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The rising hip-hop artist swazythebag



The rising hip-hop artist swazythebag

Based in Chicago, SwazyTheBag is a multitalented and versatile Artist gaining the attention of worldwide music lovers. To fulfill his childhood passion for music, he started creating excellent compositions at an early age. Although he was fond of all genres of music, he focused on composing his favorite: hip-hop. Whether we are considering lyrics, voice, or music beats, SwazyTheBag is no less than a professional Musician Till now SwazyTheBag has composed and released several soundtracks with different themes; prominent ones are: ‘Pop My Shit’, ‘Moving Different’, ‘Too Hard’, and ‘Money Bag’. You can listen to his songs on various platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

Most of his song’s themes and lyrics are based on his true experiences and reality. SwazyTheBag knew that music lovers, especially people fond of rap, admired reality-based songs. Plus, it gives him a way to express his emotions and situations. That is one of the main reasons he was interested in hip-hop. Another unique feature of his songs is the fusion of other genre music elements i.e., pop and R&B. His main purpose to do so is to bring something new for the listeners. The popularity he is gaining for his music proves he is getting successful in it. How does he do it? When asked this question, he said: “When it comes to making music some would say I have an orthodox approach because for me in most cases I listen to a beat and try to catch the pattern then I would freestyle and write it down on my phone if I felt like it was worthy enough to be incorporated in one of my verses.”



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