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The oldest stegosaur specimen discovered in Morocco



A team of British researchers believe they have discovered a new subspecies of stegosaurus, which would have lived well before the other specimens discovered until now.

The remains of this dinosaur, recognizable through the bone plates that cover his spine and tail, have been discovered in Morocco.

Analyzes conducted by the team at the Natural History Museum in London suggest that he lived 168 million years ago in the Middle Jurassic.

Most of the stegosaurs discovered to date have determined that the species populated the Earth about 150 to 155 million years ago.

This new specimen, named Adratiklit boulahfa , would therefore be the oldest representative of the species known to date.

It is also the first fossil of this type of dinosaur to be discovered in Africa.

The discovery of British researchers suggests that the remains of other stegosaurs could be excavated in Africa.

These fossils could provide a better understanding of the evolution and geographical distribution of this group of dinosaurs, mostly found so far in the United States and Portugal.



Should You Repair Or Replace Your Broken Smartphone?



Should You Repair Or Replace Your Broken Smartphone?

Anyone can have a hard time deciding if they want to repair their smartphone or place it. Do it completely depends on the brand and model of the smart phone as well as the condition that it is in that will help decide the user to switch the phone or repair it.

There are certain things you can keep in mind that will help you decide that if you need to repair your mobile phone or buy another one:

  • How old is your mobile?

By this we definitely mean to determine the age of a mobile phone. The age of a mobile phone matters a lot when it comes to having a decision on buying a new mobile phone or repairing it again and again. As the mobile phone or any other electronic gadget ages it can give certain problems after certain time. So, always consider this point as an important one while you make any decisions related to this.

  • Is there a minor or major damage?

What kind of damage is there to your mobile phone? Is it something internal or external? Is it something repairable or non-repairable? Is it minor or major damage? Yes, all these questions must open to your mind while you decide to repair or sale of your mobile phone. As a mobile phone with minor damage can be repaired very quickly and at low-cost. Mobile phones with major damage can also be repaired but it depends completely on what kind of damage it is and it can also cost you a little more than the minor damages and sometimes it could lead you to no good results.

  • How much is the cost budget of the repair service of your mobile phone?     

When you give your phone for a repair service you must always consider the price factor as a major aspect. If the price of the repairs it on the servicing is nearly costing you around the cost of your mobile phone or even more than that then it is a complete waste of your money and time. You could simply buy another mobile phone in that cost or even in the lesser cost there are many mobile phones that will be having multiple features that your phones. Therefore, research is very important while you look forward to repair or sell your mobile phone. The cost budget of the repair service of the mobile phone must be as affordable as Possible depending on the model and brand of your phone and also damage it is suffering from.        

When do you need to fix your smartphone or repair it:-

If the mobile phone is suffering from minor damage that could be repaired in affordable rates and within a short period of time then you must not give another phone even a thought. You should go ahead with repairing your old smartphone and using it as small damages can often occur but that doesn’t mean you simply have to pass on your mobile phone and invest in another one.

When do you need to replace your smartphone:-

When you finally have to replace your smartphone you might get small hints that might indicate you into this direction of buying another one.

  • If your smartphone is completely ruined internally or externally and the repair cost is costing you nearly to a new mobile phone or even more than that, it is definitely time that you switch to another mobile phone.
  • If the model or the software of your mobile phone is totally outdated which was launched a lot of years ago this might also start giving you problems or not provide you with a lot of features and so it is time to switch your mobile phone into the newest one of your choice and according to your budget of course.
  • If you have multiple issues that are coming up again again while you are using the phone.
  • Click here if you’re looking to sell old mobile online or want to buy new mobile phone, QuickMobile will help you!

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Dream Job – Get Paid to Commute to Work on an Electric Scooter in Ireland



Dream Job - Get Paid to Commute to Work on an Electric Scooter in Ireland

Who loves the morning commute? Nobody! But it’s there and a proper pain for most people. Also, it’s not cheap.

Now, imagine a situation where you can get paid for commuting to your job. Imagine receiving €1000 each month to become a professional commuter.

There is a company in Dublin that is offering this chance of a lifetime. They will pay you €1000 and you don’t have to do anything special. You just need to go to work and back each day just like you do now. Their name Is Green Electric Scooters. They are offering €1000 a month to 5 applicants. The only thing these chosen few need to do is log their experiences when they make their regular daily commute. Here is a direct link to the job application.

