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Things to know about CCIE certification and training



Things to know about CCIE certification and training

Cisco began to promote the CCIE certification project in 1993 with the purpose to select professional technicians who can provide technical support for the solutions released by the company. In the beginning, CCIE was the only certification level in the whole certification program and consisted of a written exam and the next two-day experimental certification in San Jose. The earliest invigilator, Stuart Biggs, got the CCIE number 1025, which is the second number after the location number of the San Jose laboratory. Since then, the number of 1024 has become an integral part of another new laboratory that has been moved to the campus.

It was Terry Slattery who first passed CCIE certification and got the CCIE number 1026. As an experienced and energetic network engineer, he joined a technical team responsible for developing a command-line interface (CLI) to configure routers. CCIE certification project gets more and more popular due to the participation of a large number of professionals engaged in data communication. Because there is no special training for participants at the beginning of the project, the premise of applying for the written exam and the experimental certification is to have practical experience. And Cisco offers a training program only for professionals who have already mastered rich professional skills.

The development of this project has brought about a lot of exciting moments and has revealed to us an emerging industry. It can provide skilled professionals for companies that need to sell, design, develop and support Cisco solutions. At present, the whole Cisco certification system includes the following levels:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIP)
  • Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP)
  • Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP)
  • Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE)

The validity period of all these certifications is three years, but that of CCIE certification is only two years. In order to ensure the validity of the certification, candidates must be re-certified after the expiration of the certificate.

There have been in-depth discussions on the practical value of a certification in many forums. And there has been no universally recognized assessment criteria. But generally speaking, in the field of Cisco dealers’ activities, these certifications are much valued. When purchasing Cisco hardware equipment, the Cisco dealer team with more certified personnel will also get more discounts. Check here for more info.

As a value-added dealer, Cisco’s certification for dealers includes the following levels: selection certification partners, senior certification agents, silver partners, gold partners, and general agents. Each level has corresponding rewards and support to help value-added dealers get more discounts and other incentives. For value-added dealers such as silver partners, gold partners, and general agent agents, in order to meet the requirements, they need to have the corresponding technical ability, which demands a professional team with CCIE experts. Due to the urgent demand of Cisco dealers for CCIE experts, there have even been such strange incidents as kidnapping CCIE experts (refusing to fire them to prevent other companies from employing them), making fake CCIE certificates, renting CCIE experts, and poaching them from competitors.

Because there are not enough CCIE experts to meet the huge demand, people who have the CCIE certificate become the highest-paid among certified personnel in IT professional. Because skills are owned by themselves, and almost all countries around the world have similar needs, CCIE certification opens the door to all parts of the world for network engineers. Through the Strategic Recruitment Solutions (SRS) and the Cisco Partner and Talent Project, Cisco has also made some significant progress in the supervision and support of talent recruitment.

Although outstanding IT professionals all over the world have realized the importance of CCIE certification, the total number of CCIE experts is still less than 21,000 in recent years. Today, due to the emergence of a large number of network professional training programs, it is easier to become a CCIE expert. Cisco network college program is a model of talent development in the industry. The project operates worldwide and includes more than 10,000 people who have completed some of the courses. In addition to the project, Cisco also provides Cisco System Certified Instructor (CCSI) certification and authorizes some training companies to teach Cisco authorized courses as Cisco learning partners (CLP). Training companies that do not use materials and courses authorized by Cisco are called “gray market”. Many CCIE experts are from these types of companies. And for the experimental project, Cisco does not require that it must be carried out through CLP. Cisco training is a huge industry, in which there are several giants that occupy a large market share. You can choose the most suitable course, but you should be more careful with your choice.

If you don’t have enough professional experience and hope to obtain a CCIE certificate in the end, you can take part in SPOTO’s CCIE certification training. CCNA certification and subsequent certification focus on the understanding of routing and switching, voice IP, wireless, and security. Because we all know the difference, the best way to prepare for the certification is to analyze the existing learning and preparation mode. In many forums, a large number of self-study materials are provided in various forms. In high schools, universities, and junior colleges, network projects are also provided as elective courses and there are relevant degrees to apply for.

Do you want to get more detailed information about Cisco technology, certification, or training? Please leave your questions, your interesting projects, or suggestions below so that we can have a discussion later.



