tips for designing magnificent custom keyrings that will wow your customers. 

What Is the Purpose?

Having a purpose or goal will help you during the design phase. Are you using the keyrings to launch a new product or celebrate a decade in business? The answers to these questions will help you know your marketing purpose and create a theme or color palette. 

You can consult your employees or customers during this stage. Bounce ideas off each other to fine-tune the final list of goals. This will also help build engagement and make your team feel like part of the project.

Develop a Design

The design phase can be challenging, especially if you are after something unique that will stand out. You can hire a professional designer to help you during this phase. The designer will choose the right colors and fonts that match the theme and purpose.

Your other option is to borrow ideas from existing designs on Rocket Badge. However, don’t forget to add customization to the borrowed concept. Ensure that your custom keyrings feature your brand’s colors, logo, and slogan.

A more creative idea would be to engage the community through a design competition. You can pick the best design and add more customization before manufacturing. Ensure that the design is clean for extra visibility. Clattering too much info will make the design look noisy.

Choose the Right Material

There are many options when choosing materials you can use to make your keyrings. However, you have to consider cost, durability, and quality. Plastic and wood are durable and cheap options for making custom keyrings.

Other options in the market are leather, zinc, and fabric. Zinc and wood require more work when carving out the shapes and writing. However, manufacturing zinc keyrings can be costly.

Fabric keyrings are another good option as the design can be sewn, embroidered, or appliqued. If you are after elegance and sophistication, go for leather keyrings. Leather keyrings can also be dyed, allowing for customization to match individual preferences.

Bottom Line

The tips shared in this guide will help you design the best custom keyrings for your brand. Good custom keyrings should leave a lasting memory on your customers. You can gift the custom keyrings to conference attendees or give them away at a trade fair.

Do your research on keyring manufacturers in your city. Read reviews from other clients and look at some of the brands they have worked with before. Ensure that the contract terms are customer-friendly and the delivery times are right. 



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