Details of the Job

Each chosen commuter will be paid €50 each day. They only need to log their experiences of 20 return commutes in one month to qualify for the €1000 a month offer. As the name of the company implies, it is an electric scooter company. They are conducting a study to figure out the time it takes to make the daily commute using an electric scooter and compare it with making the daily commute using a private car or public transport. The other experiences that need to be logged include work productivity, levels of motivation as well as overall attitude when using another mode of transportation.

As per the job description, the commuters will have to be a part of a number of experiments during these 4 weeks. These experiments have been designed by the company to compare transportation using private cars, public transport and electric scooters. It will log various factors such as productivity, fatigue, sense of enjoyment as well as stress levels.

All the participants are required to participate in a video call before and after the experiment in order to make sure that they are aware of the things they are expected to do. They will also have to answer a verbal questionnaire detailing their overall experience. The exercise spans 4 weeks and after the end of 4 weeks, each of the chosen commuters will get €1000 for participation.

Electric scooters have become extremely popular in countries where they are allowed to be on the road. The Irish government is currently reviewing the laws and general expectation is that electric scooters will be made legal for transportation in one manner or another by the end of 2021.

Cormac Reynolds, who works for Green Electric Scooters, said that the number of people who want an easier and faster commute, is increasing. Electric scooters are not only greener but also a faster and cheaper form of transportation. The city of Dublin has a lot of things going for it but public transportation isn’t one of them.

He also said that this exercise will provide them valuable insights into a commuter’s experience of completing their daily commute on an electric scooter in various circumstances. It will give them the data they need to confirm certain theories regarding the use of electric scooter as well as allow them to create a better product. He also encourages people to apply the position of a professional commuter by clicking on the link above or to share this information with others who might benefit from it.

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Enterprise Architecture: goals and its benefits.



Enterprise Architecture: goals and its benefits.

What is enterprise architecture?

Enterprise architecture (EA) is defined as the practice of analyzing, designing, planning, and implementing enterprise analysis to effectively conduct business strategies. It assists business structure, IT projects, as well as policies, to gain aimed business results. Besides, it also helps to stay at the head of industry trends and break down applying architecture theory and practices which are also known as enterprise architectural planning (EAP).

According to the Enterprise Architecture Book of Knowledge (EABOK), EA started in the 1960s, derived from “different architectural manuscripts on Business System Planning (BSP) through prof. Dewey Walker.” One of the students of prof. Walker’s (John Zachman) is able to formulate those documents into a more structured format of EA.

While computer systems were just taking hold in the workplace, the EA framework arrived as a reply to the increase of business technology, especially in the 1980s. Companies rapidly feel they would require a plan and long-term strategy to uphold the speedy growth of technology, and that stands true.

To confirm the business is classified with digital transformation strategies and technological growth, modern EA strategies now prolong this philosophy to the whole business, not just IT. EA is particularly beneficial for the large business going by digital transformation because it moves on fetching legacy processes and applications together to make a more seamless environment.

Goals of enterprise architecture

EA is led by the organization’s business demands- it assists to arrange how information, business and technology stream together. It has become primogeniture for businesses that are attempting to sustain with new technologies like IoT, cloud, machine learning, and other emerging trends that will stir up digital information.

The process is led by an “extensive picture of the whole enterprise from the aspects of owner, builder and owner.” According to the EABOK, dissimilar to other frameworks, it doesn’t attach a formal documentation structure; instead, it’s chosen to provide a more holistic enterprise scene. However, you can get information on BlueDolphin.

A well EAP strategy thinks about the latest innovations in business methods, information systems, organizational structure, and technologies. Additionally, it will also comprise standard language and outstanding practices for business processes, attaching exploring where processes can be undivided or removed throughout the organization. The final goal of any EAP strategy is to develop the efficiency, credibility, and timeliness of business information.

Benefits of enterprise architecture

EA provides support for re-organization, re-designs, particularly during significant organizational changes, aggregates, and acquisitions. Moreover, it’s substantial for bringing more order into the organization by standardizing and compressing processes for more consistency.

Moreover, it is applied in system development, decision-making, IT management, and IT risk management for removing errors, security breaches, and system failures. It can further help businesses navigate complex IT structures or make IT more available to other business units. 

According to CompTIA, the essential benefits of EAP are following:

  • Approving more open cooperation between IT and business units. 
  • Allowing business the capability to prioritize investments
  • Ensuring it more simply to appraise subsisting architecture against long-term goals
  • Building processes to appraise and procure technology
  • Offering extensive view of IT architecture to entire business units apart from of IT
  • Assuring a benchmarking framework to compare effects against other standards pr organizations 

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