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The nautical theme for your home walls



The nautical theme for your home walls

The calming blue of the sea is great for when you want to relax and unwind. Shades of blue can change the way your house looks and they can range from a dark shade to a light blue. The impact of each shade is tremendous. Right from the door of your house, you can add small touches to bring out the theme and make your house shine.

The living area

The living area can be a combination of the darkest and the lightest shades. Your accent wall can be a dark blue wall with a nautical display. You can display your collections of sketches, instruments, photos, and so on. This wall will be the center of attraction of your themed living area. You can accentuate each item by propping it on a separate shelf and highlighting it with soft lighting. If you are confused about which combinations to use, you can try looking at the options using Asian Paints colour combination with code and this will open up a whole new world of ideas. The living area can be further enhanced by adding pieces of furniture according to the theme.

The bedroom area

The bedroom area should be clutter-free and have lots of open space for you to move about. The bedroom should have ample space around the bed to ensure that you don’t have to cramp yourself in spaces. Apart from this, there should be space for side tables, and provision on the wall or the tables for robust light fixtures. The bedroom walls should go with the headboard of your bed and at the same time, the wall facing your bed should be covered in minimal decorations. If you are looking for a nautical-themed wall, you could look at using a blue two colour combination for bedroom walls. The wall in front of the bed can be painted in a combination and to top it off, you can add a wall clock and that would be enough.

The kid’s bedroom

The kid’s bedroom need not be abstract and you can do something fun on all walls. Cartoons, shapes, ships, and any other aspect that fits into the theme can be painted on the wall. You can also use wallpaper with this theme to cover the walls and give the room a uniform look. At the same time, you can use this opportunity to impart some aquatic facts. You can look at using stencils or actual paintings of marine life on the wall, giving a feel of an aquarium. You can add photos in frames decorated with shells and other bits that you may have gathered on the beach with your little one.

The accent wall

The accent wall can be anything ranging from a world map to paintings and artwork. You can add your DIY projects to the mix and make the wall look fuller and better decorated. You can invest in some paintings or make do with stencils too. The accent wall can also be a bookshelf with books and objects related to your theme. This wall can also have pages of old journals and diaries framed.

The nautical theme is an excellent way to keep the décor of your casual and comfortable and yet classy and elegant. These possible combinations make this theme a hit!