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The role of Bitcoins in the world monetary system – with Jason Hsu



The role of Bitcoins in the world monetary system - with Jason Hsu

We have Jason Hsu, one of the leader expert on the Crypto worlds. Jason co-founded KryptoGO USA, a Saas provider for affordable and lightweight KYC/AML solutions. Attended multiple accelerator programs – notably Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, Draper University, Plug N Play Tech Center, etc. He run also Bincentive’s user based from the ground up. Bincentive is an advanced platform that offers trading bots, lowered barrier to entry on the crypto hedge funds, fixed income products, and DeFI/CeFI services.

Jason, first to speak about Bitcoins, tell us something about you

I started doing web development in college, just to see if this could become something I’d like to continue doing as a job. After I graduated from USC with a degree in computer science and business administration, I got to meet a lot of other dreamers like me who had a very solid business foundation. Some of them wanted to recruit me for their businesses and ventures, but I had my own ideas and I wasn’t very confident that I could execute them.

So I started going my own way. I got ideas of the costs , tools to work with, marketing budgets etc that a Saas provider in Canada was facing that served almost all of the US customers including startups and tech sector.

Then I pounced on the latest blockchain projects of the moment, met with seniors, went to multiple conferences, and met with the cofounder.

Throughout the pitching and fundraising , I realized that the most important varabilie is people. I met with many of those who have knowledge that is esoteric to me. I enjoyed interfacing with them even if there was no idea or business together.

We went through five accelerator programs.  But I was spreading myself too thin by running 2 startups. I thought about joining the other side – joining venture capital or accelerator. At the time, I didn’t think about exchanges until BitMart reached out to me. Since then I’ve talked to several projects on a daily basis and provided the support they need to take their projects to the next stage.

Let’s start with the basics. If you had to define bitcoins, how would you explain them?

Bitcoins are an example of the invention of online scarcity. It’s something we don’t pay attention to in our everyday lives, even though scarcity is everywhere: if I have this table, you don’t. The online world doesn’t work like that. The online world doesn’t work like that: you own a file, but copies of that file can be produced at a negligible cost, and those copies can be owned by everyone. But this argument is not always profitable. Take for example the games, Risk or Monopoly, but also online platforms like Fortnite: these realities work only if they have limitations (only one territory, only one property, only one weapon), otherwise they are not fun. Creating online limitations is not easy, precisely because of the simplicity with which data can be replicated. Satoshi Nakamoto (the inventor of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, ed.) did it though, and he did it by inventing scarcity.

How do you invent scarcity?

You get it by generating a registry that keeps track of who owns what (going back to the games, John has that sword, Mark that territory) and this registry, so far, has always been centralized. This solution works very well, and not for nothing is the same as the one used by banks, which must keep track of the passage of money between customers. The fact is that this system also poses problems.

Which ones?

Whoever owns the registry has enormous power, because he can modify its values, or is anyway subject to a high risk of attacks that can damage, delete or steal data. It was the same danger that Napster faced (file sharing program created by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker and active from June 1999 until July 2001, ed) that, despite the distribution of information among users, had a unique registry that kept track of each path. Eventually, it was attacked, received a large fine and deflated like the phenomenon it was. Over the years, we’ve come to BitTorrent, a truly decentralized file sharing system. This can already teach us one thing: that centralized systems, when attacked, collapse, while decentralized ones survive.

So the more decentralization increases, the more security increases.

Exactly, there’s kind of a dialectic between decentralization and security. Decentralization protects information because of the fact that it can be copied, and therefore is not scarce.

How is this system related to the production of Bitcoin?

To explain it we have to take a step back: between 1990 and 2008 a series of experiments proliferated regarding the creation of a currency on the internet. Users felt the need to make online payments faster and more immediate, and banks (at first less, today more) could not meet this demand, given the long time it took even for a transfer. Many of these experiments have failed, others have been closed due to the intervention of central governments, since creating money is forbidden.

And how was it possible to produce a currency that could not be produced?

Because Satoshi Nakamoto invented and explained (in his White Paper) how to do it, and many people helped build this system. Think about that around 2009, Gavin Andreesen, chief programmer of Bitcoin, was invited to have a chat in the offices of the CIA. The agents had him explain how cryptocurrencies work, then asked him what would happen if they arrested him. And the answer was that basically nothing would happen. Andresen would remain in jail, but Bitcoins, which are open source software, would go on anyway.