The Impact of a Key Opinion Leader in an Organization, according to NetBase Quid



The Impact of a Key Opinion Leader in an Organization, according to NetBase Quid

Each organization needs a committed team to excel in its operations. Several professionals exist with varying responsibilities, where each must show dedication to achieve specific objectives. In most cases, companies rely heavily on digital marketing to reach their clients and maintain their online presence. That way, they need the input of KOLs.

Understanding who the KOLs are

Anyone with the ability to influence clients through social media is fit to be a key opinion leader. Such individuals have high statuses in various areas such as politics, entertainment, and business, among other industries. Those who follow KOLs listen to them and take whatever they say as legit. Most see them as experts, which makes it easy for them to influence crowds.

Understanding the difference between KOls and influencers is rewarding for any organization. Several factors draw the line between the two titles. People trust key opinion leaders because of the skills they seem to have. Some have professional backgrounds that make them famous in the communities they represent. It is not a must for KOLs to have a continuous online presence, but it is an ultimate approach to influence more people.

On the other hand, social media is the primary platform for influencers. It is where they meet most of their followers and earn much of their income. An influencer gains popularity with an increase in the number of social media followers. Unlike KOLs, the influencers rely on their social media presence to remain relevant. However, most people believe that influencers are KOLs when they have a massive following on social media. Arguably, some key opinion leaders are fit to be influencers, and the opposite is also true.

How KOLs come to be

People gain influence quickly when they already have a public profile. Professionals such as media personalities, movie actors, and politicians have fair chances of making a successful career as KOLs. With such backgrounds, people are likely to follow what one says regarding a particular trending topic.

Nonetheless, people with no public profiles can also scale the heights and become reputable KOls. However, they must show commitment, discipline, and the zeal to network with people around them. That way, people should not shy away, even if they do not have a political impact or a social media following at the start.

Marketing through KOLs

One of the most effective marketing approaches is when you utilize the power of key opinion leaders. Many organizations may see that as an option, while others consider it a business opportunity to make extra income. In the 21st century, institutions have invested in KOLs heavily, a factor that has largely fueled growth.

Reputable organizations such as NetBase Quid deliver top-notch marketing services to businesses and companies. It provides a platform for institutions to utilize reliable KOLs in the market. Most brands have developed significantly, and the highest percentage of their breakthrough is because of the impact of the KOLs they engage.

Why companies must invest in KOLs

Businesses have a chief potential to reach their objectives if they work with a reputable KOL. They create a link between a company and its clients, improving the way the two entities relate. Utilizing a KOL boosts the credibility of your product, as people tend to trust the key opinion leaders more than anyone else in the chain.

The use of KOL marketing is effective yet affordable compared to various options in the advertisement industry. You can strategize on the most appropriate approach with your chosen Key opinion leader to boost your sales and draw more customers to your products.

Earning trust from the consumers is a reliable foundation for any business. People use various approaches for customers to trust them and choose them among other competitors. KOLs promote the consumer-producer relationship, providing a ground for continuous growth.

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What is SMM PANEL?



What is SMM PANEL?

If you are eager to get followers on social media, SMM PANEL is the right platform for your desires. SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. You can buy followers for your different social media accounts. SMM panel means the cheapest SMM or Reseller panel, where mankind Buy-Sell Social Media Marketing Services such as Facebook followers, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, watch time and views, websites traffic, Tiktok likes and many more social media accounts. SMM services are being the best affordable attracts customers from professional, private, celebs, superstars, and initiative backgrounds.

Reseller panel        

You can also create your SMM PANEL and you can start your earning from it. if you want to be a provider just go and buy an SMM PANEL script and then install it, purchase a domain, and then your website will start running. Basically, these sellers are called resellers. So your SMM panel will become a reseller panel. You can select the price of likes, views, and followers for different accounts.

Boost your Social Media Accounts 

SMM panel is a Social Media Marketing panel. SMM PANELS where people buy likes, views for their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and many other platforms to boost account engagement and approve the visibility of their posts.

How to use SMM PANEL?    

