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This Somethin’ Or Other Tour – Exploring Life’s Randomness by Konna Pap



This Somethin’ Or Other Tour – Exploring Life’s Randomness by Konna Pap

Have you ever wanted to visit an abandoned hospital? Have you ever imagined how it would be like to visit a real ghost town? Or have you ever wanted to experience the frenzy of a prime-time ball game? Following Dylan Sesco and his brother Cole never gets boring. In their YouTube web series, the two brothers explore all of the cool places that you have ever wanted to visit, and those that you have never imagined that existed. This Somethin’ or Other Tour [] promises an unforgettable journey through life’s curiosities.

Dylan Sesco, an artist and creative director from San Francisco, is driven by his need to communicate. Teaming up with his brother Cole opened a new road for him. The web series This Somethin’ or Other Tour [] is the result of Dylan’s creativity and Cole’s cool nature. Following those two in their adventures feels like going on a road-trip with your buddies.

Two idiot brothers visit… abandoned places

As the two brothers promise us in the series’ trailer, This Somethin’ or Other Tour [] embraces life’s randomness. One episode takes you to a museum you’ve always wanted to visit, another to a famous landmark. Then you follow them on an NFL game and end up in an abandoned place. This is where things get interesting.

Hunting ghosts in an abandoned hospital, spending a night in Alcatraz, or just visiting an abandoned murder garage, can give goosebumps even to the bravest. But that’s not all! Dylan Sesco and Cole visit abandoned factories, amusement parks, and all sorts of interesting places, uncovering their many secrets. You never where their exploration will take you next. This is truly life’s coolest side!

Two idiot brothers visit… unique museums

Do you want to re-live the ‘90s? There is actually a museum that lets you have the unique experience of this decade. Of course, the two idiot brothers bring this experience to you in a hilarious episode. How tall was the tallest guy ever? You can find out at the Guinness Book Of World Records. There is not a museum left undiscovered, from fun and cool places, like the interactive pinball museum and the museum of ice-cream, to historical places. And all for the best of us!

Two idiot brothers visit… every Stadium

The series wouldn’t be complete, though, without a good dose of sports. Dylan Sesco and Cole visit every stadium available, from NFL to NBA and MLB. The two brothers live the thrill of the live game, passing on the experience to the viewers. Ditch your normal sports broadcasting and discover the games through the eyes of true fans. The brothers take you to the stands to uncover the most authentic experience of a game. And the cherry on top is the Superbowl Livestream reaction!

Watch This Somethin’ or Other Tour [] on YouTube

This Somethin’ or Other Tour [] is brought to you by Vertlife. Join Dylan Sesco and Cole in their weekly episodes of The Somethin’ or Other Tour [] on their YouTube channel. Discover the cool side of life!

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The Importance of Business Continuity and Risk Management Plan



Have you considered what could happen if a major disruption hit your business today?

Ensuring business continuity and risk management is like having an insurance policy for your business operations. This article explains why solid continuity planning is crucial and how it can protect your business from unforeseen events.

It’s a must-read if you want to be prepared for anything and keep your business running smoothly no matter what happens.

Minimizing Downtime

Downtime can hurt your business big time. It can stop your work, upset your customers, and cost you money. So, it’s super important to minimize downtime as much as possible.

A solid business continuity plan can help you do that. It keeps things up and running when disruptions happen, keeping your downtime low.

Protecting Your Reputation

When something goes wrong with your business, it can negatively affect your reputation. And we all know how important a good reputation is for success.

A well-designed risk management plan can help mitigate potential harm to your brand image in case of a disruption. This can include regular data backups, secure storage and communication protocols, and a crisis communications plan in a PR emergency.

Ensuring Financial Stability

Problems with how businesses work can also cause money problems. If your business doesn’t have a good continuity plan, it might be hard to get back on its feet after something unexpected happens and costs a lot of money.

A risk management plan helps you determine the possible financial risks and how to lower them. Some things that can help with this are having a savings or emergency fund, getting insurance, and spreading your purchases.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain problems may halt your business. You won’t be able to run your business if you can’t get the supplies you need or send your goods. You need a business survival plan to handle these risks well.

A well-organized supply chain management plan ensures backup providers are ready in case something goes wrong.

Complying with Regulations

Every business must follow certain rules and regulations. Depending on your business, these rules can be local, national, or even international. You might face big fines or other penalties if your business fails to follow these.

A good business continuity and risk management plan can help ensure you follow all the rules. This way, even if something unexpected happens, your business can continue to operate within legal boundaries.

Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums can become a significant expense for businesses. A robust business continuity and risk management plan can lower these costs. By showcasing your proactive measures to insurers, you demonstrate that your business is less risky to them.

In this context, businesses may particularly consider this business liability insurance in NJ, as it aligns with a comprehensive risk management strategy and could contribute to more favorable premium terms.

Elevate Success With Business Continuity and Risk Management

A comprehensive business continuity and risk management plan is essential in today’s dynamic and unpredictable business landscape. It protects your business from potential disruptions and helps you minimize downtime, protect your reputation, ensure financial stability, and comply with regulations.

Don’t wait for a crisis – start creating your business resilience plan today! Remember, the best time to prepare is before you need it. Stay ahead of the game and keep your business safe and secure.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you did, be sure to check out our blog for more great content like this.

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