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The secret to higher pay in a pandemic



The secret to higher pay in a pandemic

It’s no secret, people lost jobs because of Covid. However, while the world slowly shut down and fell into a deep sleep, there were a few industries that were able to sip a bit of coffee and stay out, making more coin than ever before. One of which that offers a high paying salary, while being easy to get into.

We always think of essential workers as people that save lives in hospitals or those lovely individuals on the front lines at the local grocery store. But have you ever considered how hospitals got their equipment, or how the grocery stores piled in all of those veggies? One word — Trucking. Trucking is something that always needs to be done, no matter what. It’s the essential service that keeps the world running, and this comes down to three factors: Trucks are built tough with long-lasting parts, people will always need supplies, and there is less overhead than other transportation methods.

So even though many lost their jobs because of Covid’s rampage, Covid had a big role in Trip And Transport’s success, which offered plenty of jobs to those that wanted or needed them.

Ok, you’re telling me that I should drive?

So why would someone drive multiple loads around the country in this climate? It couldn’t be as simple as the view. The short answer may surprise you — Trip And Transport pays very well. Truck drivers can make over $100k per year with only working 5 days a week! That’s pretty sweet considering the average US individual salary in 2021 was about $51,000.

Trucking companies have the lowest turnover rate of any industry. They tend to give people a long leash and understand that they’re going into new territory, so they want you to be up for the challenge! Trip And Transport even has beds and televisions, in all of their trucks, for those who feel restless after being on the road. I guess they take care of their drivers.

Something that high-paying has to be hard to get into.

Do you think getting a CDL is hard? The great thing about driving for Trip And Transport (or any trucking company) is that it’s relatively easy getting your commercial driver’s license. You’ll have to take written tests, sure, but the majority are multiple choice! In addition, it’s two tests. The first covers material the government deems as important, and the second is a random test given by your state to ensure you didn’t just memorize every question. Once you pass, you get your CDL and the insurance is usually the next step. If you become a Team or Company driver, the company covers your insurance. This is amazing.

Team driving is probably the best. Imagine a road trip with a good friend and getting paid even more to do it. So why isn’t everyone else doing it?

Truth is, driving trucks may not sound fun or lucrative, but for most, it really is both of those things. For the rare outliers that aren’t too happy with driving, save some of that high-paying salary and do something that will make you happy.

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Reading Webtoon is the best way to learn Korean



Reading Webtoon is the best way to learn Korean

Webtoon is a Korean comic series produced online aimed at readers using electronic devices and smart technology.

Besides Chinese light novels, the Korean line of light novels is also increasingly interested by global young people and looking for quality works. The reincarnated light novel series have always been considered an endless source of inspiration for anime filmmakers.Follow Novel updates and these webtoons to discover the best websites learn Korean

Currently, Manhwa Webtoons are increasingly diverse, it is adapted from movie scripts, famous novels stimulate readers, which has brought fascination to readers. For example, the story of Doremon is famous in Japan, but when written in Korean, it will stimulate those who love to read stories to want to read Korean a lot.

The dialogue on the webtoon is very useful for those who are practicing grammar. If we can’t fully understand the content of the text, we can still guess its meaning through vivid drawings.

Webtoon is posted on applications designed specifically for personal computers or mobile phones. Readers only need to swipe along the screen to see the comic pages with vivid colors.

Fan Webtoon is a word used to refer to a group of readers who have interests and often follow Korean comics on smart devices.

Learning Korean has never been so easy. Those who are just getting started, on the other hand, will be unsure where to begin. They won’t know which Webtoon to read based on the situation. The following are some of the advantages of reading Webtoon.

Many people choose to read books, newspapers, and magazines to practice reading skills and improve Korean vocabulary. Reading comic books is a more straightforward method for all levels of readers, from beginners to specialists. Learning through many comics is not only learned through contexts, but you can also learn a lot of vocabulary through illustrations. Moreover, learners can learn through daily Korean communication sentences because comics have character dialogues. Memorizing Korean will be longer because reading comics affects the brain to help absorb information quickly. Besides, you can practice writing Korean by transcribing the lines.

Here is a list of some of the best Webtoons for you to practice Korean.

1. Tales of the Unusual

When it comes to Korean horror manhwa, the Tales Of The Unusual series is the best choice for you. It is a webtoon that collects a variety of horror stories with unique material but “enough capital” to make you tremble without even daring to get out of bed. The story is about a girl with an oversized appearance and an unattractive face. Through an advertisement for a miracle solution that can “solve” she bought and used it.