SMM PANEL means a platform that changes SMM completely automated. It is just like a script where SMM providers provide their services and there you may find many websites; I’m taking one website as an example SMMLITE! This website will give you the Social Services for your social accounts. Then the question is how to use the SMM panel? So the answer just reaches the site and then gives your user name and password and then signs up there, this is all procedure you will be able to buy followers, views, and likes from there.

Method of SMM PANEL providing likes and views

 The first method of SMM PANEL providing likes, views, and followers is the services is providing by resellers they buy services from the actual sellers and then resellers provide you the traffic. By viewing all this some questions wonder in mind that actually, this service is coming from where and from where they buy it and from where it starts? The answer to these all questions is the base provider which actually provides this service maybe they have access to millions of accounts or they have access tokens, for instance, many websites provide you Instagram followers and they take conditions in front of you that you have to give your user name and password by doing this you the SMM can take your access token and then they use your account and they use your account to give likes and followers to others. By this, your likes and followers boosted up. But the people who have genuine account access they only increase your follower you following will not increase. These were two methods used by the SMM Providers.

Quality of services                  

The quality of the service is a very important thing. If you buy views, likes, and following from a fake account it can cause your loss. They can just give you a timely boost up but not for far time. Just try to reach the best sites for your work. Choose those sites which provide you the best quality, fast start, fast delivery and less drop service as possible.

The quality of SMMlite is very good and fast and reliable. Your experience will be better if you are using this site SMM PANEL, the reason for trusting this site is it is guaranteed for no drop service and fast start.        

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Fun Facts about Fireworks: You did not Know Before



Fun Facts about Fireworks: You did not Know Before

Nowadays, every event is celebrated with the help of fireworks. Without fireworks, every function looks so dull. Fireworks are an essential part of every celebration all over the world. Many countries celebrate their Independence day very excitedly with these fireworks, and many people spend a lot of money to feuerwerk kaufen . Using these fireworks with full precautions makes your celebration suitable, and everyone enjoys it more.

Let’s talk about the various fun facts about the fireworks that you did not know before!

#1. The Origin of Fireworks

China was made these fireworks the very first time. They collected the bamboo sticks and then threw them into the fire that would make the enormous blast.

#2. Essential Components of the Fireworks

 Fireworks are composed of basic three essential components: an oxidizer (that causes chemical bonds to break), a mixture of many chemicals which help to generate the colours and the last part is the fuel. You start the fireworks simply by burning fuel.

#3. Colours of Fireworks Produced by Various Elements

Many electrons in the shell of elements get excited by the burning of these elements, and energy is released in the form of light. In this way, different colours are produced by burning other chemicals. If you want to make many beautiful colours in the air, then you coat the various metals in the stars of these fireworks.

#4. Aerial Fireworks Shell Composed of Six Components

Every shell in these fireworks comprises six parts like fuse made up of lead, stars display, charges that burst, charges that lift, supplemental bursting and the fuse. Without these components, aerial fireworks are simple ash in black colour.

#5. Fireworks are Source of Entertainment

It is a way of entertainment for many people. Europeans use these fireworks very first time to celebrate the various events and holidays related to their religion.

 #6. Fireworks Causes the Origin of Rocket Cannons

Chinese were made these rocket cannons from these fireworks. Through these rockets were projected towards the enemies. And many dangerous blasts were made by these deadly weapons.

#7. Ancient Fireworks produces only White and Orange Colour

When people in ancient times were burning fireworks, these made only two colours like white and orange. Then many scientists start to add many salts for paying the difference by burning fireworks.

#8. Fireworks Produce Different Types of Sounds

Many layers of potassium elements are combined with the different organic salts. When both things burn slowly, they produce different types of sound like bombs and hissing by releasing energy in various forms like heat, sound and light.

#9. Chemists Try to Produce the Many Useful Fireworks Strategies

Many scientists try to make different fireworks that are not much more expensive and are not harmful and easily used by civilians.

#10. Fireworks Used by Chinese to Ward Off the Evil Spirits

In ancient times, the Chinese have used these fireworks not only for entertainment but for getting protection against evil spirits.


Above all mentioned fun facts about the fireworks show that it is an excellent source of entertainment for all people. Many countries also use these fireworks in wars against their enemies; if you are interested in buying fireworks.

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