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The Unbelievably Easy Way to Plan a Wedding Using Timeline Checklists



Easy Way to Plan a Wedding Using Timeline Checklists

That’s right, you two are engaged! First, savour the thrill of having just said “yes.” After all, this is one of the most exhilarating times in your life, and you should revel in it. It’s a big deal to plan a wedding, and there will be a lot of happy times to enjoy with your future spouse, family, and close friends. But if the idea of organizing your big day from beginning to end makes you feel overwhelmed, this is where we come in.

This list is a general schedule based on a 12-month engagement, but it’s important to keep in mind that every wedding is unique. This planning checklist has basic advice that will be handy for every couple.

12 Months Before the Big Day

  • Determine Your Budget

It’s time to compute some unfun numbers. You must ascertain who is responsible for what costs and the overall budget of your wedding before you can begin. Next, you’ll want to determine the priorities within the aforementioned budget. Why not? —and begin allocating money appropriately. And because these figures can fluctuate as you make plans, it’s a good idea to develop a thorough spreadsheet right away. This will make it simple for you to make adjustments as you go along and will assist you in keeping track of your expenditures.

  • Hire Your Wedding Planner

Your finances will once more be a factor in this. However, if your finances permit—or if your sense of security hinges on it—now is the time to contact the planner of your big day. Your right-hand person will assist you in all selections, from choosing a location to keeping tabs on your budget and managing the logistics.

  • Pick a Potential Wedding Date

Picking the date of your wedding dictates the rest of your preparations. The availability of venues, the wedding catering, Toronto online flower delivery, and the time it takes for your designers to plan out dresses and create them. The date is important that you get your date finalized beforehand. Coincidentally, start contacting and booking caterers and venues by this time. Great venues can be hard to come by and some may even require months of pre-booking.

6 Months Before the Big Day

  • Have a Wedding Registry

Participate in this one with your better half; then again, you two are creating a life (and a home) together. It’s a good idea to ask for necessities when registering, such as sheets, pots, and pans, but it’s even more brilliant to consider what you actually desire.

  • Finalize your guest list

Finalizing your guest list is important. 6 months from your big day, you should be sending out save-the-date invites and getting RSVPs from the people you have invited. While a lot can happen within 6 months, sending out notices to your guests will allow them to plan out their own schedules too.

  • Get your entourage fitted

Dresses can take time to create. And depending on the complexity might require a few adjustments along the line. Having the fitment and starting the tailoring of dresses and suits by this time will allow designers enough time to create their designs.

1 Month Before the Big Day

  • Pay your vendors in full

By this time, your vendors should be paid in full. They should also be aware of all their responsibilities and every detail of your big day. Having all your bills paid this early allows your vendors time to prepare.

  • Finalize Dresses

Finalize the fitting and design of the dresses and suits of your entourage. By this time, all of the nitpicking should be finished and every person in your entourage should be ready.

  • Have a Seating Chart Ready

The seating chart for your reception is important because you want your guests to enjoy the celebration. Planning out seating also makes it easy for you to organize the hall and crowd control.

  • Have a final Walkthrough

 The final walkthrough is your last step. This is when you iron out the creases of the ceremony, the wedding bus rental in Toronto, and the overall program of the reception.