It worked after a time, and she obtained the attractiveness she desired. However, she eventually uncovered the horrible secret of this beauty cure and paid a high price as a result.

2. Dr. Frost

The story revolves around the world of psychologists. Professor Baek, who calls himself Professor Frost, is a cold, emotionless young man with an unexpected acumen in the field of psychoanalysis. Graduating from a prestigious university abroad, Frost works in the Mirror bar as a bartender. Until one day, Frost’s former teacher invited him to take up a position at the psychological counseling office of Yong-gang University, a position that is not easy.

3. My Dear Cold-Blooded King

Kihara Mei, a peasant by birth, has lived simply day by day as a shopkeeper in the city, never expecting things to change. But, when faced with a terrible challenge against dangerous royal assassins, one tragic day would change the trajectory of her life. With the dreaded Blood King’s gaze on her, her once-simple existence would suddenly become a twisted web of secret, deception, and yearning.

4. Lookism

Lookism is best manhwa an extremely dark and strange phrase that takes several paths, brimming with numerous topics and people. The narrative is varied and entertaining, and it concerns Daniel and other personalities he has encountered. Lookism is a frantic trip – from gang battles to abuse and bullying, homelessness, criminality, and, of course, the core assumption of appearances, this Manhwa is sinewy and spins step by step.

5. Noblesse

The plot centers around a war between three races, the Nobles, the Saxons, and the Vikings (Vampire Noble). Werewolves and Transformers seek to defend and dominate humans and the entire globe. Rai, a Noblesse of Noble species, is the story’s primary character. Rai awakens in Korea after 820 years of profound sleep and continues to safeguard mankind from the Alliance, the deceitful Noble, and the werewolf.

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Life is too short for poorly painted buildings- Hire professional OTTAWA PAINTERS at affordable prices:



Life is too short for poorly painted buildings- Hire professional OTTAWA PAINTERS at affordable prices:

A building is something that reflects your values through its materials, shapes, and colors. It entirely depicts the ultimate vibes of kindness, friendliness, and strength. Other than the architecture of a building, its color plays an important role in the perception of space in interior design. Painting your building with attractive and peaceful colors is the ultimate way of creating an engaging environment and mood overall. Isn’t it?  So why compromise on poorly painted buildings when you can surround yourself with aesthetics of your own. So rather than hiring your local painters, why not hire professional painters for transforming your building into a real piece of art? One must be wondering if there are any means to hire professional painters for such a job. Luckily there are. Yes. You can now hire professional OTTAWA painters at very affordable prices where quality is guaranteed. Let us give you an insight into details:

About us:

OTTAWA PRO PAINTERS is a third-generation family business with hundreds and thousands of OTTAWA homeowners who trust our quality with closed eyes. The family ancestors are the owners of business Ottawa-area construction businesses that aim to professionally paint homes and businesses with astounding construction management. Ottawa aims to ultimately exponentially increase the standard of painting in today’s era of architecture and development.

Competitive prices and exquisite work quality:

One must be wondering why they should go with our services. At OTTAWA painters, we have got your homes, exterior, unit turnover, and business structures covered as we offer our services with challenging prices and the best possible work quality followed by a warranty anyone can trust.

2021 Home stars winners:

Our dedication to work has won us not only the trust of thousands of owners but also led us to the winning title of 2021 Home stars winners for “’The best Painting company in Ottawa” where we won #1 Ottawa painters votes with a 10-star rating. You guys must be wondering how we reached where we are today, so I would love to mention how we are committed to our work:

  • Our instant price estimate and work schedule.
  • Our way of honoring you is by starting the work on the day we commit/schedule.
  • We paint professionally and respectfully each day on time with the perfect finish of your building.
  • Our guarantee of having you falling in love with the finished look of paint.

Trusted platform with decades of experience:

We, at Ottawa, have tailored our work of construction management and painting from a lifelong experience of more than 24 years. Our work includes small projects as well as construction projects worth more than $1M. We are trusted by multiple global property managers including some big names like METCALFE, Minto, NCC CCN, THE [ROPERTIES GROUP, Access Storage, etc.

Available for service 24/7:

We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all 4 weeks a month. 12 months a year. We are dedicated and committed to our quality work and will manage your painting project the way we do ours. We are committed to painting and finish the project with the perfection and every detail required that depicts the ultimate you.  So hire us today right away and transform your dream into reality. You can explore more about us as well as request a free estimate by catching us at the following link.

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